Sunday, September 27, 2020

Metal Blade Records Unleashes New Music From LIK, The Ocean Collective, Six Feet Under & Anaal Nathrakh

Swedish death metal band, LIK recently released their latest studio effort titled "Misanthropic Breed." It features eleven tracks that will simply blow out your eardrums, beginning with the high-intensity chaos of "The Weird." They continue the onslaught with the insanely quick-pace of "Decay" and the equally energetic romp of "Corrosive Survival." LIK let up slightly on the pounding rhythm of "Female Fatal To The Flesh," as the buzzing guitar riffs motor through the song. After a short instrumental interlude, LIK close out their new album with the powerfully quick attack of "Flesh Frenzy," along with the growling vocals of "Wolves" and the final death metal assault of ""Becoming." To find out more about LIK and their latest release "Misanthropic Breed," please visit

Also recently released from Metal Blade Records is the latest installment from The Ocean Collective titled "Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic/Cenozoic." It features eight tracks, beginning with the slow build-up of "Triassic," before reaching the twelve-minute progressive-metal epic "Jurassic/Cretacous." Then, The Ocean Collective concentrate on grabbing your attention with the intense blast of "Palaeocene" and the quieter, atmospheric instrumental piece "Oligocene." The Ocean wrap up their new album with the emotion-infused metal burn of "Pleistocene" and the mainstream, prog-metal sound of "Holocene." To find out more about The Ocean Collective and their latest release "Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic/Cenozoic," please visit

Then, arriving on October 2nd is the latest album from the legendary death metal band, Six Feet Under. Their new album titled "Nightmares Of The Decomposed" runs through twelve tracks in the blink of an eye. They instantly grab your attention, right from the opening riffs of "Amputator" and don't let go. The chugging rhythm of "Zodiac" and the doom metal flow of "Migraine" are modern death metal anthems, while "Blood Of The Zombie" is the perfect, growling metal romp for this time of year, so near to Halloween. Six Feet Under close out their new album with the aggressive, high-energy attack of "Self Imposed Death Sentence" and the final chaotic blast of "Without Your Life." To find out more about Six Feet Under and their latest release "Nightmares Of The Decomposed," please visit

Also appearing early next month is the latest studio release from the veteran death metal band Anaal Nathrakh. Their new album titled "Endarkment" features ten high-powered tracks that display no signs of this band slowing down after nearly two decades. Anaal Nathrakh come bursting right out of the gate with the speed drumming of the title song "Endarkment," followed quickly by the aggresive attack of "Thus Always To Tyrants." The band's intensity just continues to flow through the musical frenzy of "Beyond Words" and "Feeding The Death Machine," before finishing you off with the one-two death metal punch of "Punish Them" and "Requiem." To find out more about Anaal Nathrakh and their latest release "Endarkment," please visit

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