Monday, November 9, 2020

Check Out These New Sounds From Damia Timoner, Todd Mosby and Julian Gerstin

Spanish-born guitarist Damia Timoner recently released his ZOHO Roots label debut album titled "Jerry's Smilin', A Guitar Tribute To The Grateful Dead." This new ten-song release find Timoner reinterpreting some classic, well-known Grateful Dead tunes, along with some deep cuts. The slow pace of the opener "Brown-Eyed Women," almost makes this track unrecognizable, while "Ramble On Rose" is a beautiful ballad performed with a delicate touch. I love that Damia allows some of his Spanish background to find its way into these tracks, like the finger-picking "Cassidy" and the nine-minute suite of "Lady With A Fan/Terrapin Station." He also knows how to bring out the blues with the dark, quieter tone of "Loser," before finishing with the lighter-sounding blues of "Operator" and the triumphant message of "Touch Of Grey." To find out more about Damian Timoner and his latest release "Jerry's Smilin', A Guitar Tribute To The Grateful Dead," please visit

Also newly released is the latest album from guitarist Todd Mosby titled "Aerial Views." Mosby has invited a slew of guests to perform on his new studio effort, like Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates) and Will Ackerman (Windham Hill Records) just to name a few. His new twelve-track release beings with the gentle, swaying acoustic jazz of "Gliding" and the slightly more up-tempo rhythm of "Across America." The delicate, graceful touch of "Aether" is a wonderful relaxing piece of music that allows you to fully amerce yourself in every note. The jazz vibe returns with the shuffle of "Earth & Sky" and the emotional touch of Charlie Bisharat on violin during "Sailing Sylphs." Todd's guitar playing takes center stage once again on the more rhythmic flow of "Between The Clouds" and the beautiful solo piece "To The Sky." He wraps up his new album with a nod his North Indian raag with "Solo Flight" and the swinging jazz of "Shinning Lights." To find out more about Todd Mosby and his latest release "Aerial Views," please visit

Percussionist Julian Gerstin has turned to the ocean to create his latest release "Littoral Zone." This new seventeen-track album finds Gerstin incorporating sounds from all over the world, as he creates some truly unique musical pieces, like the rhythmic opener "Voluta Musica." The music on this new release are partly improvised on the spot and partly composed, as you can feel the island energy flow through "Purpura" and hear the music come together perfectly like a puzzle in "Corculum Cardissa." Gertin will constantly keep you guessing as to what instrument is being used to make these rhythms, like with "Credpidula Fornicata" and "Telescopium Telescopium." Julian Gerstin closes out his latest dedication to crustaceans with jazzy feel of "Hexaplex Radix" and the slow build-up of "Littoral Zone." To find out more about Julian Gerstin and his latest release "Littoral Zone," please visit

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