Saturday, October 31, 2020

Greg Puciato Goes Solo With "Child Soldier" & Pallbearer Returns With "Forgotten Days"

Vocalist Greg Puciato recently released his debut solo album "Child Soldier: Creator Of God." Puciato may be best known at the former lead singer of the American hardcore metal band, The Dillinger Escape Plan. After their demise in 2017, Puciato also contributed to the electronic supergroup, The Black Queen. Now, Greg is on his own, making the music that has been been fueling him for the past decade. Many of these tracks just did not fit the mold of The Dillinger Escape plan, like the acoustic opener "Heaven Of Stone," so he found a home for his work on this new album.

Greg Puciato touches many different genres on this fifteen track release, from the industrial beats of "Creator Of God" and "Fireflies," to the hardcore metal appeal of "Fire For Water" and "Roach Hiss," to the electronic pop melody of "Temporary Object." The energy of "Down When I'm Not" is undeniable and shows that Greg is a great songwriting talent. He wraps up his new album with a return to the gentle acoustics of "Through The Walls," the pop addiction of "A Pair Of Questions" and the simmering tone of "September City," that explodes with passion to close out the album. To find out more about Greg Puciato and his latest release "Child Soldier: Creator Of God," please visit

Also returning with new music is the American doom metal band, Pallbearer with their new album "Forgotten Days." It is the band's debut release on the Nuclear Blast label and features eight epic, well-crafted tracks, beginning with the dark, chugging melody of the title song "Forgotten Days." Pallbearer mix in a gentle melodic break during the grinding rock of "Riverbed," before taking you on the sonic adventure of "Silver Wings." This song is the highlight of the album, at least for me, as the band showcase their music through twelve-minutes slow, patient riffs. The energy picks up with the raw, pounding attack of "The Quicksand Of Existing," before finishing the album with dark, atmospheric doom metal approach of the eight-minute closer "Caledonia." To find out more about Pallbearer and their latest release "Forgotten Day," please visit

Friday, October 30, 2020

New Music Has Arrived From The Supergroups Puscifer and Mr. Bungle

Out today (at least digitally) is the new album from the electro-rock supergroup, Puscifer. Their new album titled "Existential Reckoning" features a dozen tracks that look to make contact with your outer (space) being. The trio of Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell and Carina Round have created another chapter in the search for the imaginary character Billy D. Puscifer begin their latest adventure with the experimental, new wave approach of "Bread And Circus," as electronic beats and swirling vocals turn the song into a prog-pop epic. They next bring in a Goth-rock sound to "Apocalyptical," while "The Underwhelming" is straight-up alt-pop that moves along with buzzing guitar rifts played along a steady rock rhythm. The sonic landscape continues to change, as Puscifer slows the tempo down for the sweeping, atmospheric melody of "Theorem," then delivers the rhythm fueled, poetic (Tool-like) rock of "Bullet Train To Iowa." You will simply sink into the floating harmonies and fragile musical interludes of "Personal Prometheus," before Puscifer finish their new album with the electronic/dance vibes of "Postulous," along with the funky breaks of "Fake Affort" and the closing experimental piece "Bedlamite." To find out more about Puscifer and their latest release "Existential Reckoning," please visit

What started out as a high school death metal band, has now turned into one of the most sought-after cult bands in the heavy metal genre. Mr. Bungle released their debut album thirty years ago for Warner Bros. Records. Throughout the nineties, they would eventually release three studio albums and be featured at some of the biggest rock festivals on the planet. Then in 2000, it all came to a screeching halt with each member going their separate way to work on other projects. Now, nearly twenty years later, Mr. Bungle has returned (with a different line-up that includes members of Anthrax and Slayer) to deliver a new re-recorded version of their 1986 demo "The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny." It features eleven tracks that may or may not be exactly what you would expect from this new line-up, beginning with the slow, gentle lead-up of "Grizzly Adams." Then, all hell breaks loose with the intense, thrash metal onslaught of "Anarchy Up Your Anus" and the equally engaging attack of "Raping Your Mind." The band just explodes with their masterful playing during the epics "Bungle Grind" and "Methematics." Mr. Bungle closes out their new album with the aggressive rage of "Spreading The Thighs Of Death" and pounding rhythm and metal-fueled guitar riffs of "Sudden Death." To find out more about Mr. Bungle and their latest release "The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny," please visit

Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Heavy Metal Music From Old Mother Hell, Dark Quarterer and White Magician

German power metal band, Old Mother Hell recently released their new sophomore effort titled "Lord Of Demise." The new eight-track release begins with the chugging guitar riffs of "Betrayal At The Sea," which also carries a nostalgic, thrash metal sound. Old Mother Hell slow the tempo down for the dark, doom metal appeal of the title song "Lord Of Demise," while "Estranged" slowly builds the energy back up, reaching the sonic blast of "Edge Of Time." They finish their new album with the intense heavy metal attack of "Shadows Within," along with the up and down tempo changes of the mystical closer "Finally Free." To find out more about Old Mother Hell and their latest release "Lord Of Demise," please visit

Next up is the November 6th release from Italy's epic metal band, Dark Quarterer. Their new album titled "Pompei" is only the band's eighth studio album from their nearly forty year career. This new album also revolves around the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Dark Quarterer's new release features six epic tracks, beginning with the nine-plus minute progressive metal attack of "Vesuvius," as the band still deliver their iconic classic metal sound. The music gets slightly more aggressive with the intensity of "Welcome To The Day Of Death," before the grand, almost operatic delivery of "Panic" takes over and instantly turns you into a fan of this cult metal band. Dark Quarterer wrap up their new album with the aggressive, edginess of "Gladiator" and the eight-minute epic musical number "Forever," which closes out the story of "Pompei." To find out more about the band and their latest release, please visit

Then, later on in the month arrives the full-length debut release from Detroit's classic sounding metal band, White Magician. Their new album titled "Dealers Of Divinity" draws from the band's seventies hard rock and heavy metal influences, as heard on the opening title track "Dealers Of Divinity." The band seem possessed by Blue Oyster Cult, as the look to mirror their sound with "Mad Magic II: In The Absence Of Gods (Bad Magic)," while the nine-minute metal epic "Magia Nostra" finds White Magician showing all their cards with tempo frequent changes and an edgier guitar-heavy metal sound. They finishes up their new album with the mystical, high-energy attack of "Power Of The Stone" and the thrash metal force of "Spectre Of A Dying Flame." To find out more about White Magician and their latest release "Dealers Of Divinity, please visit

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Music Arriving From Armored Saint, Nuclear Power Trio and Dead Girls Academy

Since the early eighties, Armored Saint have been proudly carrying the banner for heavy metal for nearly four decades. After a short intermission in the nineties (due to lead singer John Bush joining Anthrax), Armored Saint have returned full force and are ready to release their new album "Punching The Sky" through Metal Blade Records. It features eleven tracks, as the energy slowly builds during the opening of the epic metal attack of "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants." The band sound as youthful and aggressive as ever on the tracks "End Of The Attention Span" and "Do Wrong To None." Bush's vocals sound a strong as they did in the eighties, as Armored Saint still carry the classic heavy metal sound throughout songs like "Missile To Gun" and "Bark, No Bite." They wrap up their new album with the dark, slow, alternative-metal feel of "Unfair" and the final sonic blast of "Never You Fret." To find out more about Armored Saint and their latest release "Punching The Sky," please visit

Also arriving in October, right before the election, is the debut EP from the Nuclear Power Trio. Their new five song EP "A Clear And Present Rager" is a sonic blast of energy from the members of the band who go by the names Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Since the band are trying to prove a point with the members names, let's talk about how great the music is. They begin with the title song "A Clear And Present Rager," which has loads of excitement with all the musical breaks and leads, its a pity that it is only three-minutes long. I enjoy the music so much, I want it to continue as one big heavy metal jam. Next comes the more progressive nature of "Grab 'Em By The Pyongyang" and the intense sonic delivery of "The Fusion Collusion." The Nuclear Power Trio display their musical potential by finishing their new album with the melodic metal flow of "Mutually Assured Seduction." To find out more about Nuclear Power Trio and their latest release "A Clear And Present Rager," please visit

Wrapping up this set of October releases is the sophomore effort from the goth-metal inspired band, Dead Girls Academy. Their new album "Doves In Glass Houses" arrives October 30th through Mission Two Entertainment. The new eleven track release begins with the explosiveness of "Blackout," as vocalist Michael Orlando shows his emotional range. The modern harmonic metal appeal of "Ghost Of Me" will easily draw you in to the band's sound with the song's energetic chugging rhythm and melodic harmonies. Then, Dead Girls Academy go all out metal with the hardcore intensity of "Bleeding Faith" and "Addicted To Your Heart," while "Just For Tonight" displays the band's more mainstream alt-rock sound. They wrap up their new album with the addictive modern hard rock sound of "Nothing Left" and the emotional power ballad "Inside Out" featuring Jinxx from Black Veil Brides. To find out more about Dead Girls Academy and their latest release "Doves In Glass Houses," please visit

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of U2's "All That You Can't Leave Behind" With New Deluxe Box Set

Arriving October 30th is a new deluxe box celebrating the 20th anniversary of U2's tenth studio album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind." The album won seven Grammy Awards, topped the album charts around the world and has sold over 4 million copies in the U.S. alone. The first four songs ("Beautiful Day," "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of, "Elevation" and "Walk On") on the album were also very successful singles that helped propel the album to superstardom. This album was also a "return to form" for many critics, after the misstep of their 1997 album "Pop." To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album, Island Records, Interscope and UMe are releasing a 51-track super deluxe box set, which includes a brand new remastered version of the original album. The super deluxe box set will be released physically on CD and vinyl, along with a digital version of the set available separately.

The new remastered version of the album sounds amazing. Songs like "Beautiful Day" and "Elevation" are given an extra punch of energy, while the elegant sixties-style pop of "Wild Honey" and the bluesy touch of "In A Little While" are given a high-class makeover. The beautiful guitar work from The Edge on "When I Look At The World" simply jumps out of your speakers and Bono's honest, poetic vocals on "Grace" allows you get hypnotized by his voice. The original 11-song album is extended by the bonus track "The Ground Beneath Her Feet," which was originally a European bonus track.

The set also includes the B-sides, outtakes and alternate versions that were featured on the single releases. Many of these tracks do not feel up to the standard of the songs that were on the original album, with the exception of the "unplugged" strumming of "Summer Rain" and the deep bass groove of "Big Girls Are Best." I'm confused about about U2's rendition of Johnny Cash's "Don't Take Your Guns To Town." They add a reggae vibe to a song about murder, it seems to give off mix signals . I do love the stripped down version of "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of" and wish that more tracks from the album were presented in this format, as an acoustic set of hits from this album.

U2 included their live show from Boston from their 2001 "Elevation Tour," which was first released as a stand-along DVD in November 2001. The set includes the full nineteen-song set from the video and sounds great, one of the best sounding live U2 shows to be released on DVD and vinyl. I hope this becomes more of a trend and U2 release more audio from the their live shows. Eleven remixes from the U2 vault closes out the set. Four of these remixes have never previously been heard or released. While I'm not a huge fan of remixes, I did enjoy the "Influx Mix" of "Elevation," which gives the song a Middle Eastern flair. Also, the "Superman Kicks Ativan Mix" of "New York" is pure EMD and resembles very little of the original song. I also enjoyed the "Nightmare On Wax Remix" of one of the lesser known tracks, "In A Little While."

A 32-page, hardcover book is also included in the set which features many previously unseen photos of the band shot by longtime friend of the band Anton Corbijn, during photo shoots for the album. This new 20th anniversary release is also available as a double-vinyl set, which features the album cut across all four sides. There is also a two-disc CD set which included the newly remastered album and a disc of highlights from the "Live In Boston" set. To find out more about this 20th anniversary of U2's "All That You Can't Leave Behind," please visit

Monday, October 26, 2020

New 40th Anniversary Vinyl Release Of ABBA "Super Trouper" Allows The Music To Shine

Arriving Friday, October 30th from UMe is the new 40th anniversary vinyl release of ABBA's seventh studio album "Super Trouper." It features a half-speed mastering of the album (which means that the album was recut at half the speed, allowing more dimension of the music to be cut into the lacquer). Also, being released is a singles box set on colored vinyl and three picture discs of the singles "The Winner Takes It All," "Super Trouper" and "Lay All Your Love On Me" from the album. ABBA's "Super Trouper" became the biggest album in the U.K. in 1980 and has gone on to become a platinum selling release in the U.K. and is a gold seller in the U.S., selling over half-a-million copies. The album also continued the band's pop success, selling out arenas around the world until they disbanded only two years later.

This new half-speed mastered version of the release sounds stunning, as every note, every vocal and every beat is heard clearly and allows you to discover new layers to ABBA's music. The harmonies during the chorus of "Super Trouper" are balanced perfectly, allowing every voice to be heard. The writing team of Bjorn Ulvaeus and Barry Andersson shines especially bright on "The Winner Takes It All," while lead vocalist Agnetha Faltskog steals the spotlight with her amazing range, as you feel every word she sings on this new vinyl version. The great thing about this new release, is that you rediscover how great the non-hit songs are like the slow, swaying ballad "Andante, Andante" sung passionately by Anni-Frid Lyngstad. The keyboards are in full-effect, finding a home along side the dance beats of "Me And I," while "Our Last Summer" steals the show with its beautiful clarity on this new half-speed master. To find out more about this new 40th anniversary vinyl edition of ABBA's "Super Trouper" album, please visit

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jeni Slotchiver Reminds Us Of "American Heritage" & Noah Bless Wants You Know That "New York Strong"

Famed classical pianist Jeni Slotchiver recently released her ZOHO label debut album "American Heritage." It is a homage to the legendary composers of American traditional folk music. Jeni's new eighteen track release begins with the beautifully elegant delivery of Samuel Coleridge Taylor's (1875-1912) "Deep River." She performs a spiritual version of Harry Thacker Burleigh's (1866-1949) six-piece suite of "Southland," before arriving at the epic, nine-minute musical number "Union, Paraphrase de Concert Op. 48" by Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869). The melody livens-up with Florence B. Price's (1887-1953) "Nimble Feet" and "Tropical Noon." Jeni Slotchiver finishes up her new album with the more well-known sing-along "Down By The Riverside" by Frederic Rzewski (b. 1938) and the two-minute gentle masterpiece of "Swanee River" from William Grant Still (1895-1979). To find out more about Jeni Slotchiver and her latest release "American Heritage," please visit

Next we have the latest release from Latin Jazz composer/trombonist Noah Bless. His new album "New York Strong Latin Jazz" features and exciting mix of covers and original jazz pieces, beginning with the upbeat, swinging tempo of "Chasing Normal." Next, Noah brings a little Latin flair into his music with the tango beats of "Ganga" and "Canto De Ossanha," which will make you want to get up and swing your hips to the song's undeniable rhythms. The very fragile, peaceful rendition of the great Antonio Carlos Jobim shows off Noah Bless' more intimate side, before finishing his new album with a jazzed-up version of James Taylor's "Fire And Rain" and the final island flair of "Sunny Ray." To find out more about Noah Bless and his latest release "New York Strong Latin Jazz," please visit

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Return Of The "Blueswoman" Nora Jean Wallace & Devin B. Thompson Sings About "Tales Of The Soul"

Chicago blues singer, Nora Jean Wallace returns to claim her throne as the "Blueswoman." She is an American Blues Music Award nominee and is preparing to release her first set of new material in sixteen years. The new ten track release begins with the burning vocals and sweet harmonica solo of "Martel," along with the funky groove of "I Can't Stop." Next, is Nora Jean's original theme song "I'm A Blues Woman," as she sings with enough passion to show you who's in charge. The slow, swaying blues of the six-minute ballad "Victim" feels as if Nora is singing just you, in the setting of a smoky night club, while "Look Over Yonder" carries a more up-tempo beat. She keeps the dance groove flowing with seventies-style of "Dance With Me," before finishing her new album with the southern sounding guitar blues of "I Don't Have To Beg You To Love Me." To find out more about Nora Jean Wallace and her latest release "Blueswoman," please visit

Also arriving at the end of the month is the latest release from fellow Chicago blues/soul singer Devin B. Thompson titled "Tales Of The Soul." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the swinging soul opener "Love To See You Smile," as Devin's pure vocals lead the way. He incorporates some blues into the funky breaks of "I'm Gonna Cry Me A River," before delivering a gospel-like rendition of the Gamble & Huff original "Something You Can Do Today." The energy picks up with the dance rhythm of "Back Together" and "Get Home Tonight," which also showcases his mainstream R&B side. Devin B. Thompson wraps up his new album with the nostalgic seventies funk and soul of "Read Your Mind," along with the all out blues of "Time After Time" and "Tell Me." To find out more about Devin B. Thompson and his latest release "Tales Of The Soul," please visit

Friday, October 23, 2020

Get Into The "Music" Of The Beastie Boys With This Newly Released Compilation

Arriving today (October 23rd) is the brand new "greatest hits" compilation from the one (and only) Beastie Boys. The new release is simply titled "Beastie Boys Music" and is considered a companion piece to their best-selling book "Beastie Boys Book" and their new documentary "Bestie Boys Story." This is also the first musical release from the group since the untimely passing of Adam "MCA" Yauch back in 2012. While there is no new music on this album, it does feature twenty of the Beastie Boys' most well-known songs from throughout their career, from 1986-2011.

The great thing about this new release is not only does is arrive on 180-gram vinyl (as well as CD & digitally), but it is not comprised in chronological order. The set is one long 70-minute party mix of all the Beastie Boys' classic that you could want. Starting with the pounding rhythm of "So What'cha Want," which then moves toward the shifty rhythms of "Paul Revere," then to the club beats of "Shake Your Rump." It seems that this compilation was perfectly crafted for you to have a good time no matter where you are. Just as one hit song finished, on comes the next one. Also, the music sounds great and has that timeless quality that was a signature of all the Beastie Boys music. That why putting a song like "Root Down" next to "Brass Monkey" sounds so natural. So, do yourself a favor and "Fight For Your Right (To Party!)" with this newly released compilation of the "Beastie Boys Music." To find out even more about this new release, please visit

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Discover These New Releases From Singer/Songwriters Gary Van Miert, Rodney Rice and Tom Mason

Singer/songwriter Gary Van Miert has become a local cult figure around the New York/New Jersey area. He wears the look of a classic country singing cowboy and plays the music to match. Gary and his band, The Sensational Country Blues Wonders have opened for the likes of Marshall Crenshaw and The Smithereens and have performed everywhere from clubs to cemeteries. In 2012, Gary Van Miert released a covers album, but on November 13th, he will release his debut album of original material titled "The World Will Break Your Heart." It features ten tracks, beginning with the nostalgic, Bakersfield/Buck Owens sounding "Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar." As you listen, you'd swear that Gary Van Miert is from five decades ago, as his honky-tonk sound is so pure and honest on such tracks as "I'm Afraid Of Every Goddamn Thing" and "When Your Heart Is Blue." He gets playful with "Double Barrel Blues," which feels as if it came from the bar of an old western town, while "I'm A Heartbreaker" has the most modern sound on the album with its bluesy swagger. The Sensational Country Blues Wonders wrap up their new album with the classic country story of "My Baby Stabbed Me With A Steak Knife" and the emotional, heartfelt ballad "Privilege." To find out more about Gary Van Miert and his latest release "The World Will Break Your Heart," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Rodney Rice is ready to release his new album titled "Same SHIrT, Different Day." It features a dozen tracks that carry a country twang with a rock edge, beginning with the politically targeted blues of "Ain't Got A Dollar." Rodney continues with the more melodic flow of "Hard Life" and the honky-tonk, nostalgic country touch of "Free At Last." He gets right to the heart of the problems of the world with the descriptive lyrics of "Pillage And Plunder" and the depressed words "Middle Managed Blues." Rodney Rice finishes his new album with the more upbeat, hang-out recollection of "Memoirs Of Our Youth" and the truthful advice of picking yourself back up and "Don't Look Back." To find out more about Rodney Rice and his latest release "Same SHIrT, Different Day," please visit

Self-proclaimed rock pirate, Tom Mason used his time off this past year to record a new holiday themed album titled "Under A Mistletoe Sky," which will be released on November 6th. After he and his band, The Blue Buccaneers were left without shows because of a hurricane and a pandemic, Tom decided to continue work on his third holiday album, which was produced by Michael Webb (John Prine, Chris Stapleton). The new ten song set of originals begins with "Crazy For Christmas," a New Orleans-style, French Quarter jazz romp and the big guitar rock sound of "Under A Mistletoe Sky." Tom tries to bring all cultures together with the nostalgic shuffle rhythm of "Christmas Boogaloo" and keeps the energy flowing with the rockabilly swing of "Little Elvis, King Of The Elves." Tom Mason wraps up his new holiday album with the jazzy, lounge vibe of "Santa Says Keep It Cool" and the wonderful sleigh-ride melody of "Christmas In Love," which features some great harmonies from Fawn Larson. To find out more about Tom Mason and his latest release "Under A Mistletoe Sky," please visit

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

These Are "Sobering Times" For Ricky Byrd, Robert Connely Farr Invites You To A "Country Supper" & Farmer Dave Want You To "Speak Of Love"

Singer, guitarist and Rock And Roll Hall of Famer, Ricky Byrd recently released his new solo album titled "Sobering Times." Byrd was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2015 as a member of Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, and also performed on stage with some of the all-time greats like Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Alice Cooper and Roger Daltrey. Rickey Byrd's new album features a dozen honest, straight-up rock tracks, beginning with classic appeal of "Quittin' Time Again" and the raw, edgier "Together." Byrd's years of experience helped shape the music on this new release like the southern rock vibe of "Tired" and the emotional ballad "Starlit Night." The blues is in full effect on loose groove of "Ain't Gonna Live Like That," before Ricky wraps up his new album with the intimate, acoustic tale of "Pour Me" and the realization that "Life Is Good" and the tale of everyday struggle with addiction of "Just Like You." To find out more about Ricky Byrd and his latest release "Sobering Times," please visit

Blues artist Robert Connely Farr recently released his new album "Country Supper." Following the release of his last album ("Dirty South Blues"), Farr was diagnosed with cancer and had to have emergency surgery, but not before he was able to lay down some new tracks with his band. The new sixteen-song release begins with the burning guitar chords of "Cypress Groove" and the pounding rhythm and raw vocals of "Girl In The Holler." Farr lets his guitar do most of the talking in the strong, simple blues of "Catfish" before blazing a trail with his "Cadillac Problems." He slows down for the moaning blues of "Train Train" and "Must've Been The Devil," before picking the energy back up with the guitar-boogie shuffle of "Bad Bad Feeling." Robert Connely Farr finishes off his new album with the quiet, emotional prayer of "Bad Whiskey" and the enlighten blues of "I Know I Been Changed." To find out more about Robert Connely Farr and his latest release "Country Supper," please visit

Experimental rock artist Farmer Dave Scher recently unleashed his new four-song EP titled "Speak Of Love." It was released on October 2nd through the Spiritual Pajamas label and includes some special guests like Kurt Vile, Cass McCombs and Dan Horne. The album was inspired by a Neil Young television appearance that spoke directly to Farmer Dave to create a musical piece to save the earth. Farmer Dave's new album begins with the cosmic, modern psychedelic rock of the title song "Speak Of Love," which continues to swirl around in your mind even after its seven-plus minute length. He delivers a more folk/pop sound with "Ocean Eyes," while "Endangered Species" is an eight-minute, spoken-word lecture about saving the planet. The album closes with the sixties-style pop sing-along of "Rivers Of Love." To find out more about Farmer Dave Scher and his latest release "Speak Of Love," please visit

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Hollywood Stars Come Alive On The Sunset Strip, while Professor & The Madman Gather For A "Séance"

The legendary band, The Hollywood Stars are releasing a brand new live album "Live On The Sunset Strip" on October 30th. The show was recorded back in 2019 at the famed Whiskey A Go Go and features some of band's best know anthems. The band has been around for almost five decades, opening for such bands as The Kinks, The Ramones and Iggy Pop. The Hollywood Stars kick off their new live album with the originally penned "King Of The Night Time World," which KISS made famous on their 1976 album "Destroyer." They keep the energy going with "Escape" (co-written by Alice Cooper) and the edginess of "All The Kids On The Street." The only thing that bothers me about this live album is the breaks between songs. I would appreciate a constant flow of audience interaction and talking to keep the atmosphere going. None the less, The Hollywood Stars bash their way through the heavy pounding of "Tough Guys Never Cry" and the classic seventies vibe of "Too Hot To Handle," before wrapping up their new album with the rock and roll addiction of "Habit." To find out more about The Hollywood Stars and their latest release "Live On The Sunset Strip," please visit

Arriving in the early weeks of November is the new album from the underground rock supergroup, Professor And The Madman. The band is made up of former and current members of The Damned, Adolescents and A.I. Their new album is titled "Séance" and features a dozen tracks that deliver a classic seventies concept album vibe. The album begins with the exciting eight-minute opener "All The Lonely Souls," which brings you on a sonic journey with raw, straight-up rock music in its purest form. The band fall back on their punk roots with the energetic blast of "So Long," then try their hand at a sixties-style pop piece with "Real Me." One of the best songs I've heard, written about the quarantine is the mellow, melodic flow of "Time Machine." Professor And The Madman finish off their new album with the hard rock assault of "Two Tickets To The Afterlife" and the rock opera feel of "Greetings From The Other Side." To find out more about Professor And The Madman and their latest release "Séance," please visit

Monday, October 19, 2020

New Music Arriving From Luba Mason, Tom Oren and David Garfield

Acclaimed singer Luba Mason is preparing to release her new solo album "Triangle" on October 23. It feature the unique line-up of only voice, vibes and bass spread across ten new tracks, beginning with "Bach, Stevie Wonder And Janelle Monae." The starkness of the music allows you to get lost in Mason's amazing vocals. The album get even more intimate during the soft touch of "Haled's Song About Love," which features some exceptional vibraphone work by Joe Locke. Next, Luba Mason takes on The Beatles' "Ticket To Ride," slowing it down as much as possible, turning it into a quiet ballad. She brings in her Broadway experience to express the lyrics of "In Walked Bud" and "Toxicity," giving the songs life, along with a steady bass line from James Genus and some more stellar vibes work from Locke. Luba Mason finishes her new album with the beautiful, gentle touch of "Say It" and a playful cover of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave You Lover." To find out more about Luba Mason and her latest release, please visit

Next, is the debut album from Israeli-born pianist Tom Oren. Arriving October 30th is "Dorly's Song," which consists of ten music pieces, beginning with the swinging jazz melody of "Night Butterfly." Tom takes a step back, and slows the tempo down to showcase his piano skills on the sweeping ballad "Under A Carob Tree," before picking the beat back up with the toe-tapping groove of "Mrs. Barbarell," which allows for Tom's backing band to step into the spotlight and show off their stuff. Once again, Tom feels right at home, leading the band with his amazing work on the keys during the build-up of "Zoo." Tom Oren closes out his new album with the slow blues appeal of "Don't Let Me Wait For You" and the strong, striking jazz piece "Give Me Peace." To find out more about Tom Oren and his latest release "Dorly's Song," please visit

Finally, we arrive at a new holiday album from acclaimed keyboardist/composer David Garfield, which also arrives on October 30th. On this release titled "Holidays Outside The Box," Garfield gathered an all-star cast of musicians from Santana, Chicago, Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, Jimmy Buffett's Corel Reef Band and loads more to recreate these holiday classics into a worldly gathering to styles. The album begins with the amazing, soulful ballad "Silent Night," sung by Mike Finnigan and Amy Keys. The opening song also includes the talents of saxophonist Ernie Watts, guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. and drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers). David Garfield's album continues with the mellow jazz groove of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," before delivering a reggae version of the Jewish holiday song "Chanukah, Oh Chanukah," sung by Jewish pop star Sam Glaser. The exciting instrumental "Sleigh Ride" is led by steel drum legend Robert Greenidge and the energy keeps going with the island vibe of "12 Days Of Christmas." To find out more about David Garfield's new holiday themed album "Holiday Outside The Box," please visit

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Relax & Simply Float Downstream With New Music From "Aloha Radio Hawaii" & Flautist James Marienthal

California-based label, Rhymoi Music recently released a newly recorded tribute to the "Golden Age" of Hawaiian Song with "Aloha, Radio Hawaii." This music will certainly remind you of a more simple time in the world, which is what we can all use right now. Producer Yuchuan Ye has gathered a stellar team of seven artists to paint a picture (through music) of the early days of Hawaiian radio. The musicians use priceless vintage guitars to re-create some of the most memorable music from the island, including the opening track "Moana Chimes." You can almost feel the warm weather and see the swaying palm trees during "Hilo March" and "Hula Blues." Another well-known track is classic melody of "Sentimental Journey," which is performed with a special touch of grace. One of the songs on this new compilation that contains vocals is "Sweet Lei Mokihana," as the gentle harmonies allow you drift off to a place of complete relaxation. This new thirteen track release finishes with the ocean sway of the "Song Of The Islands" and quiet guitar lullabye "Mai Poina Oe la'u." To find out more about this new compilation, "Aloha, Radio Hawaii," please visit

Another new arrival features musician James Marienthal and his latest studio album "Speak To The Sky." Marienthal is a world-renown flautist and his previous release "Mysteries Of The Night, Alive Inside A Tank" was the #1 "Healing Arts Music Album" of 2018. His new eight song release begins with the gentle flow of "First Breath," as you begin to feel awakened by his music. Next, is the vocal/flute duet "Wondering Who," which just floats along like a feather in the wind. The gracefulness of  "Escondida" allows you to dive deep into the earthly tones of James Marienthal's music. He closes out his new album with the wonderful solo piano piece "Silence Seen" and the more experimental sound experiment "A Terraplace In Time." To find out more about James Marienthal and his latest release "Speak To The Sky," please visit

Friday, October 16, 2020

Embrace Their New Vinyl Releases, While TWRP Takes You "Over The Top"

Arriving October 30th from Craft Recordings is the vinyl debut release of Embrace's 2004 album "Out Of Nothing" and their 2006 follow-up "This New Day." Their "Out Of Nothing" album debuted at #1 on the U.K. charts, going two-times platinum, but did very little here in the U.S. The album's lead single "Gravity" (written by Coldplay) was a top ten hit in multiple countries and anchors the album with its big, arena sound. The vinyl release of the "Out Of Nothing" sounds even more pure, with the perfect separation of instruments. The pounding drums of "Someday" and the beautiful piano melody of "A Glorious Day" are much more striking on this new vinyl release.

The band's fifth studio album "This New Day," also went straight to #1 on the U.K. chart. The albums comes blasting out of the gate with the intensity of "No Use Crying," before falling back into their more well-known pop oriented rock approach on "Nature's Law." The wonderful melody of "Target" plays perfectly on this new vinyl reissue, as the tone of the music is warmer and clear. The diversity in Embrace's sound is full appreciated in the tracks "Sainted" and "I Can't Come Down," as they have become experts in capturing you full attention. The raw, edginess of "Even Smaller Stones" is even stronger on vinyl, along with the arena built rocker "This New Day." To find out more about this new vinyl release of Embrace's "Out Of Nothing" and "This New Day" albums, please visit

Just last month, Canadian electronic rock/funk band TWRP released their third full-length album titled "Over The Top." Their sound is very retro, pulling from the era of electronic music with altered vocals and addictive riffs. Their new ten song release begins with the perfect introduction, "Comin' Atcha," which makes you feel like you been invited to the show of the century, as this mostly instrumental track gets the energy flowing. TWRP combine the nostalgic rock guitar riffs with an electronic pop vocal on "Roll With It," before going full-blown eighties with the ELO like ballad "Somewhere Out There." Next, they take you to the disco of the seventies with the dance rhythm of "On This Rock," which is perfectly set up for a club remix. The highlight of the album is the seven-minute, progressive rock adventure "Black Swan," which seems to encompass all of TWRP's unique sound into one song. The band wrap up their new album with the funk-fueled beats of "Top Secret" and the eighties rock vibe of the closing instrumental "Grand Prix." To find out more about TWRP and their latest release "Over The Top," please visit

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ronnie Wood Is Grateful That "Somebody Up There Likes Me" In His New Documentary

The newly created documentary "Somebody Up There Likes Me" about the life of musician/artist Ronnie Wood was recently released on DVD, Blu-ray and in hardcover book form Eagle Rock Entertainment. The film (by acclaimed director Mike Figgis) was an official selection of both the Tribeca Film Festival in 2020 and the BFI London Film Festival in 2019. It gives fans a first hand account into the life of Ronnie Wood, as told by Wood himself.

The documentary includes loads of archival footage from Wood's early days with his first band, The Birds, to his time with The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and of course The Rolling Stones. Wood's theory to his success is that he was "in the right place at the right time." The film also gives us a glimpse into Ronnie Wood's other passion, art. Whether its painting or sculpting, Ronnie talks about it with as much love and emotion as he does with his music. 

Many of Ronnie's current Rolling Stones' bandmates (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts) discuss Wood's arrival into the band in 1975 and how he has helped shape the music over the years. The film also includes a complete live performance of "When The Whip Comes Down" to showcase how Wood was the perfect fit for the band in late-seventies. Also included are interviews with former bandmate Rod Stewart, artist Damien Hirst, Wood's wife Sally Wood and sing Imelda May, who he discovered in a small blues club. One of the bonus items in this set is Wood and May performing "Wee Wee Hours" on stage together.

Ronnie Wood also talks about his demons, which were in the form of drugs, alcohol and smoking, which took up a good chunk of his life. At seventy years old, Wood looks back and wonders where all the time went and feels gypped that time has moved so quickly. The final scenes of the documentary show Wood as a family man with his two young daughters, before performing an intimate, acoustic rendition of his song "Breathe On Me" in his home studio.

Some more of the bonus section includes a couple more live performances, as well as an in-depth look into his artwork, including his bronze statue "Half Man, Half Horse." To find out more about this new film "Somebody Up There Like Me," please visit

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Remasters & Reissues Van Duren's Two Lost Studio Albums

The power pop/rock scene was blowing up in Memphis in the seventies. The band, Big Star was being heralded as the next big thing, before breaking up only four years later. From the ashes of the band grew the Baker Street Regulars, which featured Chris Bell and Jody Stephens from Big Star, along with a then unknown artist, Van Duran. Van Duran was being compared to the likes of Paul McCartney and Todd Rundgren. After the untimely death of Chris Bell, the band dissolved and Van Duren took on a solo career. He was being managed by Andrew Loog Oldham (The Rolling Stones) and in 1978, Van Duran released his debut album "Are You Serious?." After a quick tour to follow the success of the album, Van Duran quickly got back into the studio to record a second album. Sixteen months later, Van Duren completed "Idiot Optimism," but by then, he had a huge dispute with his record label and the album sat on the shelf for nearly two decades, before coming out in 1999 on Japan's Airmail Recordings label.

Now, on October 30th Van Duren's two studio album will get the proper release on CD and on limited-edition color vinyl. Both albums have been remastered and will be released through Omnivore Recordings, along with new liner notes from Van Duren. The first album, "Are You Serious?" is filled with great power pop anthems like "Chemical Fire" and "Oh Babe," along with beautiful sweeping ballads like "Waiting" and "Guaranteed." The Memphis rock sound is fully formed in songs "New Year's Eve" and "For A While," while "The Love That I Love" showcases his folky, singer/songwriter side.

Van Duren's second album "Idiot Optimism" still holds on to that raw, rock approach with songs like "Bear With Me All The Way" and "Make A Scene," but as the album continues, you can hear Van Duren's sound evolving. His sound also evolved to the times of the late-seventies/early eighties with a more R&B vibe finding their way into songs like "Torn In Half" and "Reminds Me Of Me." The piano ballad "What's Keeping You?" feels as if is should be more epic and included in part of rock opera suite. The treasure for me is the closing number "Love At The Heart Of It/Mad At The Moon," which has all of Van Duren's musical elements coming together to form this masterpiece. To find out more about these two new remastered reissues of Van Duren's "Are You Serious?" and "Idiot Optimism" albums, please visit

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Blues Come Alive With New Music From Kirk Fletcher and Mark Searcy

American Blues Music Award nominee and former member of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Kirk Fletcher is releasing his fifth studio album titled "My Blues Pathway." It features a mix of originals and cover songs, beginning with "Ain't No Cure For The Downhearted," which finds Kirk delivering a passionate guitar solo right off the bat. He follows that up with the sweet horns and soulful blues of "No Place To Go," along with the deep emotions of "Love Is More Thank A Word." The album does include its share of covers, like the classic swinging blues/rock vibe of A.C. Reed's "I Rather Fight Than Switch" and the big thumping rhythm of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Fattening Frogs For Snakes." Kirk Fletcher wrap up his new album with the guitar boogie instrumental "D Is For Denny" and the swampy, acoustic blues of "Life Gave Me A Dirty Deal," which also features the great Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica. To find out more about Kirk Fletcher and his latest release "My Blues Pathway," please visit

Another new release recently arrived from fellow blues artist, independent singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Searcy. His new album "Power Of Love" features nine new original tracks, and a cover of Tom Waits' "House Where Nobody Lives," which kicks off the album. The song is Mark's bluesy reinterpretation of the song, as he perfectly matches the music to the lyrics. He picks the tempo up with the swinging rockabilly vibe of "Ding Dong Diddley Dadgum," before letting his guitar take over the spotlight on the emotional blues of "Free." Mark Searcy shows off his looser side with the stellar, folksy, light-hearted songwriting of "Blue Star." then blazes a trail with deep blues of the heartfelt ballad "Col du Tourmalet." He finishes up his new album with the acoustic, New Orleans-style jazz of "Dead Boy's Rag" and the six-minute guitar-driven passionate instrumental "Farewell Jake." To find out more about Mark Searcy and his latest release "Power Of Love," please visit

Monday, October 12, 2020

WAX Band Celebrate 50 Years With New Release & Hawkestrel Become "Pioneers Of Space" Rock

Legendary songwriters, producers and front men that helped shape the music scene in the seventies and eighties came together in 1969 to form the band, WAX. Rob Hyman (The Hooters), Rick Chertoff (Cyndi Lauper), Rick Levy (The Box Tops), David Kagan (Baby Grand) and Beau Jones were one of top acts in the Philadelphia, packing clubs in New England. WAX entered the studio in 1970 to record songs for Vanguard Records, but they would not see the light of day until their release, nearly four decades later. The one and only WAX album "Melted" was released in 2010 and seemed to be the final word on the band, that was until a new box of master recordings was discovered and was released back in September as "Elmira Lane," to celebrate WAX's 50th anniversary.

The new fourteen track release showcase a youthful band ready to conquer the airwaves and fill arenas with rocking songs like "Elmira Lane" and "On And On." Although the recordings have been cleaned-up for this new release, they still have some rough edges on the newly discovered Regent Sound versions that still show some of the age of these songs. WAX also shows us a more elegant side with the beautiful harmonies of "Nearer To God" and "Warehouse Eyes," as the band had the perfect recipe for success. The highlight of the set has to be the ten-minute, epic, soulful jam "Greasy Suite," which fully displays the young talent of these five individuals. This new set closes with the funky beats of "It Don't Matter At All," as the legend of WAX lives on through these newly discovered recordings. To find out more about the music of WAX, please visit

Hawkwind alumni Alan Davey is preparing to release a new album from the prog-rock supergroup, Hawkestrel. The new album titled "Pioneers Of Space," features nine new tracks that includes contributions from Todd Rundgren, Mick Taylor and David Cross, just to name a few of artists that helped shape the music on this latest adventure. The eight-minute opener "Biometrics" is a straight-up, hard rock number that, then takes you off into space, with its swirling middle instrumental break, before finishing the song with a more intense sound. Alan Davey and Hawkestrel can't help but bring up the classic sound of Hawkwind with the intensity of "Day Of The Quake." Todd Rundgren steps in with some great guitar work on the band's high-energy instrumental cover of Post Malone's song "Circles." Hawkestrel finishes up their latest album with the prog-rock wizardry of "Journey" and the steady rising, atmospheric rock groove of the title song, "Pioneers Of Space." To find out more about Hawkestrel and their latest release "Pioneers Of Space," please visit

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Mark Vickness Becomes "Interconnected" & Stephen Britt Want You To "Bite A Lemon" With New Releases

Acoustic guitar virtuoso Mark Vickness is returning to release his sophomore effort titled "Interconnected." It has been three since Mark's debut release "Places" and this new nine song album shows us how much he has grown into a conductor, as well as a performer. The album begins with the flowing melody of "Interwoven," which certainly highlights Mark classical side, while the follow-up track "Grey Skye" delivers folky, more relaxed, acoustic based instrumental track. The energy picks up, but only slightly on the Celtic feel of "Hot Apple Stuff," while Mick Vickness relaxes your senses with the emotional ballad "Mia Lucia." He finishes up his new album with classical lullaby of "For Every Child" and acoustic, non-lyrical tale of "One Day Over A Thousand." To find out more about Mark Vickness and his latest release "Interconnected," please visit

Next, singer/songwriter Stephen Britt will excite your senses with a jolt of energy in the form of his latest solo album "Bite A Lemon." Britt is the leader of the North Carolina punk band, Ugly Runner, which released their debut album earlier this year, before breaking up during the quarantine. Now, Britt is pursuing a solo career with as much passion and energy as he put into the band. The album kicks off with the loud, rawnchy delivery of "Elevator Toe Jam" and the alternative buzz of "Sweet Michelle." Britt also brings some undeniable pop licks into the wildly addictive "Imaginary World," while "Happy Now" is relaxed, acoustic gold. He adds even more melody to the psychedelic touch of the title song "Bite A Lemon," before wrapping up his new album with the raw rocker "Get Through To You" and the quiet acoustics of "Hate To Be Wrong." To find out more about Stephen Britt and his latest release "Bite A Lemon," please visit

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Amber Weekes Starts "The Gathering" For The Holidays and Douglas Olsen Throws In His "2 Cents"

It's never too early to start thinking of Christmas, right? Well, the latest release from jazz singer Amber Weekes titled "The Gathering" is just that, one of the first and newest holiday albums to arrive this month. It features ten tracks, filled with Christmas classics like "The Christmas Waltz," "Winter Wonderland" and "Let It Snow." Amber also includes the Rodgers and Hart's "My Romance" from the musical "Jumbo," which perfectly matches her vocals to make this a magical tune. Another lesser known holiday tune is "Some Children See Him," in which Amber simply turns into one of the highlights of her new album. Amber Weekes wraps up her new holiday-themed album with the classic jazz ballad "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" and the one original song "The Gathering," which is a sing-along delivered over a modern jazz/pop melody. To find out more about Amber Weekes and her latest release "The Gathering," please visit

Next, trumpet player Douglas Olsen gives us his "2 Cents" with his latest nine-song release. Filled mostly with original tracks, Olsen wastes no time showing off his skills one the trumpet during the opening notes of "Tailwind." The rest of the band also find there way in to spotlight their amazing musical talents. Douglas Olsen swings away with the title-song "2 Cents," before adding a little Latin flair to his cover of Dizzy Gillespie's "Algo Bueno." He keeps the energy flowing with "Rat-Race," while "Boperation" will make you want to move your hips to the song's island rhythm. Douglas Olsen closes his new album with the emotional ballad "Una Para Ti" and the final jazz frenzy of "Passage." To find out more about Douglas Olsen and his latest release "2 Cents," please visit

Friday, October 9, 2020

Discover New Music From Badfinger's Joey Molland Along With Mother/Daughter Duo Suzzy Roche & Lucy Wainwright Roche

Former Badfinger guitarist/singer/songwriter Joey Molland is preparing to release his first new album of material in almost a decade with "Be True To Yourself." It was produced by the great Mark Hudson (Ringo Starr, Aerosmith) and features a load of guests, including Julian Lennon and Micky Dolenz. Molland's new ten song release begins with the high energy rocker "This Time," which features a taste of Molland's chops on the guitar. The album continues with the addictive, hook-filled vibe of "Better Tomorrow" and the ELO-type harmonies of "Rainy Day Man." The classic sixties sound finds its way into Joey Molland's new album in the form of "All I Want To Do" and the up-tempo, pop delivery of "I Don't Want To Be Done With You." He finishes up his new album with the bluesy ballad "Loving You" and the positive vibe and stellar songwriting of the title song "Be True To Yourself." To find out more about Joey Molland and his latest release "Be True To Yourself," please visit

Mother and daughter combo, Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche are ready to release an album of songs the two recorded together during their quarantine at their New York City homes. The album titled "I Can Still Hear You" will be released on October 30th through Storysound Records. It is the duos' third collaboration together and features eleven heart-filled, emotional melodies, beginning with "I Can Still Hear You," which is directly associated with the recently lock-down of New York City. The harmonies on "Ruins" simply soar with beauty, as Suzzy and Lucy are joined by Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls. They deliver a classic, acoustic folk vibe with "Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)," while "Swan (Duck) Song" is an emotional tale of hope. Suzzy and Lucy pay tribute to the children's book character, Stuart Little with the more mature, storied lyrics of "Little," while "Jane" allows the simplicity to be the strength of the song. The album closes with the duo's cover of the Kermit The Frog classic "Bein' Green," which proves that no matter what you look like, you are special. To find out more about this new album from Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche, please visit

Thursday, October 8, 2020

New Super Deluxe Edition Of "The Seeds Of Love" Reminds Us Of The Talents Of Tears For Fears

On October 9th UMe/Virgin will unveil a new, deluxe edition of Tears For Fears' 1989 album "The Seeds Of Love." This album originally followed the band's break-out album "Songs From The Big Chair" and hit #1 on the U.K. Album chart and #8 on the U.S. Album chart. It has since gone on to sell over a million copies in the U.S. alone and features the top ten single "Sowing The Seeds Of Love." This new deluxe box set of the album includes four CDs and a Blu-ray, filled with demos, studio jams, B-sides and single edits of the songs from "The Seeds Of Love" album. A remastered vinyl and picture disc are also arriving, along with an inexpensive 2CD special edition release.

The original album has been remastered by Andrew Walter at Abbey Road Studios specifically for this new release, and believe me it sounds amazing. Tears For Fears seemed ahead of their time on this album. The music is more timeless and has a universal appeal with songs like the soulful, jazzy 8-minute jam of "Badman's Song" and the worldly vibe of "Swords And Knives." There is of course the pop anthem "Sowing The Seeds Of Love," along with the R&B duet "Woman In Chains" (featuring Oleta Adams on vocals and Phil Collins on drums) and the closing ballad "Famous Last Words." Even the B-sides that did not make the final album like "Tears Roll Down" and "Always In The Past" are exciting, energetic and spiritual, and appear on the second disc of this set. Along with these B-Sides are instrumental versions of "Woman In Chains" and the beats infused "Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams," which also appears in two other remixes.

The third disc of this set features more radio edits and remixes, along with an alternative version and an instrumental version of the timeless single "Sowing The Seeds Of Love," which all sound similarly to original released version we all know. Their is a beautiful keyboard-only version of "Woman In Love: Reprise" that closes out the third disc, but fans may want to dive directly into the fourth disc, filled with demos and studio jams. The quality of these demos are quite good, for never being planned for release. The final six songs in the set make up the "Townhouse Jam," which are simply stunning. These versions of "Rhythm Of Love" and "Standing On The Corner Of The Third World" may even rival the originals, as far as being superior versions.

The Blu-ray included with the Super Deluxe Edition of the new "The Seeds Of Love" reissue includes multiple versions of the album, including the original version, the new remastered version and a 5.1 mix of the album by Grammy-nominated artist Steven Wilson. The set also includes a 36-page, full-color booklet with new essays and interviews and some of the classic artwork from the original album. To find out more about this new reissue of Tears For Fears' "The Seeds Of Love" album, please visit

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists Radio Receiver, BAO and Crown Vic Royal

Arriving October 16th is the self-titled debut album from Portland, Oregon psychedelic folk act, Radio Receiver, led by singer/songwriter Nate Wallace. The writings for this album began with a Western-theme, according to the artist, before developing a mellower tone than what he produces with his psych-rock band, Heart Of Oak. The band's new twelve song release begins with the country sound of "Billy #10," before the song takes off with swirling melodies to excite your senses. The album continues with the basic flow of "Bicycle Thief" and the steady pace of "Twisted Moon," which allows words from Wallace to be the focal point of the songs. The gentle touch of "One Way To Slice A Pie" allows you to fully sink into the warming tone that Radio Receiver give you with their music. Their sound finally comes alive with the country/blues ballad "Ice Captain," before finishing the new album with sweet, acoustic folk delivery of "Dreamers Need Believers" and the loose, demo-like feel of "Scars Align." To find out more about Radio Receiver and their new self-titled release, please visit

Next up, is another debut release from singer/songwriter/musician BAO (former frontman for LA synth-pop band, Ming & Ping). His new album titled "Perpetual Heartbreak" features fourteen tracks, beginning with the addictive pop melody of "Beautiful Things." His sound explodes with electronic dance beats of "No Filter" and "We Never Say A Word," which perfectly matches his singing and songwriting style to create the right mixture for pop success. He slows down for the delicate ballad "Perpetual Heartbreak," which doesn't quite reach the same level of perfection as his more upbeat tunes. The dance club is open once again for the energy of "Burn It Down," which could still use that extra jolt of intensity. BAO wraps up his new album with the elegant piano ballad "Deep Beneath The Sea" and the 67-second interlude "A Different Story." To find out more about BAO and his latest release "Perpetual Heartbreak," please visit

Last, but not least we have the new, three-song release from Chicago's own Crown Vic Royal. This is only the second EP released from the band, since forming in 2019, but feels like Crown Vic Royal has been together for decades. The new album titled "There's Still Time" starts off with the steady rock pace of "Blue Highway," which is built for long drives. I wish the band would just jam on this melody for another twenty-minutes, its that good. Even though, Crown Vic Royal are from Chicago, they deliver a spot-on southern rock groove with the album closer "I'll Be There, Too." To find out more about Crown Vic Royal and their latest EP "There's Still Time," please visit