Wednesday, July 15, 2020

New Heavy Metal Releases From Bury Tomorrow, The Acacia Strain, Crown The Empire and Slaves

Hardcore metal band, Bury Tomorrow recently released their new studio album titled "Cannibal." It was originally planned for April 3rd, but the recent pandemic moved the date back a few months, but believe me, it was worth the wait. After their 2018 breakthrough album "Black Flame" catapulted them into the upper tier of heavy metal stardom, this new eleven track release builds upon the band's solid foundation of hard-hitting riffs, screaming vocals and adrenaline fueled melodies. Their new album kicks off with the aggressive one-two attack of "Choke" and "Cannibal," as Bury Tomorrow hold nothing back on these first couple tracks of the album. The energy continues to flow through the amazing musicianship of "The Grey (VIXI), before hitting the intense hardcore peak of power with "The Agonist." Bury Tomorrow take a step back for the more melodic flow of "Quake," before finishing their new album with the quick riffs and heavy pounding of "Voice & Truth," along with the thrash metal speed of "Dark Infinite." To find out more about Bury Tomorrow and their latest release "Cannibal," please visit

Fellow hardcore metal band The Acacia Strain are also preparing to release their new album "Slow Decay" on July 24th through Rise Records. The band began releasing parts of this album as two-song digital downloads and seven-inch singles. Now, all of the song have been gathered together for The Acacia Strain's new twelve-track release. The album kicks off with the steady pounding rhythm and vocal howls of "Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Crippling Poison." The intensity picks up for the aggressive, quick-hitting "Seeing God" featuring Aaron Heard, along with the powerful attack of "The Lucid Dream," as The Acania Strain vocalist Vincent Bennett is joined by fellow metal vocalist Jess Nyx. The band's hardcore sound picks back up with the high-powered drumming of "Chhinnamasta," before closing out their new album with the slower, doom metal feel of "Birds Of Paradise, Birds Of Prey" and the final growl of "Earth Will Become Death." To find out more about The Acacia Strain and their latest release "Slow Decay," please visit

American hardcore metal band Crown The Empire are taking a look back at their past for their latest release "07102010." The album features ten acoustic versions of songs from throughout the band's career and is a tribute to the band's first ever live show a decade ago. You be able to really discover the stellar songwriting behind these songs, during these stripped down versions. The album begins with soaring vocals of "Aftermath" and the harmonies of "Blury," as these songs may make you look at Crown The Empire's music in a different light. The emotions of "Hologram" come shining through, while "Voices" is as powerful in this acoustic setting as the original is. Crown The Empire close their new album with the deep, meaningful lyrics of "Second Thoughts" and a brand new song, the lush piano ballad "Everything Breaks." To find out more about Crown The Empire and their latest release "07102010," please visit

Finally we arrive at the new album "To Better Days" from the modern metal band Slaves. It will be releases on August 7th through the SBG label and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the high-energy of "Prayers," as the band's melodic-filled sound is easy to wrap your mind around. Slaves continue to deliver their addictive, modern rock sound with the power of "Talk To A Friend," before mixing in a more electronic rhythm to the music explosive chorus of "Heavier." The band's gentler side comes shining through the heartfelt ballad "Footprints," before finishing their new album with high-energy build-up of "Wasting My Youth" and the most intense song on this new release "Like I Do." To find out more about Slaves and their latest release "To Better Days," please visit

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