Tuesday, July 28, 2020

New Jazz Albums From The Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet and Vocalist Sue Anne Gershenzon

Jazz saxophonist Benny Rubin Jr. returns with his second studio effort titled "Know Say Or See." The album features eight tracks that find a more mature Rubin Jr. performing six original new tunes and cover versions of Jimmy Van-Huesen's "Darn That Dream" and Horace Silver's "Kiss Me Right." The mellow vibe of "Know" allows you to ease into the album, as the Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet showcase their sound as one solid unit. The energy picks up on "Say" with a more intense jazz flow to the music, which carries a slightly chaotic/experimental sound. In between albums, Benny Rubin Jr. attended the New School of Performing Arts in New York and pays homage to the city with the hustle rhythm of "NYC Urge," while showing is passion (and maybe anger) toward his hometown of Flint, Michigan with the aggressive feel of "Flint Water Crisis." The Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet wrap up their new album with the classic jazz appeal of "Or See." To find out more about the Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet and their latest release "Know Say Or See," please visit bennysaxable.com.

Jazz and musical theater vocalist Sue Anne Gershenzon is preparing to release her debut album "You Must Believe In Spring" on July 31st. It features eleven tracks that find Sue using her talents and experience of the Musical Theatre to deliver passion and emotion to each of the songs that she performs, beginning with the heartfelt ballad "I Thought About You." Her vocals are so pure and graceful during her rendition of "So Many Stars," that she simply makes the song her own. The arrangement of The Beatles' "The Fool On The Hill" is almost unrecognizable, but allows Sue Anne Gershenzon and her band to add a bit of energy and experimentation to their jazz sound. You can almost picture Sue performing the number "A Child Is Born" on stage, as she pours her all into this rendition of the song, while "Deed I Do" has an energetic, swinging melody to lift your spirits. Sue Anne Gershezon finishes up her new album with the nostalgic jazz vibe of "Straighten Up And Fly Right" and the beautiful piano ballad "You Must Believe In Spring." To find out more about Sue Anne Gershenzon and her latest release "You Must Believe In Spring," please visit sueannesings.com.

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