Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Here Comes The "Second Coming" Of Your "Lifetime Friend" From Little Richard & Omnivore Recordings

The next wave of Little Richard reissues arrives on October 23rd from Omnivore Recordings. They include his 1972 album "Second Coming" and his 1986 album "Lifetime Friend." During the seventies, Little Richard was recording for the Reprise Records label, but his albums could not capture the chart success of his early fifties and sixties albums, even though Little Richard was in-demand as a recording artist. His "Second Coming" album was supposed to be his big comeback album, since it reunited Little Richard with his writing partner Robert Blackwell from his Specialty label days. It also included some of the best studio musicians of fifties collaborating with some of the best studio musicians of the seventies to give his sound that classic feel with a modern touch. The experiment did not go as well as planned, since the album failed to even chart on the top albums list. The album does include some glimpses to Little Richard's past with the energetic romp of "Mockingbird Sally" and the New Orleans' flavor of "The Saints." The seventies vibe of "Nuki Suki" and "Sanctified, Satisfied Toe-Tapper" were more representative of how good the studio musicians were, than Little Richard's own inclusion. The bonus tracks on this new reissue of the "Second Coming" album include the two songs "Money Is" and "Do It - To It" from the soundtrack "$," along with the single edits for "Mockingbird Sally" and "Money Is."

After the release of "Second Coming," Little Richard left the Reprise Record label and pursued a religious path with his music for the rest of the seventies, before retiring from music in the early eighties. Then, in 1986 Little Richard decided to come out of retirement with his first album pop album in over a decade. The release of "Lifetime Friend" did very little on the charts, but reminded the public that Little Richard was one of the architects of modern rock and roll. The album is full of that Little Richard energy, right from the opening track "Great Gosh A'Mighty" and the album's lead single "Operator." His sound was fully engulfed in eighties pop with songs like "Destruction" and "I Found My Way," while still delivering his classic rock edge. The new reissue of "Lifetime Friend" includes a couple of other versions of his single "Operator," including the single edit and an extended mix of the song. To find out more about these two new reissues of Little Richard's "Second Coming" and "Lifetime Friend" albums, please visit omnivorerecordings.com.

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