Monday, July 13, 2020

Soft Machine Bring You "Live At The Baked Potato" & Gary Husband Teams Up With Markus Reuter To Give Us "Music Of Our Times"

The English progressive rock band, Soft Machine started out on their adventure over five decades ago. Line-up changes and band name changes would carry the band through the seventies, eighties, nineties and even into the two-thousands, before settling back to Soft Machine in 2015. Three of the four band members from their seventies "heyday" reunited to release their first studio album ("Hidden Details") in over thirty-five years and Soft Machine have just released a brand new live album titled "Live At The Baked Potato.

This new twelve-track release highlights their more jazzy, progressive side, beginning with the swinging rhythm of "Out Bloody Intro," which flows into "Out Bloody Rageous Pt 1." Drummer John Marshall wastes no time taken his solo early in the set with "Sideburns," before the band jump into the classic "jammy" sounds of "Hazard Profile Pt 1." The Soft Machine travel back to 1971 to deliver the soft flowing ballad "Kings And Queens" and the equally soothing, and more recent "Heart Off Guard." They slowly bring the energy back with the six-minute jazz romp of "Fourteen Hour Dream," before finishing with the early days of "The Man Who Waved At Trains" and the uptempo jazz fusion of "Hidden Details." To find out more about Soft Machine and their latest release "Live At The Baked Potato," please visit

Jazz/rock drummer Gary Husband has performed with a number of English artists from Jeff Beck to Robin Trower to Jack Bruce to Andy Summers. Now, Husband is switching gears (or instruments) to the piano for his latest release with fellow musician/composer Markus Reuter titled "Music Of Our Times." This new six track release begins with the gentle touch of piano on the graceful melody of "Colour Of Sorrow." Reuter works alongside Husband's piano work, giving the music of "Across The Azure Blue" more support with his guitar. The music of "White Horse (For Allan)" has a very stark, but adventurous sound, as you follow every note that is played. Gary Husband and Markus Reuter close out their new album with the quiet, classical sounding flow of "Illuminated Heart." To find out more about this latest collaboration titled "Music Of Out Times," please visit

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