Friday, November 6, 2020

Legends Of Punk (Adolescents) & Goth Rock (Rosetta Stone) Return With New Albums

SoCal punk legends Adolescents are back with a brand new studio album titled "Russian Spider Dump." This is the first recording of new material since the passing of founding member Steve Soto and it features a mix of covers and obscure gems that make up this fifteen-track compilation. The band nail these songs perfectly, like the classic punk style of The Dickies "Just Say Yes" and hardcore edginess of The Dragons' "Dirty Bomb." The political statements of "God Bless America" and "Class War" are presented loud and clear on this compilation with these much needed, new recordings by the Adolescents. The idea of re-creating these cover songs began with the band playing around with the Spirit song "I Got A Line On You," which features some of the final recordings of Steve Soto on guitar. The album wraps up with raw, nostalgic punk energy of Electric Frankenstein's "Not With You" and the final sonic blast of Muletrain's "Back Door," which the Adolescents pull off perfectly. To find out more about the Adolescents and their latest release "Russian Spider Dump," please visit

Another new release that recently snuck by the radar is the new album "Cryptology" from the gothic rock band, Rosetta Stone. After a nineteen year hiatus, "gothic mastermind" Porl King returned last year with critically praised "Seems Like Forever." His songwriting reflects the world we live in today, with tracks like "Shock" (about a global pandemic) and "Soon" (about climate change), which hits the mark both lyrically and musically. Rosetta Stone's classic new wave/goth style is still present in the tracks "I Put It To You" and "Smoke & Mirrors," as Porl King makes his music feel timeless. The album closes with dark, dance beats of "Always, Always," which seems primed for an extended remix. To find out more about Rosetta Stone and their latest release "Cryptology," please visit

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