Thursday, August 27, 2020

Get The Adrenaline Going With New Music From Don't Sleep, Sepsiss, Diamond Rexx and Layne's Calling

Arriving soon from Mission Two Entertainment is the first full-length release from the East Coast punk band, Don't Sleep. Their new album titled "Turn The Tide" features a dozen hard-hitting tracks, fronted by Dag Nasty frontman Dave Smalley. The band come blasting out of the gate with two short, but aggressive numbers, "Don't Sleep" and "No Other Way." Their raw, edgy punk rock sound is definitely felt during the chugging guitars of "True North" and the quick pace of "Abandoned Us" and "We Remain." The addictive chorus of "Waling In Sinai" will certainly grab your attention and have you singing (or shouting) along in no time. Don't Sleep finish up their new album with the nostalgic punk energy of the nineties with their presentation of "Refine Me," while the album closer "December" feels like a loose acoustic jam. To find out more about Don't Sleep and their latest release "Turn The Tide," please visit

Also new from Pavement Entertainment is the latest release from the female-fronted metal band, Sepsiss. Their new album titled "Almost 11" features eleven tracks, beginning with the energetic bashing of "Fair To Say," lead by the stellar vocals of Melissa Wolfe. The tempo (and screams) pick up during the build-up of "To Write Hate On His Arms," as fellow singer, William Savant gets involved, bringing the intensity up another notch. The band's harder, edgier sound comes pouring out of the songs "Force You To Lay Down" and "Falling Unloved," as the more aggressive metal tone of the music takes over. The album's lead single, "Blacklight Invasion, finds the perfect balance of raw energy and mainstream metal, which should grab the attention of new fans looking for new, rising band. Sepsiss close out their new album with intense, hardcore metal music of "Eyes Of Empathy," which once again allows Melissa's vocals to rise above. To find out more about Sepsiss and their latest release "Almost 11," please visit

Returning with a new album is the "glam/hair metal" band from Chicago, Diamond Rexx. Formed in 1985, Diamond Rexx rode the wave of Sunset Strip popularity from a distance, before laying dormant for most of the nineties (like other hair metal bands). Singer Nasti Habits and guitarist S.S. reunited with a new line-up and two new albums in 2001 and 2002, before dropping out of the music scene once again. Now, after nearly two decades the original members have reunited for the new Diamond Rexx album "Psych Ward." It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the high-energy, hard rocker "The Answer," which finds an edgier sound to the band earlier, more polished days. The chugging guitars of "Love Is Pain" and the dark tone of "Psych Ward," showcase a new growth in the band's sound, proving that they were more than just another copycat of the early nineties glam metal scene. Diamond Rexx finish up their new album with the intense, classic metal appeal of "Want It All," along with sonic blast of "Under The Gun" and a aggressive cover of the Motorhead classic "Ace Of Spades." To find out more about Diamond Rexx and their latest release "Psych Ward," please visit

Finally we arrive at the self-titled debut album from the alternative, hard rock band Layne's Calling. Their new release features only six tracks, but gives you enough of a taste of what this new band from Kentucky has to offer. They begin with the aggressive, thunderous sound of "Die For It" and the more mainstream alt-rock vibe of "Break Me." Layne's Calling have built these songs to grab your attention and not let go, as songs like "Take Aim" and "Last Fall" are perfectly built for mainstream radio success. To find out more about newcomers Layne's Calling and their new self-titled release, please visit

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