Tuesday, September 8, 2020

New Releases From Indie-Artists Last Giant, Jesse Draxler, Marcus Singletary and SWIM

Arriving October 2nd is the latest studio effort from the Portland, Oregon-based rock band, Last Giant. Their new album titled "Let The End Begin" features ten tracks filled with loud guitar riffs, pounding drum breaks and an arena sized melody. They begin with giant sounds of "Kill Your Memory," which gets the energy flowing right from the first notes. Last Giant deliver the perfect classic rock vibe with "Sunset Queen" and the chugging hard rock riffs of "Idiology." They slow the tempo down for the gritter feel of "Edge Of Town," before the band explodes once again with the high-energy approach of "The End Will Begin." Last Giant finish up their new album with the perfectly prepared mainstream track "Radio Swell" and the slow, blues rock of "Followers," which highlights the band's stellar musicianship. To find out more about Last Giant and their latest release "Let The End Begin," please visit lastgiantband.com.

Back on September 4th, visual media artist Jesse Draxler combined the worlds of Graphic Arts and music with his latest work "Reigning Cement." It combines a book of Draxler's photographs with 22 different musical artists creating sonic elements to feel enraptured by this multi-media experience. The music ranges from the soft, elegant touch of Chelsea Wolfe & Ben Chisholm's "Valerian" to the static-fueled noise collage of Dylan Walker's "Time Reign Cement" and Gendo Ikari's "4." Some of the music is not relevant without the visuals of the book, but songs like O Future's "Plastic Fruit," Uniform's "Catholic Town" and VOWW's "Them" will have you exploring more from these underground, independent artists. To find out more about this new visual work of art from photographer/illustrator/art director Jesse Draxler, please visit jessedraxler.bandcamp.com.

Musician extraordinaire Marcus Singletary returns with a new batch of songs titled "Born To Be Wild." His new eight-track release begins with the wildly exciting guitar frenzy "Top Of The Sky" and the more experimental, guitar solo track "Freeform Guitar," which also showcases Marcus' talents on the instrument. He gets his rocks off with the energetic, heavy metal sounds of "Devil's Rage," before delivering a great, spot on cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild." Marcus Singletary wraps thing up on his new album with a ten-minute studio jam and drum solo titled "Space Train To Babylon," along with steady climb of the album closer "Siyavuya Ngoku." To find out more about Marcus Singletary and his latest release "Born To Be Wild," please visit marcussingletary.com.

Last, but certainly not least is the new four song EP from the New York-based pop/rock band SWIM. Their new album titled "Pass By" features only four tracks which re-imagines the band's latest singles "Pass By" and "The Chase." Both of the original versions of the songs appear on this new release, but you will really appreciate the beautiful songwriting behind these new pop tracks. The gentle piano melody is the perfect backdrop for the ballad version of "Pass By," while the acoustic version of "The Chase" takes on an island vibe that leaves you wanting more acoustic tracks from this rising young band. To find out more about SWIM and their latest release "Pass By EP," please visit swimbandny.com.

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