Monday, August 31, 2020

Singer/Songwriters Peggy James and Dianne Davidson Return With Career Defining Albums

Singer/songwriter Peggy James is preparing to release her fifth studio album "Paint Still Wet" on September 18th. This new twelve track release blurs the lines between country, Americana and pop music, beginning with the gentle, nostalgic sway of the opener "Let's Fly Away." The beautiful folk touch of "Wiser" features some sweet slide guitar from Jim Eannelli, before the energy picks up, slightly, for the addictive pop melody of "Holdin' Hands." Nimble picking from Daryl Stuermer (Genesis, Phil Collins Band) is featured on "San Antone." Peggy James channels Peggy Lee on the classic, country blues of "Can't Do Lonely Anymore," while the wonderful harmonies gives "Lighter Than A Feather" a more emotional tone to the ballad. Eannelli's amazing guitar work highlights the deep Americana groove of "Head Over Heals," before Peggy James wraps up her new album with the chugging rhythm of "Scarlet And Gold" and the loose, country rock of "Gettin' Serious." To find out more about Peggy James and her latest release "Paint Still Wet," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Dianne Davidson returns with brand new music on her sixth studio album "Perigon: Full Circle." Davidson was a former member of Linda Ronstadt's band and has sang back up for artists such as B.B. King, Jimmy Buffet and Barry Manilow just to name a few. Her new twelve song release is her set of new material in over three decades and she has a lot of music built up for you to explore, beginning with the quiet, flowing ballad "Just Out Of Reach." Next, Davidson dives into the rocking blues "Subtle Touch," while "Precious Boys" has a sweet, country touch. Her vocals soar on the R&B flow of "Sounds Of The City," while "Solitary" has a swampy, southern blues vibe that matches Dianne's strong vocals perfectly. She finishes her new album with a fragile, stark rendition of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love" and the emotional, acoustic folk ballad "Missing You Tonight." To find out more about Dianne Davidson and her latest release "Perigon: Full Circle," please visit

Sunday, August 30, 2020

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving Soon From SpellBook and newcomers Blazon Rite

Arriving next month from Cruz Del Sur Records is the latest release titled "Magick & Mischief" from classic, proto-metal band, SpellBook (former known as Witch Hazel). After generating an underground metal buzz throughout the last decade, SpellBook decided that this new album of material is their strongest yet, and I tend to agree with that statement. If the early days of heavy metal is was you yearn for, then this new seven-song release from SpellBook is your answer. Their songs are not overpowering, but have that raw, renegade sound that bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple were developing around five decades ago. SpellBook will certainly draw you in with songs like Wands To The Sky" and "Black Shadow," while also displaying their more progressive metal sides with the eight-minute "Not Long For This World." The band's darker side is heard during the chugging bass line of "Motorcade," before they finish up their new album with the nearly twelve-minute storied epic "Dead Detectives." To find out more about SpellBook and their latest release "Magick & Mischief," please visit

Also arriving late next month is the four song debut release from the epic metal band, Blazon Rite titled "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis." These Dungeons and Dragons' influenced heavy metal band comes roaring out of the gate with the epic sounding opening track "The Warriors Choice (Take Me Away)." Next, they pick the energy up quickly with the more aggressive feel of "Diamond Daggyr," before finishing up their short new release with the progressive sounding "Udug Hul (Summons You)." To find out more about Blazon Rite and their new, upcoming debut release "Dulce Bellum Inexpertis," please visit

Saturday, August 29, 2020

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Cult Of Lilith and Fight The Fight

Arriving in September are two new offerings from the Metal Blade Records label. First, on September 4th is the latest from the death/prog/neometal band Cult Of Lilith titled "Mara." It features eight tracks that break down the barriers between heavy metal genres. The opening track "Cosmic Malestorm" comes blasting out of the gate with its aggressive sound that just hits you in the face, along with the growling vocals and progressive guitar solos of "Purple Tide." The pounding rhythm of "Enter The Mancubus" make their music even more intense, while "Atlas" looks to balance the aggressive and the melodic. Cult Of Lilith wrap up their new album with the energetic rage of "Zangano" and classical beginning of "Le Soupir du Fantome," which displays the band's progressive nature to their songwriting. To find out more about Cult Of Lilith and their latest release "Mara," please visit

Norwegian metal band Fight The Fight are preparing to release their sophomore effort "Deliverance" on September 18 and are using all the experience they received, supporting bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Hatebreed toward their new music. The start off their new ten song release with the high octane energetic opener "Deliverance" and the more aggressive onslaught of "Ritual." Fight The Fight find that perfect balance of edgier music with an addictive chorus that pulls you in to their hardcore metal world. They showcase their more melodic side with the emotions of "Dying," before finishing off their new album with the high-powered attack of "Pitbull" and their most progressive metal track "Paradigm." To find out more about Fight The Fight and their latest release "Deliverance," please visit

Friday, August 28, 2020

Dokken Uncovers Their "Lost Songs" & Halestorm Reinvents Their Songs On "Reimagined"

The hard rock band, Dokken formed in 1979 out of Los Angeles, CA right around the same time that Van Halen was beginning to take off with their debut album. It would be another two years before Dokken would release their debut album "Breaking The Chains" and another five years until Dokken would release their platinum selling album "Tooth And Nail" in 1984. A new release from Dokken arriving August 28th from Silver Lining Music centers around those first couple years from 1979 to 1981. These "Lost Songs" showcase the early days when Don Dokken was looking for that perfect chemistry for hard rock success.

The new eleven song release begins with "Step Into The Light,"could have definitely appeared on any of the first Dokken albums with its mainstream rock hooks, while "We're Going Wrong" feels stuck in the seventies, except for the electrifying guitar solo. Before ballads sold glam rock albums, Dokken prepped "Day After Day," which may have been a few years too early, as eye-opening hard rock numbers still ruled the airwaves. One of the songs that appears on this new "Lost Songs" compilation is "Felony," which also appeared on Dokken's debut album. This version feels more raw and in your face, instead of the over-polished released version. The Dokken song "Back In The Streets" might have been influenced by the over-the-top energy of fellow LA rockers Van Halen, as the song seems to follow that blueprint. The new "Lost Songs" compilation wraps up with a couple of early live versions of the hard-rockers "Liar" and "Prisoner." To find out more about this new release from Dokken titled "The Lost Songs: 1979-1981," please visit

Another new release that hit the market is the new six-song EP "Reimagined" from hard-rockers Halestorm. The band has been known to release covers EPs in between full album releases, but this time, Halestorm decided to reinvent some of their own songs, like the intense build up "I Get Off" and the burning passion of "I Am The Fire." The album's lead single "Break In" features Evanescence singer Amy Lee harmonizing beautifully with Lzzy Hale on this gentle ballad. The one cover song that does appear on this new release is Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You," performed like the Whitney Houston version, showcasing Hale's amazing vocal abilities. To find out more about the new Halestorm release "Reimagined," please visit

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Get The Adrenaline Going With New Music From Don't Sleep, Sepsiss, Diamond Rexx and Layne's Calling

Arriving soon from Mission Two Entertainment is the first full-length release from the East Coast punk band, Don't Sleep. Their new album titled "Turn The Tide" features a dozen hard-hitting tracks, fronted by Dag Nasty frontman Dave Smalley. The band come blasting out of the gate with two short, but aggressive numbers, "Don't Sleep" and "No Other Way." Their raw, edgy punk rock sound is definitely felt during the chugging guitars of "True North" and the quick pace of "Abandoned Us" and "We Remain." The addictive chorus of "Waling In Sinai" will certainly grab your attention and have you singing (or shouting) along in no time. Don't Sleep finish up their new album with the nostalgic punk energy of the nineties with their presentation of "Refine Me," while the album closer "December" feels like a loose acoustic jam. To find out more about Don't Sleep and their latest release "Turn The Tide," please visit

Also new from Pavement Entertainment is the latest release from the female-fronted metal band, Sepsiss. Their new album titled "Almost 11" features eleven tracks, beginning with the energetic bashing of "Fair To Say," lead by the stellar vocals of Melissa Wolfe. The tempo (and screams) pick up during the build-up of "To Write Hate On His Arms," as fellow singer, William Savant gets involved, bringing the intensity up another notch. The band's harder, edgier sound comes pouring out of the songs "Force You To Lay Down" and "Falling Unloved," as the more aggressive metal tone of the music takes over. The album's lead single, "Blacklight Invasion, finds the perfect balance of raw energy and mainstream metal, which should grab the attention of new fans looking for new, rising band. Sepsiss close out their new album with intense, hardcore metal music of "Eyes Of Empathy," which once again allows Melissa's vocals to rise above. To find out more about Sepsiss and their latest release "Almost 11," please visit

Returning with a new album is the "glam/hair metal" band from Chicago, Diamond Rexx. Formed in 1985, Diamond Rexx rode the wave of Sunset Strip popularity from a distance, before laying dormant for most of the nineties (like other hair metal bands). Singer Nasti Habits and guitarist S.S. reunited with a new line-up and two new albums in 2001 and 2002, before dropping out of the music scene once again. Now, after nearly two decades the original members have reunited for the new Diamond Rexx album "Psych Ward." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the high-energy, hard rocker "The Answer," which finds an edgier sound to the band earlier, more polished days. The chugging guitars of "Love Is Pain" and the dark tone of "Psych Ward," showcase a new growth in the band's sound, proving that they were more than just another copycat of the early nineties glam metal scene. Diamond Rexx finish up their new album with the intense, classic metal appeal of "Want It All," along with sonic blast of "Under The Gun" and a aggressive cover of the Motorhead classic "Ace Of Spades." To find out more about Diamond Rexx and their latest release "Psych Ward," please visit

Finally we arrive at the self-titled debut album from the alternative, hard rock band Layne's Calling. Their new release features only six tracks, but gives you enough of a taste of what this new band from Kentucky has to offer. They begin with the aggressive, thunderous sound of "Die For It" and the more mainstream alt-rock vibe of "Break Me." Layne's Calling have built these songs to grab your attention and not let go, as songs like "Take Aim" and "Last Fall" are perfectly built for mainstream radio success. To find out more about newcomers Layne's Calling and their new self-titled release, please visit

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Rock And Roll Is Alive And Well With New Music From Headcat 13 and James Williamson & Deniz Tek

Back in 2006, heavy metal legend Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead) teamed up with rockabilly icons Danny B. Harvey and Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) to form The Head Cat. Now, fourteen years later, the dream still lives on, as Headcat 13. Danny B. Harvey is now leading the way, along with Hawkwind bassist and Lemmy protege, Alan Davey and drummer Paul Vezelis (Frantic Flattops). The new self-titled Headcat 13 album was released back in July and features a mix of originals with some timeless rockabilly numbers like "Route 66" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On."

The album kicks off with the high-energy, pedal-to-the-medal rocker "Let's Go Crazy," which is also the first single from the album. The spirit of the original Head Cat band is alive and well with the swinging songs "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight" and "That's It That's All." The raw energy of "Reckless, Wild And Crazy" is a testament that this isn't your dad's rockabilly, as the music just hits you in the face like a freight train. Headcat 13 wrap up their new album with the southern swagger cover of "Susie Q" and the gritty, powerfully addictive duet of "Whole Lotta Shakin's Going On," featuring Jerry Lee Lewis' niece, Annie Marie Lewis on vocals. To find out more about the new Headcat 13 release, please visit

The Stooges' James Williamson has teamed up with fellow proto-punk hero Deniz Tek for a new studio album titled "Two To One," which will be released on September 18th through Cleopatra Records. The new eleven track release explodes with the lead-off track "Jet Pack Nightmare," as you instantly love the idea of these two legends in punk joining forces. The raw energy continues with "Progress" and "Good As Gone," which carries a nostalgic early punk vibe. The album's lead single, "Stable" is a guitar-driven romp, smoldering with attitude, just like The Stooges's music. Williamson and Tek even sing about political issues like "Climate Change," before finishing their new album with the simple, striking message of "Liar" and the classic sounding, straight-up rock and roll of "Melissa Blue." To find out more about this new collaboration between James Williamson and Deniz Tek, please visit

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Discover New Music From Powerman 5000, OGD and Dr. Chrispy

Industrial metal band, Powerman 5000 return August 28th with a brand new studio album titled "The Noble Rot." It contains ten tracks that features a homage to the '80's dark music of The Cure, Depeche Mode and Siouxsie Sioux, along with a cover of the Go-Go's "We Got The Beat." Powerman 5000 kick things off with the intense, aggressive opener "Cannibal Killers That Kill Everyone" and their latest single "Brave New World," which works in a hip-hop style to lyrics. They slow the tempo down for the Gothic tones of "Black Lipstick," while "Special Effects" builds up the song's pounding rhythm. One of the highlights of the new Powerman 5000 album is the addictive "Let The Insects Rule" which has the perfect combination of raw metal power and edgy, industrial beats. The album finishes with the low, monotone, computerized vocals of "VHS" and a high-powered hidden track titled "When Worlds Collide." To find out more about Powerman 5000 and their latest release "The Noble Rot," please visit

The New York City trio OGD are also preparing to drop their debut album "The Big Game" this week. The album was produced by drummer extraordinaire Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney) and features ten tracks of high-energy rockers, beginning with "Young Love." OGD pick the tempo up for the aggressive touch of "Sweet Life," while "The Word"  and "Innocence Ran" have a more pop-oriented sound that attracts you to the music. They rev-up the intensity once again for the guitar-driven rock of "Dreamland" and the pounding drums of "Scary Night," before closing their new album with the melodic, progressive-rock of "Outland." To find out more about OGD and their latest release "The Big Game," please visit

Last, but not least, we have the latest release from music producer, songwriter and award-winning aerospace engineer, Dr Chrispy (aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen). His love for combining space exploration and music continues with his new album "Transitory EP." It features seven tracks (three new original tracks and four extra remixes) beginning with the uplifting sounds of "Transitory Morning." The positive, upbeat sounds of the opener is like a wake-up call from space. Next, Dr. Chrispy delivers the funky beats of "Transitory Afternoon," while "Transitory Evening" carries a more club feel with its energetic dance beats. The four remixes showcase a different the songs can go, along with spoken word recordings mixed in to the music. To find out more about this latest release from Dr. Chrispy, please visit

Monday, August 24, 2020

New Music From Prog-Rockers Days Between Stations and IZZ

Arriving September 21st, is the highly anticipated third release from the progressive rock duo, Days Between Stations. Their new album "Giants" features only seven tracks and includes guest spots from members of XTC, YES, and backing vocalist Durga McBroom. Days Between Stations (DBS) kick things off with a nearly seventeen-minute rock assault titled "Spark." The songs shifts gears, after about ten minutes to showcase the band's more elegant and melodic sound, before returning to close the song out with a classic, seventies-style of prog-rock. Next, they slow down for the ballad "Witness The End Of The World" with lead vocals by Durga McBroom, then XTC's Colin Moulding delivers the lyrics of the most mainstream track on the album "Goes By Gravity." DBS finish up their new album with the gentle, acoustic-based, mystical feel of "The Gathering" and hard rock closer "Common Thread," which was written and sung by YES's Billy Sherwood. To find out more about Days Between Stations and their latest release "Giants," please visit

Fellow prog-rockers IZZ recently released a new 20-minute EP titled "Half-Life," back at the end of July. The new album features three brand new studio tracks and a live version of the song "The Wait Of It All," which dates back to 2004. The band showcase their musical expertise on the intensity of the opening track "The Soul Of Music," as the song brings you on a short adventure with its different techniques. IZZ deliver more melody with the airy flow of "Into The Sun," then delivery a modern rock vibe with "Half-Life," before the band give you a taste of their live performance with the magic of "The Wait Of It All." To find out more about IZZ and their latest release "Half-Life," please visit

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Check Out New Releases From Guitarist Steve Hunter, Songwriter Bob Beland and Drummer Dave Schoepke

Guitarist Steve Hunter has worked along side some of the biggest names in rock music, like Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Tracy Chapman and other. Steve has honed those skills after four decades in the music industry and decided to dust off some tracks during the pandemic lock down and give them a fresh new coat of paint. He starts out with the jazz-infused "Centerpiece," as Steve is joined by his good friend Tony Levin on bass and Steve's wife, Karen Hunter on vocals. This Halloween classic "Spooky," made famous by Classics IV is giving a mellow, laid-back blues vibe, while The Beatles' "And I Love Her" is slowed down for the graceful ballad rendition of this timeless song. The short, six-song EP closes with the beautifully sung Phoebe Snow original "Majesty Of Life" and the sweet, sultry jazz vibe of "S'Wonderful." To find out more about Steve Hunter's "Cafe La Rouge," please visit

Singer/songwriter Bob Beland returned not too long ago with his 8th studio album titled "Happy Camper." The music Bob written for his new release, reflects his 50-plus years in the music business as Bob Beland is a mainstay throughout the Los Angeles area. The new nine-song album begins with the upbeat, sixties pop flow of "Honey In The Hive" and the west coast guitar boogie of "Something - Anything." You will easily fall in love with the relaxed, laid-back vibe of songs like "I'll See You There" and "Orange Groves," before finishing up the album with the acoustic folk-style strumming of "Pal O'Mine" and the emotional, true-life tale of "Happy Camper." To find out more about Bob Beland and his latest release "Happy Camper," please visit

Finally we arrive at the second album from drummer extraordinaire, Dave Schoepke. His new release titled "Tessellated Resonance" follows quickly on the heels of his 2019 acclaimed album "Drums On Low." Schoepke begins his new eleven-song release with the solid, steady pounding of "Earth Calls" and the more experimental beats of "Voices Welcome." Next, he adds a little swing to the tempo of "Loomfixer," while "Nemophilist" works perfectly with the sounds of nature. The slow pace of "Sounds After Life" allow you to examine each strike, while the marching drums of "Currents" feels like a call for duty. Dave Schoepke closes with with a return to the earthly tones of "The Churning Void." To find out more about his latest release "Tessellated Resonance," please visit

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Relive The Glory Days Of Doo-Wop With New Releases From Omnivore Recordings

Beginning August 14th and continuing September 11th, Omnivore Recordings is rolling out a new set of Doo-Wop standards recorded on the Coed Record label back in the fifties and sixties. This first wave (August 14) features the "Coed Singles" collections from the vocal groups, The Duprees and The Rivieras. The Duprees were a huge success on the singles chart in the sixties with the top forty hits "You Belong To Me," "My Own True Love" and "Have You Heard?." This new disc titled simply "The Coed Singles" features all of the hits from The Duprees, along with their original B-sides. The remastered job done on this release and the other releases is simply stunning, as the vocals are just magical on these memorable songs. This new release of The Duprees' singles collection includes twenty-six tracks, which also includes their singles with Joey Vann.

Another release from The Duprees is featured in the second wave of Doo-Wop releases (September 11), which included the complete first two albums ("You Belong To Me" & "Have You Heard") from the group. Some of the tracks have been duplicated on this release, but you also get some of their special, less popular numbers like "September In The Rain," "As Time Goes By," "Exodus" and "It Isn't Fair." These two releases along will make you appreciate the Doo-Wop music of the sixties, but wait, there's more.

Another Doo-Wop group that found success on the Coed Record label was The Rivieras. They actually paved the way for The Duprees, after hitting the singles charts in the late-fifties with hits like "Count Every Star," "Moonlight Serenade" and "Since I Made You Cry." This new release titled "The Rivieras - The Coed Singles" includes all of their singles, along with their B-sides, plus the bonus tracks "My Silent Love" and "Serenade In Blue," from later released compilations. The remastering job must once again be complimented, giving these songs new life by sounding the best ever possible.

Another new release arriving in the second wave is from singer, Adam Wade. His first two albums on the Coed Records label is combined for this new release titled "Adam Wade - The Coed Albums." Wade would make a dent on the singles chart with the songs "Tell Her For Me" and "Ruby" from his debut album "And Then Came Adam." His second album with Coed, "Adam And Evening" did not fair as well, but lead to Adam Wade's top ten single "Take Good Care Of Her." On this new release, you will rediscover Wade's version of classic standards like "Just In Time," "Witchcraft," "Polka Dots And Moonbeams" and "I Have Dreamed." Wade would go on to become the first black game show host of 1975's "Musical Chairs" featured on the CBS station.

Finally we arrive at "The Best Of The Crests: featuring Johnny Mastro," which will also arriving on September 11th in the second wave of Doo-Wop releases. The Crests may have been one of the most successful groups on the Coed Records label with the hits "16 Candles," "Step By Step" and "Trouble In Paradise." This new release features sixteen hits by The Crests during their tenure on the Coed Records label. Other outstanding gems featured on this new CD release include "Pretty Little Angel" and "Earth Angel." To find out more about these new Coed Records' releases from Omnivore Recordings and to discover some of the early days of Doo-Wop, please visit

Friday, August 21, 2020

Heidi Newfield Invites You To Her "Barfly Sessions," while Dan Penn Is "Living On Mercy"

Arriving August 28th, is the latest studio release from singer/songwriter Heidi Newfield titled "The Barfly Sessions, Vol. 1." It features fourteen tracks that as Newfield puts it, "no one was telling me what to do, it's just me." The album kicks off with the high-energy rocker "I Won't Wait Around," which finds Heidi feeling loose and singing with energy and passion. Next, she turns toward the blues with the steady flow of "Three Things," while "Barfly" is a slinky, sultry country romp that finds Newfield flexing her voice and harmonica blowing on this rhythmic number. Heidi stand front and center once again on the burning country blues of "Love Is Blind," as she grabs your attention with her soaring vocals and burning harmonica lines. The gentle ballad "When Heaven Falls" calms everything down and allows you to take a moment to reflect on her songwriting, before the album finishes with the nostalgic-sounding, high-powered country rocker "I Could Fall For You" and the deep southern swagger of "Come Hell Or High Water Blues." To find out more about Heidi Newfield and her latest release "The Barfly Sessions, Vol. 1," please visit

Also arriving August 28th, is the new solo album from soul singer Dan Penn titled "Living On Mercy." The new thirteen track album begins with the blues-infused titled song "Living On Mercy," as you begin to warm up to Penn's gentle vocal touch. He continues with the slow R&B sway of "See You In My Dreams," while "Clean Slate" carries that nostalgic vibe that will have you grooving along to Dan's soulful style. The inspirational lyrics of "What It Takes" and the rock swagger of "Edge Of Love" will certainly turn you into a fan of Dan Penn. He wraps up his new album with the upbeat, pop tones of "Soul Connection" and the gospel-style soulful closer "One Of These Days." To find out more about Dan Penn and his latest release "Living On Mercy," please visit

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Rediscover The Early Days Of Fleetwood Mac With The New "Celebration Edition" Of "Then Play On"

On September 18th, BMG will release a new "Celebration Edition" of Fleetwood Mac's third studio album "Then Play On." Back before Fleetwood Mac became a hit making machine in the seventies and eighties, they were a blues band with one of the best blues rock guitarists to come out of England, Peter Green. This album was originally released back in 1969 and the last Fleetwood Mac album to feature Green. He left the band after Fleetwood Mac completed their 1970 tour behind the "Then Play On" album. Peter Green passed away in July of this year at the age of 73.

The new expanded release of the album features four bonus tracks and new liner notes from Anthony Bozza and Mick Fleetwood. It will be released as a double-LP set and on CD, along with a sixteen page booklet. This release is also a prelude to the upcoming concert film "Mick Fleetwood And Friends Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green," which will be released later this year.

BMG has used the original UK line-up of songs for this release, which included the tracks "One Sunny Day" and "Without You." The four bonus tracks included in this new release are part one and two of their first US hit single "Oh Well," along with Peter Green's signature track "The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown" and it's original B-side "World Of Harmony." Make sure you rediscover the roots of Fleetwood Mac's blues side with this new "Celebration Edition of their 1969 album "Then Play On" and relive some of the best songs featuring the legendary Peter Green. To find out more about this new, upcoming release, please visit

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Bobby Rush Performs "Raw" On His New Album & Chris Stamey Turns "A Brand-New Shade Of Blue"

Grammy-award winner and Blues Hall of Famer, Bobby Rush is preparing to release his latest album "Rawer Than Raw," a tribute to the deep blues of Mississippi. This new eleven track release features stripped down, acoustic covers of blues greats Skip James, Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson II and Muddy Waters. Rush's new release kicks off with one of five originals, "Down In Mississippi," as each of these songs are delivered in an acoustic style, with a foot-stomping rhythm and only accompanied by a wailing harmonica. You can hear the passion Bobby Rush's voice, performing covers of some of his blues idols, like Skip James' "Hard Time" and Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning." Rush gets really quiet on the talkin' blues of "Sometimes I Wonder," before finishing up his latest album with the classic tale of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Don"Start Me Talkin," along with energetic romp of Robert Johnson's "Dust My Broom." To find out more about Bobby Rush and his latest release "Rawer Than Raw," please visit

Former power pop/rock artist Chris Stamey (The dB's) returns with his jazz combo The Fellow Travelers to release a new album titled "A Brand-New Shade Of Blue." It features thirteen tracks, inspired by the "cool jazz" of the small jazz club combos of the fifties and sixties. The album begins with the title song "A Brand-New Shade Of Blue," which gracefully floats along with the gentle vocals of Brett Harris. This album is perfectly crafted for evening listens, as songs like "Late For The Party" and "It Must Be Raining Somewhere" will certainly put you in a relaxed state with their intimate touches of music. The tempo does pick up slightly for the nostalgic, New Orleans jazz feel of "Come Home To Me," before Chris Stamey and the Fellow Travelers close out their latest album with the steady rhythm of modern jazz/pop flow of "Speechless" and the light-hearted, playful touch of "Dangling Check To Check." To find out more about this latest release "A Brand-New Shade Of Blue," from Chris Stamey and the Fellow Travelers, please visit

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Savoy Brown "Ain't Done Yet" With The Blues, While Al Basile Plays His "Last Hand"

British blues/rock band Savoy Brown are continuing their resurgence with a new studio album titled "Ain't Done Yet." The new release find original member Kim Simmonds teaming up once again with long-time members Pat DeSalvo and Garnet Grimm on this new set of ten studio tracks. The trio kick things off with the chugging, high energy rocker "All Gone Wrong," followed by the more traditional blues of "Devil's Highway," as you get entranced by Simmonds stellar guitar work. The swampy acoustic-based blues of "River On The Rise" features some sweet slide-guitar work, while the title-song "Ain't Done Yet" flows through the same vein of blues classics by B.B. King and Buddy Guy. Savoy Brown slow the tempo down for the quieter ballad "Feel Like A Gypsy," before closing out their new album with the high-energy, dirty, ZZ Top-style blues of "Jaguar Car" and the mature, laid-back vibe of the instrumental "Crying Guitar." To find out more about Savoy Brown and their latest release "Ain't Done Yet," please visit

Also preparing a new release is Blues Award nominee Al Basile. His latest album titled "Last Hand" will be released on August 21st and features a dozen original tracks that tells the story of a romance that ends too soon, from a man's point of view. The album begins with the swinging jazz/blues vibe of "It Ain't Broke" and the more modern R&B flow of "Invisible Man." The more traditional slow blues of "Don't Toy With Me" and "Don't" allows you to feel the emotion in Al's voice, as he sings will passion and purpose. The energy picks up with the steady rock/blues rhythm of "After I'm Gone," while "The Problem Is Me" finds Al Basile begging on his knees with the slow blues of his backing band supporting his plea. Al finishes his new album with nostalgic sounding, steady pace of "Second Wind" and the stark, quiet blues of "Time Heals Nothing." To find out more about Al Basile and his latest release "Last Hand," please visit

Monday, August 17, 2020

Chick Corea "Plays" His Favorites & Jose Rizo's Mongorama Brings Us Some Great Latin Jazz

Jazz piano legend Chick Corea is preparing to release a new, intimate live album title "Plays." On this new release, Corea shows us the lineage from timeless classical artists like Mozart and Chopin, to jazz greats like Thelonious Monk and Antonio Carlos Jobim right up to his own compositions. The recording features just Corea and a piano as he begins with the similarities of Mozart's "Piano Sonata" and George Gerswin's "Someone To Watch Over Me," as Corea flows one melody into the next. He describes his love for Bill Evans and Antonio Jobim, before comparing the compositions "Waltz For Debby" and "Desafinado." Chick Corea closes out this first disc of the 2 CD set with a tribute to Thelonious Monk, as he performs a trio of songs, "Pannonica," "Trinkle Tinkle" and "Blue Monk."

The second disc begins with a solo piano rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise," before Chick talks about his collaboration with the great Paco de Lucia on the song "The Yellow Nimbus." You can feel Corea pouring his emotions into the nearly ten minute piano jazz piece, before describing his "family portraits" and "duets" that Chick used to perform with his family at gatherings. The set closes with Chick Corea revisiting his "Children's Songs," which he wrote and recorded back in the late-seventies and early-eighties. You can definitely hear the lighter side of the music, as Corea simplified his extraordinary talents for children to understand the music being performed. This new solo piano set from Chick Corea titled "Plays" will be available on September 11th, as a 2 CD set or as a 3 LP vinyl set. To find out more about it, please visit

Long-time disc jockey Jose Rizo collected an all-star cast of musicians to perform his latest set of compositions titled "Mariposas Cantan." Rizo's band, Mongorama has been around for almost a decade now and this latest twelve-song set brings to life the Latin Jazz music that Rizo has been promoting on his long-running "Jazz On The Latin Side" radio show." The album begins with the rhythm fueled "Mambo Mindoro" and the upbeat vibe of the title track "Mariposas Cantan," featuring the stellar lead vocals of James Zavaleta. The energy keeps on flowing with the salsa swing of "Helen Of Jazz," before the sultry sway of "A Little Dab'll Do Ya" just relaxes your senses Jose Rizo's Mongorama adds a bit of Latin flair to the timeless Herbie Hancock song "Watermelon Man," before finishing their new album with the fun, exciting, eight-minute adventurous jazz piece "Descarga Ramon Banda" and a return to the rhythmic flair of "East L.A. Meets Napa." To find out more about Jose Rizo's Mongorama and their latest release "Mariposas Cantan," please visit

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Discover New Music From Indie-Artists The Grand Undoing, Peter Galperin and Mark Fredson

On August 14th, the Boston-based power-pop/rock band The Grand Undoing released their highly anticipated fourth studio album "In A Vigil State." It features ten tracks, beginning with the modern sounding, psychedelic pop of "Into The Glitter," which draws you in with its addictive chorus and swirling vibe. The energy picks up with the new wave sounds of "A Little Piece Of Ground," while the song "Wave" has an edgier rock vibe with a touch of sweet harmonies.  The layers of "Darkness" make this song an interesting listen, as you try to peel back the layers with each pass. The Grand Undoing wrap up their new album with the fun, upbeat, classic rock and roll vibe of "Sunsetter," along with the alternative grunge appeal of "Step In" and the dark overtones of "Giving All My Things Away." To find out more about The Grand Undoing and their latest release "In A Vigil State," please visit

New York City-based singer/songwriter Peter Galperin recently released his new studio album titled "Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday." In between studio albums, Peter composed and produced the soundtrack to his off-Broadway show "Bulldozer," but returns with a set of seven new tracks. This new album kicks off with the upbeat, sing-along melody of "Nature Of Your Kind" and the addictive pop/rock delivery of "Never Too Young." Peter's songwriting is stellar on the acoustic folk strumming of "Don't Need To Know," before finishing his new album with the positive vibe of the steady rocker "Won't Let Go." To find out more about Peter Galperin and his latest release "Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday," please visit

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Mark Fredson recently released his debut album titled "Going To The Movies." His new nine track release was created at Fredson's home studio, as the songs deliver that lost seventies AM radio vibe, beginning with the power pop addiction "Bitchin Summer." The album feels like a time jump back to when polished radio gems ruled that airwaves, as Mark does with songs like "Come Find Me (If There's Anything I Can Do)" and "Hole Up And Die." Mark Fredson looks to touch your musical soul on the slow ballad "Thoughts And Prayers," before he wraps up his new album with the electronic, new wave pop of "Casual And Calculated" and the country-tinged "Only The Best (From This Point On)." To find out more about Mark Fredson and his latest release "Going To The Movies," please visit

Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Cary Morin & Cidney Bullens, Along With The Jim Kweskin Band with Samoa Wilson

Singer/songwriter Cary Morin recently released a new studio album earlier this month titled "Dockside Saints." It finds Cary teaming up with Grammy winning producer and engineer Tony Daigle to create a new set of outstanding Americana standards. This new twelve track album starts off with athe little New Orleans jazz flair of "Nobody Gotta Know," followed by the slow blues of "Exception To The Rule." Cary's deliver of the lyrics feel truthful, especially during the swampy, funky acoustic strumming of "Prisoner" and the enlightening piano ballad "Tonight." Its not all about the blues, as Cary Morin and his band pick up the tempo for the Cajun/Americana flair of "Jamie Rae" and the exciting instrumental "Cary's Groove." He wraps up his new album with the sweet, southern country sounds of "Blue Delta Home" and the swift, uptempo rocker "Come The Rain." To find out more about Cary Morin and his latest release "Dockside Saints," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Cidny Bullens is preparing to release his new album "Walkin' Through This World" on August 21st. It is only his ninth studio album of original material from a career that has lasted through four decades. His new ten song release begins with the soulful rocker "Little Pieces" and the more laid-back country vibe of "Purgatory Road." Cidny pours his heart into the beautiful ballad "The Gender Line," then draws upon the country blues of "Sugartown," before a swinging rock and roll rhythm lifts your spirits and the tempo once again with "Call Me By My Name." He finishes his new album with slow blues of "Laugh In The Rain" and the quiet, gentle acoustic ballad "Healing The Break." To find out more about Cidny Bullens and his latest release "Walkin' Through This World," please visit

The Americana/folk/jazz playing Jim Kweskin Band has teamed up with American roots/folk/jazz singer Samoa Wilson for a new collaboration title "I Just Want To Be Horizontal."  The idea for this new album came together over the love of early, traditional jazz favorites by Teddy Wilson and a then unknown Billie Holiday. This new seventeen track release is filled to the brim with classics that may have been forgotten over the years, like "The Candy Man," "Inchworm" and "Our Love Is Here To Stay," but it may be the more obscure tracks that grab your attention. Samoa Wilson's voice is so sweet and pure on the mellow jazz groove of "Trust In Me" and also the uptempo, swinging rhythm of "Me, Myself & I," which is pure fun and positively addictive. The gentle island sway of "At Ebb Tide" and the fun jazz romp of "He Ain't Got Rhythm" will certainly turn you into a fan of Samoa Wilson and the Jim Kweskin Band. To find out more about their new release "I Just Want To Be Horizontal," please visit

Friday, August 14, 2020

Hail The Return of King Buzzo, Along With New Music From Brick Briscoe and Bellhead

The Melvins' frontman King Buzzo just released his sophomore album "Gift Of Sacrifice," which features the work of bass player Trevor Dunn. The new nine track release begins with a short atmospheric instrumental, which leads you down the path to dark tones of "Housing, Luxury, Energy." The raw, acoustic strumming and deep bass groove only add to the stark, but effective tone of the song that allows King Buzzo's vocals to be front and center. The "psycho metal" music vibe of "I'm Glad I Could Help Out" takes on the starring role, as this song was recorded in a single take. The album takes a more experimental turn with the bass-infused jazz and odd time signature of "Junkie Jesus," while "Science In Modern America" sounds straight from the early days of the Seattle music scene in the nineties. King Buzzo closes out his new album with the funky bass-heavy sounding "Mock She," which is a reimagined copy of the Kiss classic "She," along with the chaotic climatic "Acoustic Junkie." To find out more about King Buzzo and his latest release "Gift Of Sacrifice," please visit

Singer/songwriter Brick Briscoe created his latest album "My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant" while in quarantine from the pandemic earlier this year. It features a dozen tracks that Briscoe recorded in his home studio, "The Spider Cave." The album begins with the story of being "Cody Jerrett," as an swooping melody plays in the background. Next, he strums his acoustic guitar (angrily) while belting out the lyrics of "Woke Up Beside You," before plugging in for the more aggressive, alternative rock attack of "Oxnard." Brick Briscoe quiets down once again for the folk blues delivery of "Don't Ask Me," before finishing his new album with the modern, new wave vibe of "Crimey" and the raw passion of "My Americana Lust." To find out more about Brick Briscoe and his latest release "My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant," please visit

Lastly, we arrive at the latest EP from the Chicago post-punk band Bellhead. Their new album titled "Unicorn Bones," contains five tracks that look to make a statement with their aggressive sound, as displayed in the opening track "Snuff Film 1974." The title-track "Unicorn Bones" carries a more addictive rhythm to it, while also keeping the band's raw, edgy sound. Bellhead wrap up their short new EP with the industrial hard rock approach of "Knife" and the slowly building energy of the closing track "Sidewinder." To find out more about Bellhead and their latest release "Unicorn Bones," please visit

Thursday, August 13, 2020

New Jazz Releases From Sukuung Kim, John Finbury, The Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band and Kenny Kotwitz & The LA Jazz Quintet

Korean-born jazz composer Sukyung Kim recently released a new album titled "Lilac Hill," which features five new jazz compositions. Kim states that the inspiration for her songs is her experiences through daily life. Beginning with the uptempo hustle of the title-track "Lilac Hill," as the solos shift from sax to piano to guitar. Nixt, she slows down for the gentle sway of "Stargazers," which is enlightened with a medium tempo swinging rhythm. The laid back feel of "Summer Days" and slow build-up of "California" showcases the patience, desire and passion that Sukyung Kim pours into her music. To find out more about her new album "Lilac Hill," please visit

Grammy-nominated composer John Finbury recently released his lastest composition "American Nocturnes - Final Days Of July." It features eleven tracks performed by a selection of hand-picked artists to best portray Finbury's latest vision. The album begins with the subtle, soft opening of "Lay Me Down," as you are slowly introduced to this latest music journey. The gracefulness of "Black Tea" and the emotion-fueled melody of "Fantasma" will have you hanging on every note. The beautifully elegant "Waltz For Patty" is the perfect nod to classical music, before closing out this latest Finbury composition with "I'll Pray For You," which infuses a blues backdrop into the song, along with the feel-good melody of "My Hometown." John Finbury also makes appearance on this album with his solo piano rendition of "Waltz For Patty." To find out more about the newly released "American Nocturnes - Final Days Of July," please visit

Organist Radam Schwartz has teamed up with drummer David F. Gibson and the Abel Mireles Jazz Exchange Big Band to create a "Message From Groove And GW." The new album features ten tracks, which are a mix of original compositions and covers by artists like John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Johann Sebastian Bach. The album kicks off with the upbeat, swinging melody of "Trouble Just Won't Go Away" and the classic jazz vibe of "Ain't No Way." The Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band works in perfect unison during the wildly energetic tempo of "Dig You Like Crazy" and the equally swinging "What To Do," before taking a step back for the smooth, gentle melody of "Between The Sheets." Radam and his Big Band wrap up their new album with the exciting ten-minute jam of "Work Song" and the quiet, blues-style of Bach's composition, "Von Gott." To find out more about the Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band and their latest release "Message From Groove And GW," please visit

Back on August 1st, Kenny Kotwitz & the LA Jazz Quintet released a brand new album titled "When Lights Are Low." The title of the album suggests when the best time to listen to this album is, since the music's mellow vibe certainly puts you in a relaxed state, right from the opening title track. The calming nature of songs like "Skylark" and "Estate Summer" are the perfect backdrop to end your day with a glass of wine in you hand as you get lost in the music. The light, aerie vibe of "Crazy She Calls Me" is a short, but sweet floating melody, while "Manhattan" has a little energy to it, supplied by Kenny's accordion. The album closes with the soft, mellow flow of "Stairway To The Stars" and the two-minute lullaby of "When Lights Are Low (Reprise)." To find out more about Kenny Kotwitz & the LA Jazz Quintet and their latest release "When Lights Are Low," please visit

Friday, August 7, 2020

New Documentary Strengthens The Cause For "The Vinyl Revival"

Back in April, the acclaimed filmmakers of the documentary "Last Shop Standing" returned with a new film titled "The Vinyl Revival." Director Pip Piper visits many independent shops in the U.K. during the film, to get a first-hand look on the constant growing sales of this specific recorded format. This film was originally intended to co-inside with Record Store Day 2020, but due to the current pandemic, Record Store Day was postponed and spread across three different dates this year in August, September and October.

Record Store Day is only one of the factors in the "Vinyl Revival," as shown in the new documentary. Store owners, as well as artists like Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Philip Selway (Radiohead) continue to praise the vinyl format, as a new, younger generation is discovering this physical product that not only looks better, but also sounds better than the streaming format that they have been used to for years.

Vinyl fans will definitely appreciate the interviews conducted throughout this documentary, along with the feeling of being part of a larger community. A word of caution, after watching this film, you may have the urge to head out to your local record shop to pick up some new vinyl, but remember, that is a good thing and will keep the "vinyl revival" lasting for many more years. The new DVD release of this film also includes an eight-page booklet that chronicles the making of this documentary. To find out even more about "The Vinyl Revival," please visit