Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Mark Lofgren Sings From The "Black Moon Book," While Hurricane Ruth Celebrates The "Good Life"

From Chicago comes the second solo album from singer/songwriter Mark Lofgren (The Luck Of Eden Hall, Thin Cherries). His new release titled "Black Moon Book" features ten tracks that ride the same vein as his psychedelic-pop/rock band The Luck Of Eden." Mark begins the album with the gentle strumming of "Binary Memories," which carries an acoustic, alt-country vibe, before delivering a more pop oriented sound with "Passengers." He keeps showing us the quiet, vulnerable side to his songwriting with the flowing melody of "Fall Underneath The Scene," along with the ambient backdrop of "Maypole." The energy finally picks up with the alternative-pop sounds of "Origami Letterbomb," before Mark closes his new album with the up-tempo rhythm of "Waiting For The Past Now" and the poetic lyrics of "Afterthoughts." To find out more about Mark Lofgren and his latest release "Black Moon Book," please visit

Next, arriving on July 10th, is the new studio effort from singer/songwriter Hurricane Ruth titled "Good Life." It features ten exciting new tracks, beginning with the blazing energy of "Like Wildfire," which will get your adrenaline pumping right from the opening guitar chords. Hurricane Ruth continues her new album with the raw, electrifying guitar work and powerful vocals of "Dirty Blues," along with the rockabilly swing of "What You Never Had." She slows down for the storied lyrics of the bluesy title song "Good Life," then travels down down for the southern swagger of "She's Golden." Hurricane Ruth comes roaring back with the intense rocker "Black Sheep," before finishing her new album with the country-boogie style romp of "Late Night Red Wine" and the emotional ballad "I've Got Your Back." To find out more about Hurricane Ruth and her latest release "Good Life," please visit

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