Friday, September 25, 2020

Pavement Entertainment Prepares New Releases From Sons On Fire and Salem's Childe

A couple of new releases on the horizon from Pavement Entertainment. First we have the debut EP from the San Diego hard rock band, Sons On Fire. Their new four song album titled "Faded" was released today, September 25th and features a solid rock vibe that rose from the ashes of other former west coast rock bands. They kick off their new release with the polished, rock-radio prepped "Faded," which strikes with a chorus that is simply unforgettable. Their sound gets slightly more edgy with "Paralyzed," before Sons On Fire close out their new album with their heaviest, most aggressive track "Broken Dreams," which will leave you wanting to hear more from this new musical endeavor. To find more about Sons On Fire and their debut EP "Faded," please visit

Next, we have the October 9th release from the Indian metal outfit Salem's Childe. Their new album titled "The Sin That Saves You" features a dozen tracks that showcase a huge growth in the band's sound, beginning with the opening two-minute politically charged interlude "Parabellum." Then, Salem's Childe showcase their aggression with the growling vocals and chugging guitar riffs of "Warpath," before picking up the space with the trash metal appeal of "The Sin That Saves You." They smooth out the rough edges of their hardcore attack with the more mainstream metal sound of "Heart Of Darkness" and "The Veil." Salem's Childe finish their new album with energetic blast of "The Storm" and the seven-plus minute, progressive metal closer "Invictus." To find out more about Salem's Childe and their latest release "The Sin That Saves You," please visit

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