Monday, July 27, 2020

New Jazz Releases Will Lift Your "Human Spirit" and Keeps Your Musical Mind "At Play"

Acclaimed contemporary jazz pianist Michael Silverman recently released his new studio collaboration with keyboardist Jeff Lorber titled "Human Spirit." Silverman is one of the best-selling new age artists on iTunes and his latest release features some very special guests like David Benoit, Jimmy Haslip and Vinnie Colaiuta. The new nine-track release begins (and ends) with the title song "Human Spirit," which carries a very light-hearted flow to the melody, before Silverman and his band lock into a more traditional jazz vibe on "77th Street Uptown." The uplifting piano/keyboard interaction if "Interstellar" takes Silverman's music to new musical heights," while "Keys To The City" has a great, energetic funky backdrop. Michael Silverman finishes his new album with the relaxed feeling of "Piano By The Sea," as the melody flows along like the rising tide, along with and extended version of the title song "Human Spirit," which features a nice guitar solo outro. To find out more about Michael Silverman and his latest release "Human Spirit," please visit

Then, on August 14th, the Brazilian Jazz Quartet, which includes Romero Lubambo, Helio Alves, Edu Ribeiro and Reuben Rodgers will unveil their new album titled simply "At Play." This new nine-song release features the perfect chemistry that came about a chance meeting back in 2016. The album kicks off with the highly energetic jazz romp of "Bala Com Bala," followed by the more soothing, but equally adventurous flow of the seven-minute "Amazon River." The quiet ballad of "It's Clear" displays the quartet's softer, more elegant side, before the full-on energy returns for the quick-moving pace of "Cebola No Frevo." The Brazilian Jazz Quartet close out their new album with the wonderful finger-picking and piano melody of "Bebe," along with the chaotic rhythm of "Na Colada Do Dia." To find out more about the new release "At Play" from this amazingly talented foursome, please visit

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