Thursday, September 10, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists Chalwa, Madd Scientist and Puerto

Back In June, the North Carolina roots/reggae band Chalwa released a compilation of some of there favorites songs, redone with their currently line-up of musicians. The album is titled "New Rootz" and it features nine tracks, beginning with the album's lead single "Cool Mountains," which delivers a laid-back, along with the island/pop enjoyment of "Little Darlin." The gentle melody of "Slow It Down," brings up similarities to Bob Marley's ballad "Stir It Up," as each song captures your heart. Chalwa finish their new compilation with the positive island vibe of "Nice Day," along with the upbeat, dance flow of the seven-minute jam of "Irie" and the mellow touch of "Giving Thanks," which just drifts off to close out the album. To find out more about Chalwa and their latest release "New Rootz," please visit

Also recently released is the latest EP from R&B/hip-hop artist Madd Scientist. His groundbreaking singles "Vegas Pool Party" and "Move It" found success on college radio and in various night club, and Madd Scientist has been releasing new music on a constant basis since his debut EP "Mass Appeal" back in 2016. This new collection titled "New Day" features a collection of songs to play for the night club setting. His new eight-track release begins with the addictive club beats of "Foreign Life" and "Madd Krazy," while "Grinding Me (Gucci Girl)" and "Pause" settles down the club energy for the sultry R&B vibe and storied hip-hop lyrics and melody. To find out more about Madd Scientist and his latest release "New Day," please visit

Also just last month featured the arrival of the Southern California surf/rock duo Puerto with their debut album "Portugal." It features six tracks, beginning with "Call The Doctor," which combines a sixties-style vocal melody with a Sublime-style, west coast rock vibe to create a truly addictive sound. The laid-laid, ballad "On The Lawn" may remind you of the west coast beach vibe of the sixties, as Puerto let their influences leak into their music. The duo wrap up their new album with the gentle, jazzy flow of "Sick And Tired" and the great close-out jam of "Lineas," which sound like it came straight from the Allman Brothers Band songbook. To find out more about Puerto and their latest release "Portugal," please visit

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