Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Johnny Nicholas Has A Case Of "Mistaken Identity" & Rich Krueger Digs Up "The Troth Sessions"

American blues artist Johnny Nicholas (Asleep At The Wheel) recently released his new studio album titled "Mistaken Identity." It features ten new tracks (nine originals and one cover song), as Nicholas kicks things off with the guitar-boogie blues of "She Stole My Mojo" and the dark story and thumping rhythm of "Mule And The Devil." Johnny Nicholas injects a little New Orleans flair into the title track "Mistaken Identity," before unplugging for the honest, acoustic blues tale of "Guadalupe's Prayer." The album gets a much needed jolt of energy with the classic rock and roll groove of "Tight Pants." Nicholas closes out his new album with emotional, country-infused blues of "She Didn't Think Of Me That Way" and the gentle sway of "River Runs Deep," as Johnny's aged vocals find the perfect place among the music's soulful melody. To find out more about Johnny Nicholas and his latest release "Mistaken Identity," please visit

Also recently seeing the light of day is the August release titled "The Troth Sessions" from American folk artist, Rich Krueger. This new album features eight acoustic demos, recorded back in 2002, sixteen years before Rich would release his debut album "Life Ain't That Long." The idea behind these sessions was that Rich would be invited to perform the song "The Ballad Of Mary O'Conner" (by Broadway musical "Urinetown" writers Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis) at a post 9/11 Tribute at Town Hall. Even early on in Rich's career, you can hear the pure emotion in his stellar songwriting on the tunes "True True Love" and "Amazing." As you listen to this set of demos, you notice that they center around love, marriage and break-ups from relationships, as in "The One I Love." Rich Krueger's new album finishes with a collaboration of lyrics from Frederick William Faber and original music by Krueger. To find out more about "The Troth Sessions" from Rich Krueger, please visit

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Discover New Music By Harpist Andreas Vollenweider and Soul Singer Jarrod Lawson

Arriving October 2nd, is the latest release from the internationally acclaimed harpist Andreas Vollenweider. His new album titled "Quiet Places" and is his first new album of material in over ten years. It features ten songs and is part one of a three part trilogy of albums that Andreas plans on releasing, along with his first novel. The music is so soothing and passionate on the opening track "Pygmalion," while the follow-up song "Polyhymina" contains more melody and pace to the music. The grace and emotion that Andreas puts into his music (with the help of Isabel Gehweiler on cello and Walter Keizer on drums) is felt in the lovely songs "Entangled" and "Venus In The Mirror." Andreas Vollenweider adds a bit of a jazz flow to "Bella Smiling," before finishing his new album with the new age sound of "Sculpture" and the classical touch of "Fields Of Blue." To find out more about Andreas Vollenweider and his latest release "Quiet Places," please visit

Also arriving in just over a month is the new album from soul singer/pianist Jarrod Lawson. His new album "Be The Change" includes eleven original tracks that are the perfect soundtrack for an evening at home with a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire. He starts off with the title-song "Be The Change," which instantly draws you in with his warming vocals and up-beat R&B vibe. The soul trio, Moonchild lend a hand with some amazing harmonies on "I'll Be Your Radio," before getting a little funky with the flow of "Battlefield." You can definitely hear Jarrod influences on the pop touch of "Why Don't You Call Me Baby Anymore" and "Embrace What We Are," before he wraps up his new album with the jazzy island rhythm of "How Long." To find out more about Jarrod Lawson and his latest release "Be The Change," please visit

Monday, September 28, 2020

Relive The "Halloween 81" Spectacle From Frank Zappa With A New 6-Disc Box Set

Halloween comes early once again for Frank Zappa fans with the October 2nd release of his 1981 Halloween shows from The Palladium in New York City. By 1981, Zappa's Halloween concerts have become legendary and this new six-disc box set from Zappa Records/UMe is another pinnacle mark in the amazing career of Frank Zappa. This new set features three full-length shows (two from Halloween night and one from November 1st). The two Halloween shows (8pm & 12am) were recorded for home video and to be broadcast live on MTV, respectively.

Frank Zappa's band at this time sound in perfect form, running through a songs like "Dumb All Over," "Heavenly Bank Account" and "Suicide Chump," as if to fit as much as he can into these shows. This new set contains over eighty different songs, many have which appear here for the very first time of their release. Frank and his band seem to be on their best behavior during these two Halloween shows, showing off their jazz, rock and somewhat classical sides, as well as performing favorites like "Dancin' Fool" and "Joe's Garage." The only times that the band really get to jam is during some of the epic numbers like "Yo Mama," "Torture Never Stops" and "King Kong," which really allows you to see how great this band gels together onstage.

The November 1st show is where you really get to hear the band letting loose, right from the bluesy opening of "Zoots Allure," through and electrified version of "I'm The Slime," into the high-powered rock attack of "Pound For A Brown." While not many of the songs were repeated from each other shows, one song in-particular does make multiple appearance during this run of shows. Their cover of The Allman Brothers Band's classic blues piece "Whipping Post," which is performed with as much energy as any of Zappa's original music. The young "Little Italian Virtuoso" Steve Vai is the unsung hero of these shows by giving many of Zappa's classics a sonic haircut, in order to give them a new sound.

As the final notes of another epic delivery of "The Torture Never Stops," ring through the speakers, Frank Zappa give a final salute "see you next year," although he would not perform another Halloween show until 1984, which would also be the last time he would play on Halloween. The sound on these shows is truly stunning, which have been remixed from the original analog tapes by Craig Parker Adams with the supervision of Ahmet Zappa and Zappa Vaultmaster Joe Travers. The box set also includes a Frank Zappa vampire mask and costume, along with a 40-page booklet with rare photos from the event, as well as new liner notes from Travers, along with band member Robert Martin and "super fan" Gary Titone. To find out more about this new Frank Zappa "Halloween 81" box set, please visit

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Metal Blade Records Unleashes New Music From LIK, The Ocean Collective, Six Feet Under & Anaal Nathrakh

Swedish death metal band, LIK recently released their latest studio effort titled "Misanthropic Breed." It features eleven tracks that will simply blow out your eardrums, beginning with the high-intensity chaos of "The Weird." They continue the onslaught with the insanely quick-pace of "Decay" and the equally energetic romp of "Corrosive Survival." LIK let up slightly on the pounding rhythm of "Female Fatal To The Flesh," as the buzzing guitar riffs motor through the song. After a short instrumental interlude, LIK close out their new album with the powerfully quick attack of "Flesh Frenzy," along with the growling vocals of "Wolves" and the final death metal assault of ""Becoming." To find out more about LIK and their latest release "Misanthropic Breed," please visit

Also recently released from Metal Blade Records is the latest installment from The Ocean Collective titled "Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic/Cenozoic." It features eight tracks, beginning with the slow build-up of "Triassic," before reaching the twelve-minute progressive-metal epic "Jurassic/Cretacous." Then, The Ocean Collective concentrate on grabbing your attention with the intense blast of "Palaeocene" and the quieter, atmospheric instrumental piece "Oligocene." The Ocean wrap up their new album with the emotion-infused metal burn of "Pleistocene" and the mainstream, prog-metal sound of "Holocene." To find out more about The Ocean Collective and their latest release "Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic/Cenozoic," please visit

Then, arriving on October 2nd is the latest album from the legendary death metal band, Six Feet Under. Their new album titled "Nightmares Of The Decomposed" runs through twelve tracks in the blink of an eye. They instantly grab your attention, right from the opening riffs of "Amputator" and don't let go. The chugging rhythm of "Zodiac" and the doom metal flow of "Migraine" are modern death metal anthems, while "Blood Of The Zombie" is the perfect, growling metal romp for this time of year, so near to Halloween. Six Feet Under close out their new album with the aggressive, high-energy attack of "Self Imposed Death Sentence" and the final chaotic blast of "Without Your Life." To find out more about Six Feet Under and their latest release "Nightmares Of The Decomposed," please visit

Also appearing early next month is the latest studio release from the veteran death metal band Anaal Nathrakh. Their new album titled "Endarkment" features ten high-powered tracks that display no signs of this band slowing down after nearly two decades. Anaal Nathrakh come bursting right out of the gate with the speed drumming of the title song "Endarkment," followed quickly by the aggresive attack of "Thus Always To Tyrants." The band's intensity just continues to flow through the musical frenzy of "Beyond Words" and "Feeding The Death Machine," before finishing you off with the one-two death metal punch of "Punish Them" and "Requiem." To find out more about Anaal Nathrakh and their latest release "Endarkment," please visit

Saturday, September 26, 2020

New Metal Music Arriving Soon From Monsterworks, Johansson & Speckmann, Repuked and Furnace

Arriving early next month are four new releases from independent metal artists that need to be on your radar. First up is the return of Monsterworks with their concept piece "Malignment," which continues the utopian story of past releases "Special Operations" (2007) and "Singularity" (2009). This new album has been two years in the making and kicks off with the plea of "Impending Doom," which incorporates elements of hardcore metal fused with progressive rock to grab your attention on this eight-minute opener. The energy picks up with the chugging guitar riffs of "Pre-Emptive Strike," while the solid, pounding rhythm of "Harness The Engine" delivers a classic doom metal sound. Monsterworks dives back in to their progressive side with the tempo changes and slow-building metal conclusion of "Ice And Awe." They finish their new album with the thrash metal attack of "Eye Of Darkness," along with atmospheric, slow-burning ballad "Golden Age." To find out more about Monsterworks and their latest release "Malignment," please visit

Next is the latest collaboration between death metal giants Rogga Johansson and Paul Speckmann. Their new release titled "The Germs Of Circumstance" arrives on October 9th. The two metal masters pour their all into this new eight-song set, beginning with the high-powered blast of the title song "The Germ Of Circumstance," as the song's shear force will through you back to your seat. Their aggressive attack continues with the speed of "One World One Leader" and "Generation Antidote," as Johansson & Speckmann have established themselves as a force to reckon with in the death metal community. The duo wrap up their new album with the wildly chaotic delivery of "Provoke The Collective" and the adrenaline-infused closer "Devour Engage The Hour The Rage." To find out more about Johansson & Speckmann and their latest release "The Germs Of Circumstance," please visit

After a seven-year wait, Repuked have finally released their third full-length release, "Dawn Of Reintoxication." It features a dozen brand-new tracks that still prove that Repuked are one of the nastiest death metal bands around. They open with the growls, guitars and the spilling of guts on "Livers Bleed," before being blasted away with the chaos of "Shitfister." The dark, devilish pounding of "Retribution From Behind" will have you head-banging along, while the musical keyboard interlude of "Dawn Of Reintoxication" doesn't fully prepare you for the two-minute frenzied attack of "Vodka Til The Grave." Repuked close out their new album with the slow, doom metal burn of "Sewer Rain" and the epic, nine-minute raw metal ride of "Morbid Obsessions." To find out more about Repuked and their latest release "Dawn Of Reintoxication," please visit

Swedish death metal band, Furnace are also unleashing their new concept album "Dark Vistas." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the intense, aggressive starter "Suburban Nightmare," before kicking the tempo into overdrive with "The Other Ones." Furnace slow down for the steady, pounding metal rhythm of "Yog-Sothoth (The Key And The Gateway)," while "Trapped" carries a classic thrash metal sound. They mix in some different tempos with "Escape" to showcase another dimension their death metal music. Furnace wrap up their new album with the high-powered attack of "Eve Of Triumph" and the two-minute, guitar-driven closer "Another Ending." To find out more about Furnace and their latest release "Dark Vistas," please visit

Friday, September 25, 2020

Pavement Entertainment Prepares New Releases From Sons On Fire and Salem's Childe

A couple of new releases on the horizon from Pavement Entertainment. First we have the debut EP from the San Diego hard rock band, Sons On Fire. Their new four song album titled "Faded" was released today, September 25th and features a solid rock vibe that rose from the ashes of other former west coast rock bands. They kick off their new release with the polished, rock-radio prepped "Faded," which strikes with a chorus that is simply unforgettable. Their sound gets slightly more edgy with "Paralyzed," before Sons On Fire close out their new album with their heaviest, most aggressive track "Broken Dreams," which will leave you wanting to hear more from this new musical endeavor. To find more about Sons On Fire and their debut EP "Faded," please visit

Next, we have the October 9th release from the Indian metal outfit Salem's Childe. Their new album titled "The Sin That Saves You" features a dozen tracks that showcase a huge growth in the band's sound, beginning with the opening two-minute politically charged interlude "Parabellum." Then, Salem's Childe showcase their aggression with the growling vocals and chugging guitar riffs of "Warpath," before picking up the space with the trash metal appeal of "The Sin That Saves You." They smooth out the rough edges of their hardcore attack with the more mainstream metal sound of "Heart Of Darkness" and "The Veil." Salem's Childe finish their new album with energetic blast of "The Storm" and the seven-plus minute, progressive metal closer "Invictus." To find out more about Salem's Childe and their latest release "The Sin That Saves You," please visit

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Napalm Death Trudge On With "Throes Of Joy" & Brave The Cold Deliver A Debut With "Scarcity"

One of the elite grindcore metal bands, Napalm Death recently released their new studio album "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism." The dozen tracks that make up the new album are nothing short of mind-numbing chaos that will have you screaming for more once its done. One thing that the band has learned over the course of four decades is to not soften the edges of their sound, as displayed in the aggressive clash of "The Curse Of Being In Thrall" and "Zero Gravitas Chamber." Napalm Death blast through the classic thrash metal sound of "Contagion," while "Invigorating Clutch" grinds down their sound with a solid guitar buzz. The band's energy is undeniable in the adrenaline blast of "Fluxing The Muscle," before delivering the most mainstream track on the album, the nostalgic heavy metal romp of "Amoral." Napalm Death wrap up their new album with the three-minute, head-bashing attack of the title song "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism," along with the experimental, industrial metal appeal of "A Belly Of Salt And Spleen." To find out more about Napalm Death and their latest release "Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism," please visit

Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris is also preparing to release the debut album from his side project Brave The Cold. Harris teams up with drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) to deliver "Scarcity," which features eleven new bone-crushing tracks, beginning with with the sonic blast of "Blind Eye," as Harris steps up to deliver the album's punishing hardcore metal vocals. The duo take a note form Napalm Death with the aggressive, grinding delivery of "Hallmark Of Tyranny," before speeding things up into overdrive with the shear force of "Monotheist" and "Apparatus." They deliver the ultimate modern death metal masterpiece with "Upheaval," as Harris and Verbeuren pour all their energy into this pillar of perfection. Brave The Cold close out their new album with the solid hardcore groove of "Necromatrix" and the aggressive finale of "Shame And Ridicule." To find out more about Brave The Cold and their latest release "Scarcity," please visit

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Discover The "Arrival" Of aliensdontringdoorbells & The New "Rage" From Potter's Daughter

Next month, on October 16th, we have the arrival of the full-length debut release from the rising independent rock/pop band, aliensdontringdoorbells. Their new album titled appropriately as "Arrival" features ten tracks, beginning with the addictive, high-energy rhythm of "Slipping Away," which has an undeniable pop element to it. The take a step back with the more melodic flow of "It's Your Night," while "Daylight" has a nostalgic, eighties pop vibe with the electronic instrumentation running through the song. The album is just filled with hit singles ("Important" and "Blind To See"), which are waiting to be uncovered. Aliensdontringdoorbells display some amazing songwriting in the tempo changes and sonic rock bursts of "Choice," before finishing up their new album with the jazzy flow of "Missing Pieces" and the golden pop touches of "This Is Me." To find out more about aliensdontringdoorbells and their latest release "Arrival," please visit

Also recently released is the new 3-song EP from the contemporary art rock/jazz band, Potter's Daughter. Their latest album titled "Casually Containing Rage" features only three tracks, but is a great introduction to the band, if you've never listened to them before. The opening track "To My Love" (originally included on the band's debut album) features some outstanding harmonies, highlighted by a prog-rock style guitar solo. Next, Potter's Daughter performs an emotional cover of Warren Zevon's "Accidentally Like A Martyr," as vocalist Dyanne Potter delivers the perfect tone to the song. Their short new release closes with "We Could Be," which is about the social indifferences that many Americans are dealing with in today's world. To find out more about Potter's Daughter and their latest release "Casually Containing Rage," please visit

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bluesman Chris Smither Returns To Deliver "More From The Levee"

Legendary musician and bluesman Chris Smither is preparing to release his 18th studio album titled "More From The Levee" on vinyl for Record Store Drops on September 26th and on CD on October 2nd. This new ten song release finds Smither reconnecting with his roots on this acoustic based album. He begins with the pleas of "Lonely Time," as Chris sings his honest words along a gallop-country/blues backdrop. Next, he sinks himself deep into the southern blues of "Confirmation," which showcases that the simple ways is sometimes the best way to deliver his message. The tide turns dark on the storied lyrics of "Drive You Home Again," while "Let It Go" is just a raw, pleasurable, spur-of-the-moment recording that just radiants so much emotion. His vocals are so honest and experienced sounding that you believe that every story is true, as in "Hey Hey Hey" and "Old Man Down." Chris Smither closes out his new album with the heartfelt ballad "Father's Day," which may be an autobiographical tale of time catching up with you. To find out more about Chris Smither and his latest release "More From The Levee," please visit

Monday, September 21, 2020

New "Diamond Edition" Of Shania Twain's "The Woman In Me" Album Includes Loads Of Bonus Material

Arriving on October 2nd is a new "Diamond Edition" of Shania Twain's 12x Platinum sophomore break-through album "The Woman In Me." It will be available in a number of different configurations, including a 2-CD and 3-CD set along with crystal clear vinyl edition. Eight of the album's twelve songs appeared on the Billboard country charts (four reached #1) and the release hit #1 on the country album chart an#5 on the Billboard album chart back in 1995. To celebrate the album's 25th anniversary, Mercury Nasville/UMG Recordings have remastered the original album for this release and have added sixteen previously unreleased tracks. This new "Diamond Edition" includes an entire album's worth of early "Shania Vocal Mixes" of eleven of the dozen songs on the album, which were recorded almost a year before the album's original release date.

The new remastered version of the album sounds great (even in digital form), as the highly energetic tracks like "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?" and "You Win My Love" still have that punch. The delicate ballads "Raining On Our Love" and "God Bless The Child" put Shania's vocals right out front, as if you were in the room with her, listening to these emotional tracks. Fans will want to dive right into the two discs worth of bonus tracks, which starts out with five live songs recorded from Shania Twain's 2019 residence at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Some of the alternate mixes of her hit singles "(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here" and "You Win My Love" add a dance beat, which makes the songs sound less like country and more prepared to be played at the clubs. A couple more live versions of "(If You're Not In Love) I'm Outta Here" and "Home Is Where The Heart Is/The Woman In Me/You've Got A Way (Medley)" is taken from Shaina Twain's 1998 DirectTV special.

The "Shaina Vocal Mix" is only part of the 3-CD set, but is worth it for the pure enjoyment of hearing these tracks with less production added to them. Songs like "No One Needs To Know" is simply stunning, with just the basics and "Any Man Of Mine" is pure country rock with Shania's vocals leading the way. To find out more about this new "Diamond Edition" of Shania Twain's "The Woman In Me" album, please visit

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Jazz It Up With New Releases From Hazar, the Jim Waller Big Band and Ben Zucker

Acoustic jazz guitarist Hazar recently released his latest studio effort titled "Reincarnated." It features elements of flamenco, bebop and gypsy swing spread across nine newly recorded tracks. Hazar's work on the acoustic guitar is simply stunning. He will excite your senses with the quick finger-picking fretwork of the opening track "Made For Wesley," then fellow guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola lends a hand to the swift pace of "Spain." Hazar adds a Latin flair to the "Godfather Theme" like ballad "Black Orpheus," before picking the tempo once again with the quick-moving "Made In France." Hazar wraps up his new album with his version of the Gershwin classic "Summertime," along with the funky, bebop breaks of Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" and the emotional closer "Le Vieux Tzigane." To find out more about Hazar and his latest release "Reincarnated," please visit

Next up is the Jim Waller Big Band performing a mix of covers and originals on their latest release "Bucket List." It begins with the high-energy, swinging jazz original "Samba For Suzell," which features a quick-moving sax, piano and drum solo. Vocalist Jacqueline Sotelo takes on Peggy Lee's "I Love Being Here With You" and Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind," as the Big Band adds a bit of a pulse to the original ballad. The energy picks back up with another original instrumental "Waltz For Laura," before the Jim Waller Big Band lay it all out on the line for their stunning rendition of Gershwin's "Rhapsody In Blue." They finish off their new album with the mellow, blues flow of "A Ballad For Bob" and another original song, the final swinging jazz number "This Is It." To find out more about the Jim Waller Big Band and their latest release "Bucket List," please visit

Last, but not least we arrive at the band leading debut release from rising vibes master Ben Zucker. His new album titled "Fifth Season" features eight new tracks, including a four-part suite titled "Fifth Season." This suite showcases Zucker's experimental side, while pushing the boundaries as he jams with his band for almost thirty minutes. Then the music gets really spacey on the far out groove of "Moths Eating The Wallpaper Of Concorde," before Ben Zucker closes his new album with the improvisational jazz piece "Sixth Skin Pataforming." To find out more about Ben Zucker and his latest release "Fifth Season," please visit

Friday, September 18, 2020

NRBQ Digs Through The Vault For A New Compilation Of Rarities Titled "In Frequencies"

Arriving October 2nd from Omnivore Recordings is a new rarities compilation "In Frequencies" from the American rock band, NRBQ. For more than five decades the band has been making new music and touring on a constant basis, but with the concert scene on pause, Omnivore and NRBQ decided it would be the perfect time to dig through the vault for sixteen rarities (twelve previously unissued) to remind fans of how great their music was, even when it was never meant to be heard.

A short, 80-second soundcheck recording titled "Dogwood Winter" opens up this new release. It's one of the earliest known recordings of the band (1968) and feel absolutely necessary on this release, even though it sounds very raw and un-mastered. The compilation jumps all around, continuing with 1983's "Get Real" featuring Terry Adams on vocals and Al Anderson delivering a sweet little solo. Personally, I love "Orioles," which has a swinging rhythm and names some of the great Baltimore Orioles' players throughout the years. NRBQ sound like their having a great time on the California surf number "Wild Weekend," which was also recorded during soundcheck.

This new release also features some live tracks, including the rockin' blues of "We'll Make Love," which was recorded live at Trinity College back in 1976. One of the newest song on this compilation is "April Showers," which was recorded in 2018 for the motion picture soundtrack to "Change In The Air." NRBQ wrap up this latest release with the rockabilly swing of "That's All," sung by Al Anderson, along with wonderful harmonies of "Blues Stay Away From Me" and their amazing cover of "Chapel Of Love," recorded back in 2011. To find out more about the new release "In Frequencies" from NRBQ, please visit

Thursday, September 17, 2020

New Rock & Metal Releases From Overland, Signal Red and Russia's Renunciation

Arriving September 18th from Escape Music Ltd., is the fifth studio album from Steve Overland titled "Scandalous." Steve has been involved in the music industry for more than four decades. First, as a member of the band, Wildlife, then finding himself in a Boston tribute band and now as the leader of his own band, Overland, which on this release includes Brian Tichy (Dead Daisies), Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper) and Brian Anthony (Steve Walsh). Their new twelve song release begins with the upbeat, rock and roll vibe of "Don't Give Up," which has a modern mainstream feel with a mature sound. Overland deliver harder, edgier music with the solid pounding of "Never Say Die" and "Blackheart," which shows a growth in Steve's songwriting, along with a stellar, all-star cast of musicians. The album takes a turn toward the blues with the burning desire of "Changing Time" and the radio-ready rock-pop gem "Diamond In The Dust." Overland wrap up their new album with the LA Sunset Strip rock groove of "Unchained" the intense, guitar-driven "Hole In My Heart." To find out more about Overland and their latest release "Scandalous," please visit

Also appearing soon from Escape Music Ltd. is the latest studio effort "Alien Nation" from Signal Red. Their new eleven song release runs right out of the gate with the energetic rocker "Wide Awake In Dreamland," as the band's sophomore release starts off on a very positive note. The intensity picks up with the high-powered drumming of "Email To God" and "Invisible Scars," which show the band's more aggressive side. Signal Red are firing on all cylinders during the progressive rock feel of "Awakenings" and "Tide Of Life," before finishing their new album with the nostalgic rock approach of the title-song "Alien Nation." To find out more about Signal Red and their latest release "Alien Nation," please visit

Also recently released is the new five-song debut EP titled "The Terminal Archetype" from the Russian death metal band Renunciation. A gentle, classical piano introduction ("When There's No One To Fear The Night") explodes to the hardcore, metal attack of "Deliverance From God," which will certainly make you take notice of this new underground heavy metal band. The speed of the rhythm and the screaming vocals of the title song "The Terminal Archetype" showcases a more mature death metal sound, along with aggressive sonic power of "Arrogance Of Worms." To find out more about Renunciation and their latest release "The Terminal Archetype," please visit

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

William Shatner Delivers "The Blues" With An All-Star Cast Of Musicians

What do you get when you cross one of America's oldest music genres with the original commander of the USS Enterprise? Answer is a new blues album from William Shatner. His new musical adventure simply titled "The Blues," will be released on October 2nd through Cleopatra Records and find Shatner teaming up with some of the biggest names in rock and country music to interpret these blues classics as only Shatner knows how.

He begins by blowing the doors down with a rocking version of "Sweet Home Chicago," which features Brad Paisley on guitar, as William Shatner lays it all on the line on this opening track. American blues guitarist Kirk Flecher supports Shatner's raw vocals on the Willie Dixon staple "I Can't Quit You Baby" and legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore lays down some beautiful licks on the spoken word vocal delivery of Shatner on B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone." The team of Pat Travers and William Shatner combine for the perfect sound to rival "Screamin' Jay" Hawkins' original version of "I Put A Spell On You," while a great, stripped down version of "Crossroads" is the right touch for Shatner to feel right at home, along with some stellar guitar work from James Burton. William Shatner finishes up his new blues album with the political statement of "Let's Work Together," featuring the music of Canned Heat, along with Shatner's own dark interpretation of "Secrets And Sins." To find out more about William Shatner's new release "The Blues," please visit

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Rob Silverman Duets On "Drumology" & Jack Spann Tells Us About "Jesus Of New Orleans"

Arriving early next month through Autumn Hill Records is the latest studio release titled "Drumology" from iconic drummer Rob Silverman. The album is a dream come true for Silverman, as he duets (on drums) with some of his favorite drummers, including Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr), Steve Smith (Journey) and John Blackwell (Prince) just to name a few. Silverman starts out his new seven-track release teaming up with Simon Phillips (The Who) on "Brave New World," which explodes with energy and excitement. Next, Silverman and John Blackwell join forces on the funk/jazz flow of "Drum Duet In Minor C," while up-and-coming drummer Casey Adams adds even more punch to the progressive rock approach of "Inferno." Steve Smith and Rob Silverman join forces for the worldly feel of "Konnakol," which adds more depth to the high-powered drumming force that these two towers of power deliver on this song. Rob Silverman closes out his new album with the solid pounding drumming duet with Gregg Bissonette on the opening minutes of "Ten Times Ten," which then softens to smooth jazz finish, along with the exciting collaboration of Silverman and Dave Weckl (Chick Corea) on the rock piece "Waverunners." To find out more about Rob Silverman and his latest release "Drumology," please visit

Piano man, Jack Spann also recently released a new two-song EP titled "Jesus Of New Orleans." Spann was one of the few collaborators on David Bowie's final album "Blackstar." Producer Tony Visconti hired Spann on his reputation as on of the in-demand session keyboard players in New York City for the last two decades. Spann's new release "Jesus Of New Orleans" features a nine-minute dance-mix which allows you to fully enjoy the experimental side of Jack Spann's music. Listening to this track, you can tell why he was hired to help out on some of David Bowie's music, as Spann is not afraid to push the boundaries of music, combining elements of rock, jazz, pop, and R&B to create unique, one-of-a-kind sound. The edited version of the song gets right to the point with its composed energy. To find out more about this latest release from Jack Spann, please visit

Monday, September 14, 2020

Guitarist Markus Reuter Releases A Trio Of Albums Through Moonjune Records

Guitarist extraordinaire Markus Reuter recently released three new albums. First up is work as part of the experimental rock trio of Reuter, Tim Motzer and Kenny Grohowski. Their new studio album titled "Shapeshifters" features four epic pieces of experimental music that will keep you guessing on which direction the music will take you. The album begins with the twenty-two minute opener "Dark Sparks," highlighted by shrieks of guitar chords and chaotic drumming that will get your blood pumping. The excitement continues as the trio's musical contributions play off one another in the ever-building noise collage of "Transmutation," while the song "Cyphers" begins with a more ambient tone. The album closes with the most structured piece titled "Burns To Aether," as you can hear the enjoyment in the music created by these three musicians. To find out more about this new release from Reuter, Motzer and Grohowski titled "Shapeshifters," please visit

Next, Markus Reuter teams-up with King Crimson alum David Cross, along with veteran musicians Mark Wingfield, Asaf Sirkis, Fabio Trentini and Robert Rich to create the band, Oculus for the jazz fusion release "Nothing Is Sacred." The songs on this release have a bit more structure to them, beginning with the ever-evolving piece, "Nothing Is Sacred," which finds every musician lending a hand on this memorizing work of art. The music seems to just flow along on the quieter touch of "Bubble Bubble Bubble Bath," while "Solve et Coogula" feels like a progressive rock waltz between the instruments, as each one wants to lead the way. To discover more about this latest album from Markus Reuter titled "Nothing Is Sacred," please visit

Reuter's final release features a live performance of his thrity-six minute classical composition "Sun Trance." On this beautifully elaborate piece of music, Reauter is backed by an eleven-piece ensemble, which is performing in front of a live audience. The music was performed in Mannheim, Germany back in 2017 and may described as an ambient/modern classical piece that changes just enough to keep you following the flow of this truly unique musical piece. To find out more about Markus Reuter's new "Sun Trance" album, please visit

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Rediscover The Roots Of American Music With New Releases From Gasoline Lollipops, Bonnie Whitmore and Rachel Brooke

On September 11th, American-roots/rock band Gasoline Lollipops unleashed their fifth studio album titled"All The Misery Money Can Buy." It features eleven new tracks that harnesses the band's early influences of The Black Crowes, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and The Jayhawks. Lead singer, Clay Rose has a distinct vocal style that makes the songs sound aged well beyond their years. The album kicks off with the southern blues of the title-song "All The Misery Money Can Buy," which find the entire band firing on all cylinders. Then, the Gasoline Lollipops slow the tempo down for the country, blues of "Dying Young," as the song's lyrics paint these perfect pictures in your mind. It's not long before the energy picks back up with the guitar-driven "Lady Liberty" and the high-intensity, thumping rock and roll rhythm of "Get Up!" Clay showcases his softer side with his emotional delivery of the gentle ballad "Night Are Short," before The Gasoline Lollipops wrap up their new album with the pure country swagger of "Flesh And Bone" and "Bound For Glory," along with the seven-minute epic build-up of the album closer "Sinnerman," which showcases the band's stellar musicianship. To find out more about the Gasoline Lollipops and their latest release "All The Misery Money Can Buy," please visit

Next, Bonnie Whitmore returns with her brand new studio album titled "Last Will And Testament," which will be releases on October 2nd through Aviatrix Records. It includes ten tracks that show a huge amount of growth in her songwriting and musical approach. She kicks of her new album with the big harmonies, big guitar sound and big vocals of the title track "Last Will And Testament." She slows the tempo down for the beautiful, emotional ballad "None Of My Business," while "Fine" is pure country gold. The energy picks up for the addictive rock and roll groove of "Asked For It," before Bonnie's vocals wrap you up like a warm blanket during the deep blues of "Love Worth Remembering." She finishes up her new album with the dark tones of "Imaginary" and the nostalgic sounding waltz of "George's Lullaby." To find out more about Bonnie Whitmore and her latest release "Last Will And Testament," please visit

Country singer/songwriter Rachel Brooke is preparing to release her new album "The Loneliness In Me" on October 23rd, through MAL Records. It features a dozen tracks that are filled with that classic country sound made famous by Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. Rachel starts things off with the slow blues of "It Ain't Over 'Til You're Crying" and the country twang of "Great Mistake." The tempo slows down once again for the gentle ballad "The Hard Way," which allows Rachel's vocals to shine bright. Her nostalgic sound is undeniable on the songs "Picture On The Wall" and "Ghost Of You," before closes out her new album with the warming, powerful vocal delivery of "Undecided Love" and the quiet, acoustic country folk strumming of "I Miss It Like It's Gone." To find out more about Rachel Brooke and her latest release "The Loneliness In Me," please visit

Friday, September 11, 2020

Anyone Returns With Tales Of "Ending Earth," while Hidalgo & Haklar Team-Up For "Transcendance"

The critically acclaimed rock band, Anyone, recently released their third full-length album titled "On The Ending Earth." The band was formed over two decades ago, when Riz Story teamed up with Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and Jon Davidson (Yes). Anyone released their debut album back in 2000, right after the departure of Hawkins and Davidson. This new album finds Riz performing all the instruments himself, along with a few special guests, including Davidson, Miles Martin and Ethereal.

The new thirteen song release comes blasting down the door with the shear intensity of the opening track "It's Already Too Late," while "Mother Superior" revolves around the damage we have caused to the earth. The themes of the songs on this new release deal with destruction and extinction of mankind, as reflected in the ten-minute build-up of "All That Lives Is Born To Die." Former Anyone founding member Jon Davidson returns to play fretless bass on the burning power ballad "Thought I Was," before the energy picks back up during progressive rock approach of "Lament" and the straight-up, hard rock attack of "A Love Letter To Humanity." Anyone close out the new album with the keyboard introduction of "Fade To Black," a farewell note to human kind. To find out more about Anyone and their latest release "On The Ending Earth," please visit

Guitarist Dennis Haklar and percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo have joined together once again for a new release titled "Transcendence." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the soft, atmospheric soundscape of the opening track "Bongui," before delivering a more spaced out, jazz fusion piece "Timba." The sculptured sound of "Crystalline" will certainly draw upon your curiosity, while "Inner" plays off the wonderful guitar work of Dennis Haklar. The duo deliver a more middle-eastern sound with "Shekere," before finishing with the eight-minute ambient flow of "Frames." To find out more about "Transcendence," the latest album from Dennis Haklar and Giovanni Hidalgo, please visit

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists Chalwa, Madd Scientist and Puerto

Back In June, the North Carolina roots/reggae band Chalwa released a compilation of some of there favorites songs, redone with their currently line-up of musicians. The album is titled "New Rootz" and it features nine tracks, beginning with the album's lead single "Cool Mountains," which delivers a laid-back, along with the island/pop enjoyment of "Little Darlin." The gentle melody of "Slow It Down," brings up similarities to Bob Marley's ballad "Stir It Up," as each song captures your heart. Chalwa finish their new compilation with the positive island vibe of "Nice Day," along with the upbeat, dance flow of the seven-minute jam of "Irie" and the mellow touch of "Giving Thanks," which just drifts off to close out the album. To find out more about Chalwa and their latest release "New Rootz," please visit

Also recently released is the latest EP from R&B/hip-hop artist Madd Scientist. His groundbreaking singles "Vegas Pool Party" and "Move It" found success on college radio and in various night club, and Madd Scientist has been releasing new music on a constant basis since his debut EP "Mass Appeal" back in 2016. This new collection titled "New Day" features a collection of songs to play for the night club setting. His new eight-track release begins with the addictive club beats of "Foreign Life" and "Madd Krazy," while "Grinding Me (Gucci Girl)" and "Pause" settles down the club energy for the sultry R&B vibe and storied hip-hop lyrics and melody. To find out more about Madd Scientist and his latest release "New Day," please visit

Also just last month featured the arrival of the Southern California surf/rock duo Puerto with their debut album "Portugal." It features six tracks, beginning with "Call The Doctor," which combines a sixties-style vocal melody with a Sublime-style, west coast rock vibe to create a truly addictive sound. The laid-laid, ballad "On The Lawn" may remind you of the west coast beach vibe of the sixties, as Puerto let their influences leak into their music. The duo wrap up their new album with the gentle, jazzy flow of "Sick And Tired" and the great close-out jam of "Lineas," which sound like it came straight from the Allman Brothers Band songbook. To find out more about Puerto and their latest release "Portugal," please visit

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Neptunas Bring You To The "Mermaid A-Go-Go"

Arriving September 24th is the new full-length release from the all-female, surf-guitar trio, The Neptunas. It's the first set of new material from the band in over fifteen years and the new album was produced by Los Straitjackets' Danny Amis. It features twelve tracks (half are instrumentals), along with three bonus tracks.

The Neptunas start off their new album with the instrumental "Billy The Squid's Water Pistol," which is actually the perfect opener, with a steady pace and some Mexican horns give the song some more depth. Next comes the high-energy, alternative-pop tones of "Secret Of The Sea" and the spot on cover of The Kinks' "Til The End Of The Day." The delivery of "Shark Tooth Necklace" gets the energy flowing with shouts of the song's titled to keep the intensity going, while the title track, "Mermaid A Go-Go," will easily turn you in to a fan, as the song mixes in a sixties rock vibe to this underwater pop gem. The Neptunas give us the perfect remedy for the end of summer by going back to school with a new anthem for kids with "School Is A Drag."

They finish their new album with a cover of the surf instrumental "The Lonely Bull," which was made famous by The Ventures, along with three bonus tracks. The fun, swinging rhythm of "Neptuna Car Wash," the storied tale of "Hey Jimmy Freak" and "Sorority Stomp," their ode to the '90 frat rock band, The Mighty Kegsmen. Look for a vinyl edition of this latest release from The Neptunas to arrive early in 2021. To find out more about "Mermaid A-Go-Go," the new album from The Neptunas, please visit and check out to order this new release.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

New Releases From Indie-Artists Last Giant, Jesse Draxler, Marcus Singletary and SWIM

Arriving October 2nd is the latest studio effort from the Portland, Oregon-based rock band, Last Giant. Their new album titled "Let The End Begin" features ten tracks filled with loud guitar riffs, pounding drum breaks and an arena sized melody. They begin with giant sounds of "Kill Your Memory," which gets the energy flowing right from the first notes. Last Giant deliver the perfect classic rock vibe with "Sunset Queen" and the chugging hard rock riffs of "Idiology." They slow the tempo down for the gritter feel of "Edge Of Town," before the band explodes once again with the high-energy approach of "The End Will Begin." Last Giant finish up their new album with the perfectly prepared mainstream track "Radio Swell" and the slow, blues rock of "Followers," which highlights the band's stellar musicianship. To find out more about Last Giant and their latest release "Let The End Begin," please visit

Back on September 4th, visual media artist Jesse Draxler combined the worlds of Graphic Arts and music with his latest work "Reigning Cement." It combines a book of Draxler's photographs with 22 different musical artists creating sonic elements to feel enraptured by this multi-media experience. The music ranges from the soft, elegant touch of Chelsea Wolfe & Ben Chisholm's "Valerian" to the static-fueled noise collage of Dylan Walker's "Time Reign Cement" and Gendo Ikari's "4." Some of the music is not relevant without the visuals of the book, but songs like O Future's "Plastic Fruit," Uniform's "Catholic Town" and VOWW's "Them" will have you exploring more from these underground, independent artists. To find out more about this new visual work of art from photographer/illustrator/art director Jesse Draxler, please visit

Musician extraordinaire Marcus Singletary returns with a new batch of songs titled "Born To Be Wild." His new eight-track release begins with the wildly exciting guitar frenzy "Top Of The Sky" and the more experimental, guitar solo track "Freeform Guitar," which also showcases Marcus' talents on the instrument. He gets his rocks off with the energetic, heavy metal sounds of "Devil's Rage," before delivering a great, spot on cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild." Marcus Singletary wraps thing up on his new album with a ten-minute studio jam and drum solo titled "Space Train To Babylon," along with steady climb of the album closer "Siyavuya Ngoku." To find out more about Marcus Singletary and his latest release "Born To Be Wild," please visit

Last, but certainly not least is the new four song EP from the New York-based pop/rock band SWIM. Their new album titled "Pass By" features only four tracks which re-imagines the band's latest singles "Pass By" and "The Chase." Both of the original versions of the songs appear on this new release, but you will really appreciate the beautiful songwriting behind these new pop tracks. The gentle piano melody is the perfect backdrop for the ballad version of "Pass By," while the acoustic version of "The Chase" takes on an island vibe that leaves you wanting more acoustic tracks from this rising young band. To find out more about SWIM and their latest release "Pass By EP," please visit

Monday, September 7, 2020

New Music From The New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers, Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Sugar Ray & The Bluetones and The Barrett Anderson Band

Back in November 2007, roots-based artists Luther and Cody Dickinson teamed up with Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers) and blues legends Charlie Musslewhite, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Jim Dickinson for a jam session. As the tape rolled, this blues-based supergroup performed a number of tracks, including some Musselwhite originals, along with some public domain tracks. This recording sat in the vault for about a dozen years, before Stony Plain label founder Holger Peterson heard about this session and decided to dust it off for a proper album release. The all-star band became known as the New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers and their new release is simply titled "Volume 1," which was released on September 4th.

This new ten track release just oozes with fun, love and appreciation for one another, as heard in some instant classics as "Blues, Why You Worry Me?" and "Come On Down To My House." The late-Jim Dickinson is featured on the politically charged blues-rocker "Let's Work Together," while the band let loose on the boogie rhythm of "Shake It And Break It." The album closes with Alvin Youngblood Hart taking the lead role on Jimi Hendrix's "Stone Free" and on the nostalgic-sounding acoustic picking of "Stop And Listen Blues." To find out more about the New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers and their latest release "Volume 1," please visit

Another new release from Stony Plain Records is the new album from four-time Blues Music Award winner Ronnie Earl and his band, The Broadcasters. His new album titled "Rise Up" is coming September 11th and features fifteen tracks that were recorded during the "Living Room Sessions' at Ronnie's own house. He begins with the quiet, acoustic instrumental "I Shall Not Be Moved," then the energy picks up for the rockin' blues-romp of "Higher Love" and the emotional instrumental tribute song, "Blues For George Floyd." Vocalist Dianne Blue makes her presence known on the R&B flavor of "You Don't Know What Love Is," before Ronnie's smooth guitar-work takes over on "Blues For Lucky Peterson" and "Albert's Stomp." The band just jams on this passionate, eight-minute soulful delivery of "All Your Love" and lightens the mood with the uptempo swing of "Mess Around." Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters close out their new album with the slow, burning blues of "Black Live Matter" and the dedicated hope for the "Navajo Blues." To find out more about Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters and their latest release "Rise Up," please visit

Also getting in on the action is Sugar Ray and the Bluetones with their latest release "Too Far From The Bar," arriving on September 18th. It features fifteen tracks the mix together originals with blues covers from Sonny Boy Williamson and Otis Spann. The album kicks off with the high-powered blues jam "Don't Give No More That You Can Take" and the swinging energy of the title track "Too Far From The Bar." Sugar Ray Norcia lead the way on "Reel Burner" with his stellar harmonica work, while also keeping the rock and roll groove in "My Next Door Neighbor." The Bluetones slow the tempo down for the jazzy flow of "What I Put You Through" and the nostalgic touch of "I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues," before raising the volume once again for "From The Horses Mouth." Sugar Ray and the Blue Tones wrap up their new album with barroom blues of "The Night I Got Pulled Over" and an alternate take of the barn-burning instrumental "Reel Burner." To find out more about Sugar Ray and the Bluestones and their latest release "Too Far From The Bar," please visit

Finally, we arrive at the new live album from The Barrett Anderson Band, which was recorded back in February at The Fallout Shelter in Norwood, MA. The new release titled "HypnoBoogie" features eleven tracks and seventy minutes of music, beginning with the rocking, "hand jive" vibe of "Mona" and the deep blues groove of "Good Man." The energy picks up for the guitar-boogie instrumental "Lookin' Good," before The Barrett Anderson Band take you on an amazing 13-minute jam "The Long Fall," that builds and recedes like the ocean. After the pounding rhythm of "Grinnin' In Your Face," The Barrett Anderson Band finish up their new live album with the slow blues of "Blind Faith" and the exciting, energetic romp of "House Party." To find out more about The Barrett Anderson Band and their latest release "HypnoBoogie," please visit