Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Discover The "Arrival" Of aliensdontringdoorbells & The New "Rage" From Potter's Daughter

Next month, on October 16th, we have the arrival of the full-length debut release from the rising independent rock/pop band, aliensdontringdoorbells. Their new album titled appropriately as "Arrival" features ten tracks, beginning with the addictive, high-energy rhythm of "Slipping Away," which has an undeniable pop element to it. The take a step back with the more melodic flow of "It's Your Night," while "Daylight" has a nostalgic, eighties pop vibe with the electronic instrumentation running through the song. The album is just filled with hit singles ("Important" and "Blind To See"), which are waiting to be uncovered. Aliensdontringdoorbells display some amazing songwriting in the tempo changes and sonic rock bursts of "Choice," before finishing up their new album with the jazzy flow of "Missing Pieces" and the golden pop touches of "This Is Me." To find out more about aliensdontringdoorbells and their latest release "Arrival," please visit

Also recently released is the new 3-song EP from the contemporary art rock/jazz band, Potter's Daughter. Their latest album titled "Casually Containing Rage" features only three tracks, but is a great introduction to the band, if you've never listened to them before. The opening track "To My Love" (originally included on the band's debut album) features some outstanding harmonies, highlighted by a prog-rock style guitar solo. Next, Potter's Daughter performs an emotional cover of Warren Zevon's "Accidentally Like A Martyr," as vocalist Dyanne Potter delivers the perfect tone to the song. Their short new release closes with "We Could Be," which is about the social indifferences that many Americans are dealing with in today's world. To find out more about Potter's Daughter and their latest release "Casually Containing Rage," please visit

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