Thursday, August 13, 2020

New Jazz Releases From Sukuung Kim, John Finbury, The Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band and Kenny Kotwitz & The LA Jazz Quintet

Korean-born jazz composer Sukyung Kim recently released a new album titled "Lilac Hill," which features five new jazz compositions. Kim states that the inspiration for her songs is her experiences through daily life. Beginning with the uptempo hustle of the title-track "Lilac Hill," as the solos shift from sax to piano to guitar. Nixt, she slows down for the gentle sway of "Stargazers," which is enlightened with a medium tempo swinging rhythm. The laid back feel of "Summer Days" and slow build-up of "California" showcases the patience, desire and passion that Sukyung Kim pours into her music. To find out more about her new album "Lilac Hill," please visit

Grammy-nominated composer John Finbury recently released his lastest composition "American Nocturnes - Final Days Of July." It features eleven tracks performed by a selection of hand-picked artists to best portray Finbury's latest vision. The album begins with the subtle, soft opening of "Lay Me Down," as you are slowly introduced to this latest music journey. The gracefulness of "Black Tea" and the emotion-fueled melody of "Fantasma" will have you hanging on every note. The beautifully elegant "Waltz For Patty" is the perfect nod to classical music, before closing out this latest Finbury composition with "I'll Pray For You," which infuses a blues backdrop into the song, along with the feel-good melody of "My Hometown." John Finbury also makes appearance on this album with his solo piano rendition of "Waltz For Patty." To find out more about the newly released "American Nocturnes - Final Days Of July," please visit

Organist Radam Schwartz has teamed up with drummer David F. Gibson and the Abel Mireles Jazz Exchange Big Band to create a "Message From Groove And GW." The new album features ten tracks, which are a mix of original compositions and covers by artists like John Coltrane, Charles Mingus and Johann Sebastian Bach. The album kicks off with the upbeat, swinging melody of "Trouble Just Won't Go Away" and the classic jazz vibe of "Ain't No Way." The Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band works in perfect unison during the wildly energetic tempo of "Dig You Like Crazy" and the equally swinging "What To Do," before taking a step back for the smooth, gentle melody of "Between The Sheets." Radam and his Big Band wrap up their new album with the exciting ten-minute jam of "Work Song" and the quiet, blues-style of Bach's composition, "Von Gott." To find out more about the Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band and their latest release "Message From Groove And GW," please visit

Back on August 1st, Kenny Kotwitz & the LA Jazz Quintet released a brand new album titled "When Lights Are Low." The title of the album suggests when the best time to listen to this album is, since the music's mellow vibe certainly puts you in a relaxed state, right from the opening title track. The calming nature of songs like "Skylark" and "Estate Summer" are the perfect backdrop to end your day with a glass of wine in you hand as you get lost in the music. The light, aerie vibe of "Crazy She Calls Me" is a short, but sweet floating melody, while "Manhattan" has a little energy to it, supplied by Kenny's accordion. The album closes with the soft, mellow flow of "Stairway To The Stars" and the two-minute lullaby of "When Lights Are Low (Reprise)." To find out more about Kenny Kotwitz & the LA Jazz Quintet and their latest release "When Lights Are Low," please visit

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