Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Discover New Music With The Debut Albums From Rakes and Cave Flowers

From Portland, Oregon comes the self-titled debut release from the rock band, Rakes. Their new eleven song album will be released on September 18th through Deer Lodge Records, and kicks off with the high-energy, alternative rock of "Long Road." You will instantly notice the male/female duel vocal leads as Rakes deliver a more pop melody with "Dig Deep," before slowing down for the swaying ballad "Stay With Me." Their music has a rawness two it, which helps the vocals stand above in songs like "Don't Know Why" and "Annie Mae." Rakes wrap up their new album "grunge" -like style of "Sinner" and the folk, acoustic-strumming, gentle harmonies of "Whiskey Woman." To find out more about Rakes and their new self-titled debut release, please visit facebook.com/rakestheband.

Next up is another debut release has arrived recently from the country rock band, Cave Flowers. Their new release also featured eleven tracks and follows along the same vein as Drive-By Truckers and Band Of Horses. Cave Flowers start things off with the big guitar sounds of "Best Lonesome Friend" and the country blues of "Renter's Life," as their songwriting finds that perfect balance between music energy and addictive lyrics. The album continues with the southern swagger of "Country Fan," while the flipside "Midnight Movie" just gracefully floats along with its steady rhythm and slight touches of slide-guitar. The warm acoustic sounds of "Trick Tears" is the perfect remedy to a tough day at work," before Cave Flowers finish their new album with the upbeat, energetic romp of "Great Hits," along with the blues of "Little Worries." To find out more about Cave Flowers and their new self-titled debut release, please visit caveflowers.com.

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