Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving In August From Faceless Burial and Bull Elephant

Your summer is heating up with new heavy metal music arriving next month from Faceless Burial and Bull Elephant. Australia's Faceless Burial is prepared to release their sophomore album "Speciation" on August 7th through Dark Decent Records. This band is waving the flag for classic nineties, death metal, ever since their 2015 demo caught the attention of the metal world. Their new six song release carries on this quest, beginning with the exciting, energetic rhythm patterns of "Worship," as the vocals growl with mostly unrecognizable lyrics. The trio's hardcore musicianship is top notch, as they look to blow you away with the intensity of "Limbic Infirmary" and the even more sped up chaos of "Irreparably Corpsed." Faceless Burial finish their new album with the high-speed bashing of "Spuming Catarrhal Gruel" and the rhythmic growling vocals of "Ravished To The Unknown." To find out more about Faceless Burial and their latest release "Speciation," please visit facebook.com/facelessburial.

Next, comes the arrival of the second studio effort from the U.K. hardcore metal band Bull Elephant. Their new album titled "Created From Death" features eight tracks and is considered part two of the band's album trilogy about the war between Nazi Germany and Allied forces over control of "supernatural" powers in order to win the war. The album kicks off with the thrash metal attack of "Created By Death," followed by the more melodic flow of "Oneironmatic Rites." Bull Elephant look to tell the tale of "Lebensraum" with the song's music, as much as their words, with the combination of intensity and gentle rhapsody. Next, the band deliver the doom metal bashing of "Last Defilement," before closing their new album with the quick-hitting, high-energy chaos of "Perverted Science" and the stellar, prog-metal musicianship of "Wayfarer." To find out more about Bull Elephant and their latest release "Created From Death," please visit facebook.com/bullelephant.

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