Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The New Album From Heathcote Hill Tells Us About Their "Stories"

Arriving July 24th from 311 Music is the latest release from the New York-based band, Heathcote Hill. Their new album titled "The Stories We Are Told" features eleven tracks that are soaked in Americana melodies to simply just get lost in. It was produced and mixed by Timothy M. Hatfield (Keith Richards, Steve Earle) and mastered by Grammy-winner Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

Heathcote Hill begin with the bright, uplifting flow of the album's lead single "All I Remember Is You," which is the perfect opener to get you drawn into the band's roots-based sound. They pick the energy up with the rock infused rhythm of "Hey," before showcasing the more intimate side of their music with the gentle, flowing ballad "Everything Slipping Away." The volume gets turned up once again for the raw emotion of "Teddy Ray Blues ," while "Elegy For Mary Ellen" is an emotional instrumental piece based on an individual who had a positive effect on thousands of Catholic school kids. Heathcote Hill wrap up their new album with the big bluesy guitar chords of "Tell Me What You're Thinking" and the steady, country vibe of "Stories We Are Told." To find out more about Heathcote Hill and their latest release "The Stories We Are Told," please visit

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Thanks JP for this great article about our new record! - Tom