Saturday, September 26, 2020

New Metal Music Arriving Soon From Monsterworks, Johansson & Speckmann, Repuked and Furnace

Arriving early next month are four new releases from independent metal artists that need to be on your radar. First up is the return of Monsterworks with their concept piece "Malignment," which continues the utopian story of past releases "Special Operations" (2007) and "Singularity" (2009). This new album has been two years in the making and kicks off with the plea of "Impending Doom," which incorporates elements of hardcore metal fused with progressive rock to grab your attention on this eight-minute opener. The energy picks up with the chugging guitar riffs of "Pre-Emptive Strike," while the solid, pounding rhythm of "Harness The Engine" delivers a classic doom metal sound. Monsterworks dives back in to their progressive side with the tempo changes and slow-building metal conclusion of "Ice And Awe." They finish their new album with the thrash metal attack of "Eye Of Darkness," along with atmospheric, slow-burning ballad "Golden Age." To find out more about Monsterworks and their latest release "Malignment," please visit

Next is the latest collaboration between death metal giants Rogga Johansson and Paul Speckmann. Their new release titled "The Germs Of Circumstance" arrives on October 9th. The two metal masters pour their all into this new eight-song set, beginning with the high-powered blast of the title song "The Germ Of Circumstance," as the song's shear force will through you back to your seat. Their aggressive attack continues with the speed of "One World One Leader" and "Generation Antidote," as Johansson & Speckmann have established themselves as a force to reckon with in the death metal community. The duo wrap up their new album with the wildly chaotic delivery of "Provoke The Collective" and the adrenaline-infused closer "Devour Engage The Hour The Rage." To find out more about Johansson & Speckmann and their latest release "The Germs Of Circumstance," please visit

After a seven-year wait, Repuked have finally released their third full-length release, "Dawn Of Reintoxication." It features a dozen brand-new tracks that still prove that Repuked are one of the nastiest death metal bands around. They open with the growls, guitars and the spilling of guts on "Livers Bleed," before being blasted away with the chaos of "Shitfister." The dark, devilish pounding of "Retribution From Behind" will have you head-banging along, while the musical keyboard interlude of "Dawn Of Reintoxication" doesn't fully prepare you for the two-minute frenzied attack of "Vodka Til The Grave." Repuked close out their new album with the slow, doom metal burn of "Sewer Rain" and the epic, nine-minute raw metal ride of "Morbid Obsessions." To find out more about Repuked and their latest release "Dawn Of Reintoxication," please visit

Swedish death metal band, Furnace are also unleashing their new concept album "Dark Vistas." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the intense, aggressive starter "Suburban Nightmare," before kicking the tempo into overdrive with "The Other Ones." Furnace slow down for the steady, pounding metal rhythm of "Yog-Sothoth (The Key And The Gateway)," while "Trapped" carries a classic thrash metal sound. They mix in some different tempos with "Escape" to showcase another dimension their death metal music. Furnace wrap up their new album with the high-powered attack of "Eve Of Triumph" and the two-minute, guitar-driven closer "Another Ending." To find out more about Furnace and their latest release "Dark Vistas," please visit

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