Friday, August 14, 2020

Hail The Return of King Buzzo, Along With New Music From Brick Briscoe and Bellhead

The Melvins' frontman King Buzzo just released his sophomore album "Gift Of Sacrifice," which features the work of bass player Trevor Dunn. The new nine track release begins with a short atmospheric instrumental, which leads you down the path to dark tones of "Housing, Luxury, Energy." The raw, acoustic strumming and deep bass groove only add to the stark, but effective tone of the song that allows King Buzzo's vocals to be front and center. The "psycho metal" music vibe of "I'm Glad I Could Help Out" takes on the starring role, as this song was recorded in a single take. The album takes a more experimental turn with the bass-infused jazz and odd time signature of "Junkie Jesus," while "Science In Modern America" sounds straight from the early days of the Seattle music scene in the nineties. King Buzzo closes out his new album with the funky bass-heavy sounding "Mock She," which is a reimagined copy of the Kiss classic "She," along with the chaotic climatic "Acoustic Junkie." To find out more about King Buzzo and his latest release "Gift Of Sacrifice," please visit

Singer/songwriter Brick Briscoe created his latest album "My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant" while in quarantine from the pandemic earlier this year. It features a dozen tracks that Briscoe recorded in his home studio, "The Spider Cave." The album begins with the story of being "Cody Jerrett," as an swooping melody plays in the background. Next, he strums his acoustic guitar (angrily) while belting out the lyrics of "Woke Up Beside You," before plugging in for the more aggressive, alternative rock attack of "Oxnard." Brick Briscoe quiets down once again for the folk blues delivery of "Don't Ask Me," before finishing his new album with the modern, new wave vibe of "Crimey" and the raw passion of "My Americana Lust." To find out more about Brick Briscoe and his latest release "My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant," please visit

Lastly, we arrive at the latest EP from the Chicago post-punk band Bellhead. Their new album titled "Unicorn Bones," contains five tracks that look to make a statement with their aggressive sound, as displayed in the opening track "Snuff Film 1974." The title-track "Unicorn Bones" carries a more addictive rhythm to it, while also keeping the band's raw, edgy sound. Bellhead wrap up their short new EP with the industrial hard rock approach of "Knife" and the slowly building energy of the closing track "Sidewinder." To find out more about Bellhead and their latest release "Unicorn Bones," please visit

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