Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Jazz Music From Carla Compopiano, The Brazilian Trio and the Carla Marciano Quartet

Jazz flutist Carla Campopiano recently releases her second collection of jazz interpretations made famous by Latin American composers titled "Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections, Vol. II." She is joined on all tracks by percussionist Gustavo Cortinas and features guitarist Gabriel Batcu, Zac Selissen, bassist Kitt Lyles and also includes a couple vocals numbers featuring the late singer Alba Guerra. The bright, airy opener "El Portenito" gives way to the more elegant touch of "Zamba Soltera." Singer Alba Guerra spreads her graceful vocals onto the emotional delivery of "Vieja Viola," before Carla takes over once again on "Nocturna" to showcase her amazing talents on the flute. The gentle touch of "La Pomena" allows you to fully appreciate Alba Guerra's once more. Carla Campopiano finishes her new album with the playful energy of "Payadora" and beautiful, story-telling instrumental piece "Lo que vendra." To find out more about Carla Campopiano and her latest release "Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections, Vol. II," please visit

Sticking with the South American theme, we also have the latest release from The Brazilian Trio titled "Aguas Brasileiras." It is only the band's third full-length studio release, and their first set of new music in eight years. Their new ten song release mixes in a few cover songs along with a set of originals that showcases the trio love for Brazilian music and American jazz. They begin with the swinging tempo of "Maucha Na Praia" and the up-tempo, energetic jazz vibes of "Sampa 67." One of the cover songs that appears on this new release is nearly ten-minute storied instrumental piece "Black Orpheus Trilogy," written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfa for 1959 film "Black Orpheus." The musicians Helio Alves, Nilson Matta and Duduka Da Fonseca handle the task of delivering such emotion to the music with perfection. One other cover is The Brazilian Trio's interpretation of Charles Mingus' "Boogie Stomp Shuffle," which simply rides along on a classic jazz groove. The trio soften their sound with the more elegant touch of "Anninha," before closing out their new album with hustle-up tempo of "Manhatten Style" and the South American flair of "Vila Madalena," inspired by Alves' native neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To find out more about The Brazilian Trio and their latest release "Aguas Brasileiras," please visit

Lastly, we have the Carla Marciano Quartet with their latest release "Psychosis - Homage To Bernard Herrmann." Carla is considered by many to be among the most talented jazz musicians in Europe and she took the opportunity to make her Challenge Records debut a special one by delivering this tribute to one of the greatest film score composers of all time. The new eight song release features some very well-known themes, including the graceful, night time feel of "Betty's Theme" from "Taxi Driver" and the nearly twelve minute "Theme From 'Marine'," which continues to rise with its pulsating tone and hypnotic melody. Many of Bernard Hermann's best musical piece came from the famous Alfred Hitchcock films, including the themes for "Psycho" and "Vertigo." As a bonus, the Carla Marciano Quartet also pay homage to John Williams with their jazzed up version of "Hedwig's Theme" from the iconic "Harry Potter" films. To find out more about the Carla Marciano Quartet and their latest release "Psychosis - Homage To Bernard Hermann," please visit

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