Saturday, November 21, 2020

New Metal Music From Serpents Oath, The Deviant, Sarvekas, March In Arms and The Advent Equation

Belgium's extreme metal trio, Serpents Oath are preparing to release their debut album "Nihil" on December 4th through Soulseller Records. The new twelve track release begins with the dark souls of "Vox Mortis" whispering their call, before being blown away by the shear force of "Speaking In Tongues" and "Leviathan Speaks." The extreme black metal onslaught is broken up by atmospheric interludes, which prepares you for the growling doom metal of "Malediction" and the powerful blast of "Into The Abyss." Serpents Oath wrap up their new album with the pounding attack of "The Swords Of Night And Day," along with the final musical interlude, the mystical sounds of "Beyond The Gate." To find out more about Serpents Oath and their latest release "Nihil," please visit

Also arriving December 4th from Soulseller Records is the latest full-length album from the Norwegian death metal band The Deviant. Their new album titled "Rotting Dreams Of Carrion" features eight tracks, which is all they need to grab your attention. A short opening instrumental ("Atomic Dreams") gives way to the intense delivery of "Atomic Revolt" and the raw guitar buzz of "Son Of Dawn." The band's musicianship takes centerstage on the tempo changes of the doom/extreme metal epic "Torment Inferno," as you discover another dimension to their hardcore sound. The Deviant close out their new album with the extreme speed of "Martyrdom" the final pounding assault of "Enter The Storm." To find out more about The Deviant and their latest release "Rotting Dreams Of Carrion," please visit

The two-piece Finnish black metal duo, Sarvekas also have a new release arriving December 4th from Soulseller Records. Their new album titled "Of Atavistic Fury & Visions" features five songs of pure rage, beginning with the chaotic attack of "Dark Spiritual Devotion." The duo mix in a slower tempo, along with the dark screams of "Hexenpyre," before finishing their new, short release with the extreme force of "The Sacred Hour Of The Hunt" and the black metal march of "Surtr's Breath." To find out more about Sarvekas and their latest release "Of Atavistic Fury & Visions," please visit

Another early December release is the arrival of the sophomore album from March In Arms. Their new release titled "Pulse Of The Daring" was actually recorded back in 2018, then after months of mixing and mastering, the shutdown of the pandemic delayed the release until December 4th. March In Arms kick off their new album with the aggressive heavy metal raid of "1914" and the classic guitar riffs of "Alter Of The Gun." Their sound become more modernized with the undeniable hard rock approach of "Welcome The Blitz" and the pounding "Pulse Of The Daring." The band's energy explodes during "No Years Resolution," before wrapping up their new album with the high-powered, thrash metal fueled "Thunderbolt" and more progressive feel of the closer "Not For Nothing." To find out more about March In Arms and their latest release "Pulse Of The Daring," please visit

Finally, we finish with the new self-released album "Remnants Of Oblivion" from the progressive metal quartet, The Advent Equation. It has been eight years since the band's last studio release, at which time they have perfected their craft of creating aggressive, yet melodic soundscapes to discover. They start off their new eight-song release with the instrumental attack of "Ignition," before fleshing out their progressive sound on the more dimensional tone of "Patterns Of Spiraling Reality." They keep the energy flowing with a hardcore metal approach to "Remnants Of Oblivion" and the extreme metal delivery of "Balance Through extinction. The Advent Equation close out their new album with the eleven-minute, two-part epic sounds of "The Creation." To find out more about The Advent Equation and their latest release "Remnants Of Oblivion," please visit

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