Thursday, September 17, 2020

New Rock & Metal Releases From Overland, Signal Red and Russia's Renunciation

Arriving September 18th from Escape Music Ltd., is the fifth studio album from Steve Overland titled "Scandalous." Steve has been involved in the music industry for more than four decades. First, as a member of the band, Wildlife, then finding himself in a Boston tribute band and now as the leader of his own band, Overland, which on this release includes Brian Tichy (Dead Daisies), Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper) and Brian Anthony (Steve Walsh). Their new twelve song release begins with the upbeat, rock and roll vibe of "Don't Give Up," which has a modern mainstream feel with a mature sound. Overland deliver harder, edgier music with the solid pounding of "Never Say Die" and "Blackheart," which shows a growth in Steve's songwriting, along with a stellar, all-star cast of musicians. The album takes a turn toward the blues with the burning desire of "Changing Time" and the radio-ready rock-pop gem "Diamond In The Dust." Overland wrap up their new album with the LA Sunset Strip rock groove of "Unchained" the intense, guitar-driven "Hole In My Heart." To find out more about Overland and their latest release "Scandalous," please visit

Also appearing soon from Escape Music Ltd. is the latest studio effort "Alien Nation" from Signal Red. Their new eleven song release runs right out of the gate with the energetic rocker "Wide Awake In Dreamland," as the band's sophomore release starts off on a very positive note. The intensity picks up with the high-powered drumming of "Email To God" and "Invisible Scars," which show the band's more aggressive side. Signal Red are firing on all cylinders during the progressive rock feel of "Awakenings" and "Tide Of Life," before finishing their new album with the nostalgic rock approach of the title-song "Alien Nation." To find out more about Signal Red and their latest release "Alien Nation," please visit

Also recently released is the new five-song debut EP titled "The Terminal Archetype" from the Russian death metal band Renunciation. A gentle, classical piano introduction ("When There's No One To Fear The Night") explodes to the hardcore, metal attack of "Deliverance From God," which will certainly make you take notice of this new underground heavy metal band. The speed of the rhythm and the screaming vocals of the title song "The Terminal Archetype" showcases a more mature death metal sound, along with aggressive sonic power of "Arrogance Of Worms." To find out more about Renunciation and their latest release "The Terminal Archetype," please visit

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