Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Bluesman Chris Smither Returns To Deliver "More From The Levee"

Legendary musician and bluesman Chris Smither is preparing to release his 18th studio album titled "More From The Levee" on vinyl for Record Store Drops on September 26th and on CD on October 2nd. This new ten song release finds Smither reconnecting with his roots on this acoustic based album. He begins with the pleas of "Lonely Time," as Chris sings his honest words along a gallop-country/blues backdrop. Next, he sinks himself deep into the southern blues of "Confirmation," which showcases that the simple ways is sometimes the best way to deliver his message. The tide turns dark on the storied lyrics of "Drive You Home Again," while "Let It Go" is just a raw, pleasurable, spur-of-the-moment recording that just radiants so much emotion. His vocals are so honest and experienced sounding that you believe that every story is true, as in "Hey Hey Hey" and "Old Man Down." Chris Smither closes out his new album with the heartfelt ballad "Father's Day," which may be an autobiographical tale of time catching up with you. To find out more about Chris Smither and his latest release "More From The Levee," please visit smither.com.

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