Saturday, October 17, 2020

Relax & Simply Float Downstream With New Music From "Aloha Radio Hawaii" & Flautist James Marienthal

California-based label, Rhymoi Music recently released a newly recorded tribute to the "Golden Age" of Hawaiian Song with "Aloha, Radio Hawaii." This music will certainly remind you of a more simple time in the world, which is what we can all use right now. Producer Yuchuan Ye has gathered a stellar team of seven artists to paint a picture (through music) of the early days of Hawaiian radio. The musicians use priceless vintage guitars to re-create some of the most memorable music from the island, including the opening track "Moana Chimes." You can almost feel the warm weather and see the swaying palm trees during "Hilo March" and "Hula Blues." Another well-known track is classic melody of "Sentimental Journey," which is performed with a special touch of grace. One of the songs on this new compilation that contains vocals is "Sweet Lei Mokihana," as the gentle harmonies allow you drift off to a place of complete relaxation. This new thirteen track release finishes with the ocean sway of the "Song Of The Islands" and quiet guitar lullabye "Mai Poina Oe la'u." To find out more about this new compilation, "Aloha, Radio Hawaii," please visit

Another new arrival features musician James Marienthal and his latest studio album "Speak To The Sky." Marienthal is a world-renown flautist and his previous release "Mysteries Of The Night, Alive Inside A Tank" was the #1 "Healing Arts Music Album" of 2018. His new eight song release begins with the gentle flow of "First Breath," as you begin to feel awakened by his music. Next, is the vocal/flute duet "Wondering Who," which just floats along like a feather in the wind. The gracefulness of  "Escondida" allows you to dive deep into the earthly tones of James Marienthal's music. He closes out his new album with the wonderful solo piano piece "Silence Seen" and the more experimental sound experiment "A Terraplace In Time." To find out more about James Marienthal and his latest release "Speak To The Sky," please visit

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Anonymous said...

Jim, you did a great write-up of both these masterful albums. You make people want to go and check out these 2 modern-day World Music classics!