Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Savoy Brown "Ain't Done Yet" With The Blues, While Al Basile Plays His "Last Hand"

British blues/rock band Savoy Brown are continuing their resurgence with a new studio album titled "Ain't Done Yet." The new release find original member Kim Simmonds teaming up once again with long-time members Pat DeSalvo and Garnet Grimm on this new set of ten studio tracks. The trio kick things off with the chugging, high energy rocker "All Gone Wrong," followed by the more traditional blues of "Devil's Highway," as you get entranced by Simmonds stellar guitar work. The swampy acoustic-based blues of "River On The Rise" features some sweet slide-guitar work, while the title-song "Ain't Done Yet" flows through the same vein of blues classics by B.B. King and Buddy Guy. Savoy Brown slow the tempo down for the quieter ballad "Feel Like A Gypsy," before closing out their new album with the high-energy, dirty, ZZ Top-style blues of "Jaguar Car" and the mature, laid-back vibe of the instrumental "Crying Guitar." To find out more about Savoy Brown and their latest release "Ain't Done Yet," please visit savoybrown.com.

Also preparing a new release is Blues Award nominee Al Basile. His latest album titled "Last Hand" will be released on August 21st and features a dozen original tracks that tells the story of a romance that ends too soon, from a man's point of view. The album begins with the swinging jazz/blues vibe of "It Ain't Broke" and the more modern R&B flow of "Invisible Man." The more traditional slow blues of "Don't Toy With Me" and "Don't" allows you to feel the emotion in Al's voice, as he sings will passion and purpose. The energy picks up with the steady rock/blues rhythm of "After I'm Gone," while "The Problem Is Me" finds Al Basile begging on his knees with the slow blues of his backing band supporting his plea. Al finishes his new album with nostalgic sounding, steady pace of "Second Wind" and the stark, quiet blues of "Time Heals Nothing." To find out more about Al Basile and his latest release "Last Hand," please visit albasile.com.

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