Thursday, October 29, 2020

New Heavy Metal Music From Old Mother Hell, Dark Quarterer and White Magician

German power metal band, Old Mother Hell recently released their new sophomore effort titled "Lord Of Demise." The new eight-track release begins with the chugging guitar riffs of "Betrayal At The Sea," which also carries a nostalgic, thrash metal sound. Old Mother Hell slow the tempo down for the dark, doom metal appeal of the title song "Lord Of Demise," while "Estranged" slowly builds the energy back up, reaching the sonic blast of "Edge Of Time." They finish their new album with the intense heavy metal attack of "Shadows Within," along with the up and down tempo changes of the mystical closer "Finally Free." To find out more about Old Mother Hell and their latest release "Lord Of Demise," please visit

Next up is the November 6th release from Italy's epic metal band, Dark Quarterer. Their new album titled "Pompei" is only the band's eighth studio album from their nearly forty year career. This new album also revolves around the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Dark Quarterer's new release features six epic tracks, beginning with the nine-plus minute progressive metal attack of "Vesuvius," as the band still deliver their iconic classic metal sound. The music gets slightly more aggressive with the intensity of "Welcome To The Day Of Death," before the grand, almost operatic delivery of "Panic" takes over and instantly turns you into a fan of this cult metal band. Dark Quarterer wrap up their new album with the aggressive, edginess of "Gladiator" and the eight-minute epic musical number "Forever," which closes out the story of "Pompei." To find out more about the band and their latest release, please visit

Then, later on in the month arrives the full-length debut release from Detroit's classic sounding metal band, White Magician. Their new album titled "Dealers Of Divinity" draws from the band's seventies hard rock and heavy metal influences, as heard on the opening title track "Dealers Of Divinity." The band seem possessed by Blue Oyster Cult, as the look to mirror their sound with "Mad Magic II: In The Absence Of Gods (Bad Magic)," while the nine-minute metal epic "Magia Nostra" finds White Magician showing all their cards with tempo frequent changes and an edgier guitar-heavy metal sound. They finishes up their new album with the mystical, high-energy attack of "Power Of The Stone" and the thrash metal force of "Spectre Of A Dying Flame." To find out more about White Magician and their latest release "Dealers Of Divinity, please visit

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