Saturday, November 28, 2020

Discover New Experimental Music From RareNoise Records Artists The End and J. Peter Schwalm

Experimental jazz fusion band, The End recently released their new full-length release "Allt Ar Intet," which translates to "All Is Nothingness." This is the band's second album and includes only six tracks, but your mind and ears will be begging for more, as we begin with an old traditional blues hymn "It Hurts Me Too." Vocalist Sofia Jernberg pours all of her emotions into this performance of the song, as the strumming of strings and a slight hint of a rhythm lays down the backdrop of this slightly odd, but wonderous song. Then the band explodes with the sonic blast of "Dark Wish (To Per Henrik Wallin)," which almost sounds like if Frank Zappa, Miles Davis and the Plastic Ono Band had a musical baby together. There seems to be more of a basis of the song with "Intention And Release," as your ears are full of melody, listening to what his happening with the music. The End wrap up their new album with the funky, all-out rock approach of "Allt Ar Intet," along with the fun sound experiments of the album closer "Imani." To find out more about The End and their latest release "Allt Ar Intet," please visit

Also new from RareNoise Records is the latest release titled "Neuzeit" from German electro-acoustic composer J. Peter Schwalm. It features eight tracks, which finds Schwalm teaming up with musician/vocalist Arve Henriksen to create some truly unique music, beginning with the soft jazz touch of "Blutezeit," as the music trends lightly along. This album was created, almost entirely, as a result of the pandemic that began to take over the world in February. Subtle notes and pulsating beats lay down the groundwork for "Suchzeit," while the experimentation of voice and electronic melody in the title-track "Neuzeit" gives off a futurist feel to the music. The atmospheric, airy touch of "Schonzeit" allows your mind to relax and get lost within this musical adventure. J. Peter Schwalm finishes his new album with the more emotional jazz fusion piece "Wellenzeit" and the subtle, mellow touch of "Zeitnah," highlighted by Arve Henriksen's emotional horns. To find out more about J. Peter Schwalm and his latest release "Neuzeit," please visit

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