Saturday, August 22, 2020

Relive The Glory Days Of Doo-Wop With New Releases From Omnivore Recordings

Beginning August 14th and continuing September 11th, Omnivore Recordings is rolling out a new set of Doo-Wop standards recorded on the Coed Record label back in the fifties and sixties. This first wave (August 14) features the "Coed Singles" collections from the vocal groups, The Duprees and The Rivieras. The Duprees were a huge success on the singles chart in the sixties with the top forty hits "You Belong To Me," "My Own True Love" and "Have You Heard?." This new disc titled simply "The Coed Singles" features all of the hits from The Duprees, along with their original B-sides. The remastered job done on this release and the other releases is simply stunning, as the vocals are just magical on these memorable songs. This new release of The Duprees' singles collection includes twenty-six tracks, which also includes their singles with Joey Vann.

Another release from The Duprees is featured in the second wave of Doo-Wop releases (September 11), which included the complete first two albums ("You Belong To Me" & "Have You Heard") from the group. Some of the tracks have been duplicated on this release, but you also get some of their special, less popular numbers like "September In The Rain," "As Time Goes By," "Exodus" and "It Isn't Fair." These two releases along will make you appreciate the Doo-Wop music of the sixties, but wait, there's more.

Another Doo-Wop group that found success on the Coed Record label was The Rivieras. They actually paved the way for The Duprees, after hitting the singles charts in the late-fifties with hits like "Count Every Star," "Moonlight Serenade" and "Since I Made You Cry." This new release titled "The Rivieras - The Coed Singles" includes all of their singles, along with their B-sides, plus the bonus tracks "My Silent Love" and "Serenade In Blue," from later released compilations. The remastering job must once again be complimented, giving these songs new life by sounding the best ever possible.

Another new release arriving in the second wave is from singer, Adam Wade. His first two albums on the Coed Records label is combined for this new release titled "Adam Wade - The Coed Albums." Wade would make a dent on the singles chart with the songs "Tell Her For Me" and "Ruby" from his debut album "And Then Came Adam." His second album with Coed, "Adam And Evening" did not fair as well, but lead to Adam Wade's top ten single "Take Good Care Of Her." On this new release, you will rediscover Wade's version of classic standards like "Just In Time," "Witchcraft," "Polka Dots And Moonbeams" and "I Have Dreamed." Wade would go on to become the first black game show host of 1975's "Musical Chairs" featured on the CBS station.

Finally we arrive at "The Best Of The Crests: featuring Johnny Mastro," which will also arriving on September 11th in the second wave of Doo-Wop releases. The Crests may have been one of the most successful groups on the Coed Records label with the hits "16 Candles," "Step By Step" and "Trouble In Paradise." This new release features sixteen hits by The Crests during their tenure on the Coed Records label. Other outstanding gems featured on this new CD release include "Pretty Little Angel" and "Earth Angel." To find out more about these new Coed Records' releases from Omnivore Recordings and to discover some of the early days of Doo-Wop, please visit

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