Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Music Arriving From Rockers Insight, Gardner & James and Jump The Fall

Back in 1989, Victory Records signed the Salt Lake City band Insight to their label, one the first punk bands to join the label. Now, fast forward three decades later and Mission Two Entertainment has gathered the band's original debut EP for a new release titled "Reflection," which also includes four brand new songs and a live set from the band when they support Social Distortion back in 1989. The new 19-track compilation begins with the raw, early days, when Insight was all about pure, youthful energy, as displayed in the songs "Believe," "Enough" and "Identity Crisis." The still showcase that punk edge the makes them one of the originators of hardcore punk with "Take It Back" and "Strength."

The seven-song live set that is included sounds decent for sitting in the vault for over 30 years and not being planned as a possible release. The band sounds hungry for attention, flexing their punk muscle with the power of "Walk Away" and the crazy, reckless deliver of "End Of Cruelty." Insight wrap up their short 15-minute set with a couple quick-hitting, aggressive numbers "Control" and "Tied Down." To find out more about Insight and their latest release "Reflection," please visit

Arriving August 7th from Pavement Entertainment is the new collaboration from Vixen vocalist Janet Gardner and guitarist/producer Justin James, who has worked with members of Staind and Collective Soul. The duo's new album titled "Synergy" contains eleven tracks, beginning with the high-energy rocker "Wounded," which kicks off the album on a creative high. The raw, hard-rocking delivery of "You Can Kiss This" and "Lonely We Fight," bring Gardner's vocals to another level, while the mainstream feel of "Running To Her" sounds like a Vixen outtake from the band's heyday. James' guitar work on "I Promise" lifts the song to new heights, as Janet's vocals simply soar. They wrap up their new album with raw, powerful rock attack of "Gone" and the nostalgic sounds of "Talk To Myself." To find out more about this new collaboration between Janet Gardner and Justin James, please visit

Another new release from Pavement Entertainment is the debut EP from the Boston rock band Jump The Fall. Their new release titled "Ten Year Guilt, Pt 1" features only four tracks, but it is certainly enough to become and instant fan of the band. They start things off with the edgy, hard rock attack of "Drown" and the addictive melody of "Connect." The second half of their new release delivers the dark, grunge appeal of "Say Goodbye" and a spot on, aggressive cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Terrible Lie." To find out more about Jump The Fall and their latest release "Ten Year Guilt, Pt 1," please visit

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