Monday, September 14, 2020

Guitarist Markus Reuter Releases A Trio Of Albums Through Moonjune Records

Guitarist extraordinaire Markus Reuter recently released three new albums. First up is work as part of the experimental rock trio of Reuter, Tim Motzer and Kenny Grohowski. Their new studio album titled "Shapeshifters" features four epic pieces of experimental music that will keep you guessing on which direction the music will take you. The album begins with the twenty-two minute opener "Dark Sparks," highlighted by shrieks of guitar chords and chaotic drumming that will get your blood pumping. The excitement continues as the trio's musical contributions play off one another in the ever-building noise collage of "Transmutation," while the song "Cyphers" begins with a more ambient tone. The album closes with the most structured piece titled "Burns To Aether," as you can hear the enjoyment in the music created by these three musicians. To find out more about this new release from Reuter, Motzer and Grohowski titled "Shapeshifters," please visit

Next, Markus Reuter teams-up with King Crimson alum David Cross, along with veteran musicians Mark Wingfield, Asaf Sirkis, Fabio Trentini and Robert Rich to create the band, Oculus for the jazz fusion release "Nothing Is Sacred." The songs on this release have a bit more structure to them, beginning with the ever-evolving piece, "Nothing Is Sacred," which finds every musician lending a hand on this memorizing work of art. The music seems to just flow along on the quieter touch of "Bubble Bubble Bubble Bath," while "Solve et Coogula" feels like a progressive rock waltz between the instruments, as each one wants to lead the way. To discover more about this latest album from Markus Reuter titled "Nothing Is Sacred," please visit

Reuter's final release features a live performance of his thrity-six minute classical composition "Sun Trance." On this beautifully elaborate piece of music, Reauter is backed by an eleven-piece ensemble, which is performing in front of a live audience. The music was performed in Mannheim, Germany back in 2017 and may described as an ambient/modern classical piece that changes just enough to keep you following the flow of this truly unique musical piece. To find out more about Markus Reuter's new "Sun Trance" album, please visit

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