Sunday, September 6, 2020

New September Releases From Skeletal Remains, Movements, Nasty and My Kid Brother

Here comes waves of new hard rock/heavy metal releases this month, beginning with the LA death metal band, Skeletal Remains. Their new eleven-track release is titled "The Entombment Of Chaos" and begins with a short introduction that sets you up for the hard-pounding rhythm of the opening track "Illusive Divinity." The intense of the music keeps on coming with the aggressive growls of "Congregation Of Flesh" and the adrenaline-pulsating attack of "Tombs Of Chaos." After another short, calming two-minute instrumental, Skeletal Remains continues to blow your eardrums with the quick-hitting rhythm of "Dissectasy." They take on a more progressive metal sound with "Eternal Hatred," before finishing their new album with the electrifying guitar work of "Unfurling The Casket" and the final sonic blast of "Stench Of Paradise Burning." To find out more about Skeletal Remains and their latest release "The Entombment Of Chaos," please visit

A week later we have the arrival of the sophomore effort from the Southern California rock quartet, Movements. Their new album titled "No Good Left To Give" features a dozen tracks that explores love and loss, along with intimacy and metal heath. They kick off their new release with the flowing melodic touch of "In My Blood," before bringing the energy up another notch with the more mainstream alternative rock approach of "Skin To Skin." Movement dig deep with the emotions of "Don't Give Up Your Ghost" and "Senica," while squeezing the pop/rock approach of "Living Apology" in between these two power ballads. Movements wrap up their new album with the adrenaline pumping, highly-energetic "Moonlight Lines" and the passion of the closer "Love Took The Last Of It." To find out more about Movements and their latest release "No Good Left To Give," please visit

Then at the end of the month comes the latest release from the Belgium hardcore metal band, Nasty. Their new album titled "Menace" includes fourteen songs that hit you right in the face, beginning with the aggressive attack of "Ultimate" and quick-hitting, 48-second sonic blast of "Bulletrain."Nasty keep the speed going with the pounding of "Be Careful," while "Tricky Plays" is a mean bass line with an addictive chorus that will simply shake you brain around in your head. The music just simmers behind the screaming vocals of "Addicted," before Nasty finish up their new album with the raw, intense sound of "Ballad Of Bullets." To find out more about Nasty and their latest release "Menace," please visit

Lastly, we arrive at the self-titled debut EP from the Virginia alternative rock band, My Kid Brother. It features six tracks, beginning with the polished, addictive melody of "Daydream" and the big, pop/rock sound of "Good News." My Kid Brother get a little funky with the rhythm of "Ain't That Cool," before wrapping up their new short release with the fun, upbeat chorus of "Pastels" and the alternative rock buzz of "Native Tongue." To find out more about My Kid Brother and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

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