Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Livesays Find "The Rhythm Of Love & Disfunction" & Sleepsk8 Debuts "A Paralyzing Fear Of Trying"

Billy Livesay (Clarence Clemons) and his band The Livesays are finally releasing their brand new studio album "The Rhythm Of Love And Disfunction." Recording for this album began back in 2018, with an original release date of early 2019. Then, tragedy struck the band when drummer Eddie Zyne (Hall & Oates) passed away from a sudden heart-attack. This delayed the album almost two years, until its release on September 18th, 2020. It features thirteen songs, beginning with slinky, swanky rock and roll vibe of "There's Something Coming Now" and the inspirational "When I Dream." The album does also contain a couple of cover songs, one is a raw, bluesy reinterpretation of Joni Mitchell's anthem "Woodstock." The other cover song is a spot on rendition of Don Henley's "Heart Of The Matter," as Billy's vocals echo those of Henley's. The new album from The Livesays finishes with the country vibe of "Better Than You" and the classic seventies rock attack of "Can I Have (What You Have)." To find out more about Billy Livesay & The Livesays and their latest release "The Rhythm Of Love And Disfunction," please visit

Rising indie-pop/rock singer Sleepsk8 recently released his debut album "A Paralyzing Fear Of Trying." It features eight tracks, beginning with the mellow flow of "Mission Complete" and the more upbeat, alt-pop attention grabbing "Selling The House." Sleepsk8's vocals are so pure and honest during the stark, pop touch of "Sweet Demeanor," while "Blame Me" is acoustic Americana gold, as he pours all his emotions into his music. Sleepsk8 finishes off his new album with the raw rock frenzy of "Anthem Of Misery" and the quiet, slow pop ballad "A Tree Falls." To find out more about Sleepsk8 and his latest release "A Paralyzing Fear Of Trying," please visit

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