Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists Radio Receiver, BAO and Crown Vic Royal

Arriving October 16th is the self-titled debut album from Portland, Oregon psychedelic folk act, Radio Receiver, led by singer/songwriter Nate Wallace. The writings for this album began with a Western-theme, according to the artist, before developing a mellower tone than what he produces with his psych-rock band, Heart Of Oak. The band's new twelve song release begins with the country sound of "Billy #10," before the song takes off with swirling melodies to excite your senses. The album continues with the basic flow of "Bicycle Thief" and the steady pace of "Twisted Moon," which allows words from Wallace to be the focal point of the songs. The gentle touch of "One Way To Slice A Pie" allows you to fully sink into the warming tone that Radio Receiver give you with their music. Their sound finally comes alive with the country/blues ballad "Ice Captain," before finishing the new album with sweet, acoustic folk delivery of "Dreamers Need Believers" and the loose, demo-like feel of "Scars Align." To find out more about Radio Receiver and their new self-titled release, please visit

Next up, is another debut release from singer/songwriter/musician BAO (former frontman for LA synth-pop band, Ming & Ping). His new album titled "Perpetual Heartbreak" features fourteen tracks, beginning with the addictive pop melody of "Beautiful Things." His sound explodes with electronic dance beats of "No Filter" and "We Never Say A Word," which perfectly matches his singing and songwriting style to create the right mixture for pop success. He slows down for the delicate ballad "Perpetual Heartbreak," which doesn't quite reach the same level of perfection as his more upbeat tunes. The dance club is open once again for the energy of "Burn It Down," which could still use that extra jolt of intensity. BAO wraps up his new album with the elegant piano ballad "Deep Beneath The Sea" and the 67-second interlude "A Different Story." To find out more about BAO and his latest release "Perpetual Heartbreak," please visit

Last, but not least we have the new, three-song release from Chicago's own Crown Vic Royal. This is only the second EP released from the band, since forming in 2019, but feels like Crown Vic Royal has been together for decades. The new album titled "There's Still Time" starts off with the steady rock pace of "Blue Highway," which is built for long drives. I wish the band would just jam on this melody for another twenty-minutes, its that good. Even though, Crown Vic Royal are from Chicago, they deliver a spot-on southern rock groove with the album closer "I'll Be There, Too." To find out more about Crown Vic Royal and their latest EP "There's Still Time," please visit

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