Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Music Arriving From Armored Saint, Nuclear Power Trio and Dead Girls Academy

Since the early eighties, Armored Saint have been proudly carrying the banner for heavy metal for nearly four decades. After a short intermission in the nineties (due to lead singer John Bush joining Anthrax), Armored Saint have returned full force and are ready to release their new album "Punching The Sky" through Metal Blade Records. It features eleven tracks, as the energy slowly builds during the opening of the epic metal attack of "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants." The band sound as youthful and aggressive as ever on the tracks "End Of The Attention Span" and "Do Wrong To None." Bush's vocals sound a strong as they did in the eighties, as Armored Saint still carry the classic heavy metal sound throughout songs like "Missile To Gun" and "Bark, No Bite." They wrap up their new album with the dark, slow, alternative-metal feel of "Unfair" and the final sonic blast of "Never You Fret." To find out more about Armored Saint and their latest release "Punching The Sky," please visit

Also arriving in October, right before the election, is the debut EP from the Nuclear Power Trio. Their new five song EP "A Clear And Present Rager" is a sonic blast of energy from the members of the band who go by the names Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Since the band are trying to prove a point with the members names, let's talk about how great the music is. They begin with the title song "A Clear And Present Rager," which has loads of excitement with all the musical breaks and leads, its a pity that it is only three-minutes long. I enjoy the music so much, I want it to continue as one big heavy metal jam. Next comes the more progressive nature of "Grab 'Em By The Pyongyang" and the intense sonic delivery of "The Fusion Collusion." The Nuclear Power Trio display their musical potential by finishing their new album with the melodic metal flow of "Mutually Assured Seduction." To find out more about Nuclear Power Trio and their latest release "A Clear And Present Rager," please visit

Wrapping up this set of October releases is the sophomore effort from the goth-metal inspired band, Dead Girls Academy. Their new album "Doves In Glass Houses" arrives October 30th through Mission Two Entertainment. The new eleven track release begins with the explosiveness of "Blackout," as vocalist Michael Orlando shows his emotional range. The modern harmonic metal appeal of "Ghost Of Me" will easily draw you in to the band's sound with the song's energetic chugging rhythm and melodic harmonies. Then, Dead Girls Academy go all out metal with the hardcore intensity of "Bleeding Faith" and "Addicted To Your Heart," while "Just For Tonight" displays the band's more mainstream alt-rock sound. They wrap up their new album with the addictive modern hard rock sound of "Nothing Left" and the emotional power ballad "Inside Out" featuring Jinxx from Black Veil Brides. To find out more about Dead Girls Academy and their latest release "Doves In Glass Houses," please visit

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