Thursday, October 22, 2020

Discover These New Releases From Singer/Songwriters Gary Van Miert, Rodney Rice and Tom Mason

Singer/songwriter Gary Van Miert has become a local cult figure around the New York/New Jersey area. He wears the look of a classic country singing cowboy and plays the music to match. Gary and his band, The Sensational Country Blues Wonders have opened for the likes of Marshall Crenshaw and The Smithereens and have performed everywhere from clubs to cemeteries. In 2012, Gary Van Miert released a covers album, but on November 13th, he will release his debut album of original material titled "The World Will Break Your Heart." It features ten tracks, beginning with the nostalgic, Bakersfield/Buck Owens sounding "Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar." As you listen, you'd swear that Gary Van Miert is from five decades ago, as his honky-tonk sound is so pure and honest on such tracks as "I'm Afraid Of Every Goddamn Thing" and "When Your Heart Is Blue." He gets playful with "Double Barrel Blues," which feels as if it came from the bar of an old western town, while "I'm A Heartbreaker" has the most modern sound on the album with its bluesy swagger. The Sensational Country Blues Wonders wrap up their new album with the classic country story of "My Baby Stabbed Me With A Steak Knife" and the emotional, heartfelt ballad "Privilege." To find out more about Gary Van Miert and his latest release "The World Will Break Your Heart," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Rodney Rice is ready to release his new album titled "Same SHIrT, Different Day." It features a dozen tracks that carry a country twang with a rock edge, beginning with the politically targeted blues of "Ain't Got A Dollar." Rodney continues with the more melodic flow of "Hard Life" and the honky-tonk, nostalgic country touch of "Free At Last." He gets right to the heart of the problems of the world with the descriptive lyrics of "Pillage And Plunder" and the depressed words "Middle Managed Blues." Rodney Rice finishes his new album with the more upbeat, hang-out recollection of "Memoirs Of Our Youth" and the truthful advice of picking yourself back up and "Don't Look Back." To find out more about Rodney Rice and his latest release "Same SHIrT, Different Day," please visit

Self-proclaimed rock pirate, Tom Mason used his time off this past year to record a new holiday themed album titled "Under A Mistletoe Sky," which will be released on November 6th. After he and his band, The Blue Buccaneers were left without shows because of a hurricane and a pandemic, Tom decided to continue work on his third holiday album, which was produced by Michael Webb (John Prine, Chris Stapleton). The new ten song set of originals begins with "Crazy For Christmas," a New Orleans-style, French Quarter jazz romp and the big guitar rock sound of "Under A Mistletoe Sky." Tom tries to bring all cultures together with the nostalgic shuffle rhythm of "Christmas Boogaloo" and keeps the energy flowing with the rockabilly swing of "Little Elvis, King Of The Elves." Tom Mason wraps up his new holiday album with the jazzy, lounge vibe of "Santa Says Keep It Cool" and the wonderful sleigh-ride melody of "Christmas In Love," which features some great harmonies from Fawn Larson. To find out more about Tom Mason and his latest release "Under A Mistletoe Sky," please visit

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