Friday, November 20, 2020

New Music From Dark Tranquility, Hatebreed, Amahiru and Marathon Will Certainly Grab Your Attention

Grammy-nominated heavy metal band, Dark Tranquility are returning with a new studio album "Moment" arriving November 20th. It has been four years since the band's last release "Atoma," which hit number two on the album chart of their home country of Sweden, as Dark Tranquility look to capitalize on that success with this new twelve-track release. The album kicks off with the high-powered stellar musicianship of "Phantom Days" and the aggressive rhythm attack of "Identical To None." Dark Tranquility incorporate a more progressive, melodic tone to "The Dark Unbroken," which showcases the band's songwriting growth during their time between albums. The album is filled with a great selection of singles for modern metal radio, like the epic sounding "Standstill" and the sonic blast of "A Drawn Out Exit," which will turn you into an instant fan of the band. Dark Tranquility close out their new album with the quick-hitting death metal assault of "Failstate" and the gentler, dark side of "In Truth Divided." To find out more about Dark Tranquility and their latest release "Moment," please visit

One of the elite metalcore bands to come from the nineties is the Connecticut-based band, Hatebreed led by original members Jamie Jasta and Chris Beattie. Their new studio album "Weight Of The False Self" is the first new music from the band in four years and is filled will classic, hardcore metal guitar riffs, pounding drum breaks and screaming vocals. Hatebreed blast down the door with the chugging guitars of "Instinctive (Slaughterhouse)," as Jasta's iconic vocals lead the metal march. They keep the energy flowing with the high-powered, aggressive rhythm of "Let Them All Rot" and the strong  reinforcement of "Weight Of The False Self," which still proves that Hatebreed is at the top of the hardcore metal genre. The deep bass groove of "A Stroke Of Red" and the punk-like fury of "Dig Your Way Out" will have your jaw on the floor and your ears bleeding from the band's shear force. Hatebreed wrap up their new album with the reckless attack of "The Herd Will Scatter" and the chaotic build-up of "Invoking Dominance." To find out more about Hatebreed and their latest release "Weight Of The False Self," please visit

Next, former DragonForce bassist Frederic Leclercq has teamed up with Mary's Blood guitarist Saki to form the new extreme metal band, Amahiru. They are preparing to unleash their self-titled debut album on November 27th through earMusic. Right from the opening chords of "Innocent," you know you're in for a sonic adventure that will grab hold and not let go. Singer Archie Wilson's vocals are the perfect fit for the high-powered attack of "Hours" and "Way Out." The band's amazing musical prowess comes alive during the exciting instrumental "Ninja No Tamashii." The big hard rock edge of "Bringing Me Down" and the melodic, emotion-fueled instrumental "Waves" have the perfect sound to introduce new fans to the world of Amahiru. They close the album with the hardcore metal fury of "Samurai" and thunderous delivery of "Zombi." To find out more about Amahiru and their new release, please visit

Let's finish with the debut album from the progressive rock band, Marathon, which is led by Marillion keyboardist Mark Kelly. The band was formed in 2019, but ended up recording their album during the pandemic lockdown from March to July of this year. The band finally reconvened in person to record and film a live version of the album for a bonus DVD that will included with the release of the album. The release is bookended with two musical suites, led by the amazing musicians in this band. The solo that closes out "Amelia: Whistling At The Sea" and the musical interlude of "Twenty-Fifty One: Arrival" carries a classic progressive rock sound, you'd swear this is from one of Marillion's albums from the eighties. The gentle flow of "When I Fall" showcases a different, earthy sound to Marathon's music, before they take you on the tempo changing adventure of "Puppets." To find out more about Mark Kelly's Marathon, please visit

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