Sunday, August 16, 2020

Discover New Music From Indie-Artists The Grand Undoing, Peter Galperin and Mark Fredson

On August 14th, the Boston-based power-pop/rock band The Grand Undoing released their highly anticipated fourth studio album "In A Vigil State." It features ten tracks, beginning with the modern sounding, psychedelic pop of "Into The Glitter," which draws you in with its addictive chorus and swirling vibe. The energy picks up with the new wave sounds of "A Little Piece Of Ground," while the song "Wave" has an edgier rock vibe with a touch of sweet harmonies.  The layers of "Darkness" make this song an interesting listen, as you try to peel back the layers with each pass. The Grand Undoing wrap up their new album with the fun, upbeat, classic rock and roll vibe of "Sunsetter," along with the alternative grunge appeal of "Step In" and the dark overtones of "Giving All My Things Away." To find out more about The Grand Undoing and their latest release "In A Vigil State," please visit

New York City-based singer/songwriter Peter Galperin recently released his new studio album titled "Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday." In between studio albums, Peter composed and produced the soundtrack to his off-Broadway show "Bulldozer," but returns with a set of seven new tracks. This new album kicks off with the upbeat, sing-along melody of "Nature Of Your Kind" and the addictive pop/rock delivery of "Never Too Young." Peter's songwriting is stellar on the acoustic folk strumming of "Don't Need To Know," before finishing his new album with the positive vibe of the steady rocker "Won't Let Go." To find out more about Peter Galperin and his latest release "Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday," please visit

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Mark Fredson recently released his debut album titled "Going To The Movies." His new nine track release was created at Fredson's home studio, as the songs deliver that lost seventies AM radio vibe, beginning with the power pop addiction "Bitchin Summer." The album feels like a time jump back to when polished radio gems ruled that airwaves, as Mark does with songs like "Come Find Me (If There's Anything I Can Do)" and "Hole Up And Die." Mark Fredson looks to touch your musical soul on the slow ballad "Thoughts And Prayers," before he wraps up his new album with the electronic, new wave pop of "Casual And Calculated" and the country-tinged "Only The Best (From This Point On)." To find out more about Mark Fredson and his latest release "Going To The Movies," please visit

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