Sunday, August 23, 2020

Check Out New Releases From Guitarist Steve Hunter, Songwriter Bob Beland and Drummer Dave Schoepke

Guitarist Steve Hunter has worked along side some of the biggest names in rock music, like Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Tracy Chapman and other. Steve has honed those skills after four decades in the music industry and decided to dust off some tracks during the pandemic lock down and give them a fresh new coat of paint. He starts out with the jazz-infused "Centerpiece," as Steve is joined by his good friend Tony Levin on bass and Steve's wife, Karen Hunter on vocals. This Halloween classic "Spooky," made famous by Classics IV is giving a mellow, laid-back blues vibe, while The Beatles' "And I Love Her" is slowed down for the graceful ballad rendition of this timeless song. The short, six-song EP closes with the beautifully sung Phoebe Snow original "Majesty Of Life" and the sweet, sultry jazz vibe of "S'Wonderful." To find out more about Steve Hunter's "Cafe La Rouge," please visit

Singer/songwriter Bob Beland returned not too long ago with his 8th studio album titled "Happy Camper." The music Bob written for his new release, reflects his 50-plus years in the music business as Bob Beland is a mainstay throughout the Los Angeles area. The new nine-song album begins with the upbeat, sixties pop flow of "Honey In The Hive" and the west coast guitar boogie of "Something - Anything." You will easily fall in love with the relaxed, laid-back vibe of songs like "I'll See You There" and "Orange Groves," before finishing up the album with the acoustic folk-style strumming of "Pal O'Mine" and the emotional, true-life tale of "Happy Camper." To find out more about Bob Beland and his latest release "Happy Camper," please visit

Finally we arrive at the second album from drummer extraordinaire, Dave Schoepke. His new release titled "Tessellated Resonance" follows quickly on the heels of his 2019 acclaimed album "Drums On Low." Schoepke begins his new eleven-song release with the solid, steady pounding of "Earth Calls" and the more experimental beats of "Voices Welcome." Next, he adds a little swing to the tempo of "Loomfixer," while "Nemophilist" works perfectly with the sounds of nature. The slow pace of "Sounds After Life" allow you to examine each strike, while the marching drums of "Currents" feels like a call for duty. Dave Schoepke closes with with a return to the earthly tones of "The Churning Void." To find out more about his latest release "Tessellated Resonance," please visit

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Unknown said...

JP, Thanks for the reviews. I purchased all 3 of these and really liked the exposure you brought to each one of the artists. Extremely well-crafted pieces of work. Thanks again for the reviews.