Sunday, November 1, 2020

Check Out New Music From Draw Into Disorder, I Prevail, Wildways and Kallias

A trio of new releases has arrived just before the close of October from I Prevail, Wildways and Kallias. but first let's check out the new six-song EP from Japanese hard rock band, Draw Into Disorder. Their sound is heavily influenced by the nineties "grunge" movement of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Nirvana and they instantly transport you back to that era with the rawness of the opening track "Nowhere To Belong." The dark melody and pounding rhythm of "Calm Down," along with "Nappy" keeps the edginess of the nineties alive nearly three decades later. Draw Into Disorder finish up their new EP with the punk fury and guitar buzz of "Dead Thirsty." To find out more about Draw Into Disorder and their latest release "Nappy," please visit

Next up is the latest release from the Grammy nominated band, I Prevail. Their 2019 album "Trauma" was a new pinnacle for the band and they are looking to keep the momentum going with their first live album titled "Post Trauma." It features live versions of all thirteen tracks from the "Trauma," plus four bonus tracks. All of the songs were recorded from their tour last year and right from the opening screams of "Bow Down," you can feel the energy that I Prevail portray to their fans. The live version of "Every Time You Leave" is just stunning, as I Prevail are joined by Delaney Jane on this pop-metal track. As they thank their fans, "Breaking Down" becomes one giant sing-along, while "Gasoline" is as intense and aggressive as anything else the band has performed live or in the studio. The band also show their emotional side with the build-up of "Let Me Be Sad," that simply shines in this live setting. I Prevail gets the mosh pit going with the hardcore metal attack of "Deadweight," before "I Don't Belong Here" closes the album with a gentle, acoustic touch. The bonus tracks include new versions of their songs "DOA," "Hurricane" and "Every Time You Leave." To find out more about I Prevail and their latest release "Post Trauma," please visit

Russia's metalcore band, Wildways recently released their new album "Anna" on October 30th on their new label, Warner Music Russia. The new twelve track release mixes new English and Russian metal anthems, beginning with the intense "Hyenna," that has the perfect sound for modern metal radio. The album continues with the pounding rhythms and growling vocals of "Everest," along with the quick-hitting attack of "Event Horizon." Wildways continues to surprise with the addictive metalcore sound of "The Notebook" and "Havana," before closing out their new album with the electronic rock of "Jealously" and a song sung entirely in Russian with a melodic guitar riffs. To find out more about Wildways and their latest release "Anna," please visit

Lastly we have the new four-song EP titled "The Fourth Phase" from the technically progressive metal of Kallias. They comes blasting right out of the gate with the instrumental thunder of "Phos," which quickly draws you in with their exceptional musical skills. They keep the high-powered energy flowing with the sonic attack of "Metempsychosis" and the guitar frenzy of "Black Dream." Kallias wrap up their new album with the progressive metal melody of the titled song "The Fourth Phase," featuring U.K. guitarist Rick Graham. To find out more about Kallias and their latest release "The Fourth Phase," please visit

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