Friday, October 16, 2020

Embrace Their New Vinyl Releases, While TWRP Takes You "Over The Top"

Arriving October 30th from Craft Recordings is the vinyl debut release of Embrace's 2004 album "Out Of Nothing" and their 2006 follow-up "This New Day." Their "Out Of Nothing" album debuted at #1 on the U.K. charts, going two-times platinum, but did very little here in the U.S. The album's lead single "Gravity" (written by Coldplay) was a top ten hit in multiple countries and anchors the album with its big, arena sound. The vinyl release of the "Out Of Nothing" sounds even more pure, with the perfect separation of instruments. The pounding drums of "Someday" and the beautiful piano melody of "A Glorious Day" are much more striking on this new vinyl release.

The band's fifth studio album "This New Day," also went straight to #1 on the U.K. chart. The albums comes blasting out of the gate with the intensity of "No Use Crying," before falling back into their more well-known pop oriented rock approach on "Nature's Law." The wonderful melody of "Target" plays perfectly on this new vinyl reissue, as the tone of the music is warmer and clear. The diversity in Embrace's sound is full appreciated in the tracks "Sainted" and "I Can't Come Down," as they have become experts in capturing you full attention. The raw, edginess of "Even Smaller Stones" is even stronger on vinyl, along with the arena built rocker "This New Day." To find out more about this new vinyl release of Embrace's "Out Of Nothing" and "This New Day" albums, please visit

Just last month, Canadian electronic rock/funk band TWRP released their third full-length album titled "Over The Top." Their sound is very retro, pulling from the era of electronic music with altered vocals and addictive riffs. Their new ten song release begins with the perfect introduction, "Comin' Atcha," which makes you feel like you been invited to the show of the century, as this mostly instrumental track gets the energy flowing. TWRP combine the nostalgic rock guitar riffs with an electronic pop vocal on "Roll With It," before going full-blown eighties with the ELO like ballad "Somewhere Out There." Next, they take you to the disco of the seventies with the dance rhythm of "On This Rock," which is perfectly set up for a club remix. The highlight of the album is the seven-minute, progressive rock adventure "Black Swan," which seems to encompass all of TWRP's unique sound into one song. The band wrap up their new album with the funk-fueled beats of "Top Secret" and the eighties rock vibe of the closing instrumental "Grand Prix." To find out more about TWRP and their latest release "Over The Top," please visit

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