Sunday, November 22, 2020

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Fates Warning, Surma and Deluge

Earlier this month, progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning released their thirteenth studio album "Long Day Good Night." It is the longest album of the band's 35 year career and runs through like a roller-coaster ride through various moods and melodies. Fates Warning slowly builds the foundation of the album with the eight-minute "The Destination Onward," which finally explodes with energy and passion. Screaming guitars and vocals continue to excite your sense of hearing with the band's iconic hard rock approach of "Shuttered World" and "Scars." They also take you on the adventure of "The Way Home," that slowly rises to a boil before the heavy metal floodgates open to let the music come pouring out. Fates Warning showcase their hard rock edge with the pounding rhythm of "Begin Again," before finishing up their new album with aggressive thrash metal assault of "Glass Houses," along with the nearly twelve-minute epic progressive metal piece "The Longest Shadow Of The Day," which is one of the band's best musical pieces of their career. To find out more about Fates Warning and their latest release "Long Day Good Night," please visit

The female fronted, symphonic metal band, Surma recently unleashed their debut album "The Light Within" through Metal Blade Records. The band began writing this new release back in 2019 and spent much of the year in the studio recording these thirteen epic pieces of music. The mild, atmospheric opening of "Rendition," lets loose to the sonic blast of "Reveal The Light Within." The band keeps up the intensity with "Like The River Flows," as vocalist Viktorie Surmova rises above the music with her stunning voice, as displayed in the melodic ballad "Desire." Singer/guitarist Heri Joensen of TYR, performs an emotional duet with Viktorie during the sweeping symphonic melody of "Emptiness (Is No More," before the band flex their metal muscle once more with the pounding rhythm of "Cages Of Rage." Surma close out their new album with the sonic blast of "Lost To Time" and the quiet, classic touch of "Deconstruction." To find out more about Surma and their latest release "The Light Within," please visit

After a five year absence, France's premier black metal band, Deluge return with a new studio album titled "Ego Templo." Their new ten track release is more accessible and showcase more depth to their music, than their 2015 debut album "Ether." Deluge display the full force of their music with the screams of "Opprobre," before speeding the tempo up to create the chaotic heavy metal frenzy of "Abysses." They quiet down for the atmospheric undertone of "Fratres," then simply explode with the passion and aggression of "Gloire Au Silence." Deluge wrap up their new album with the heavy pounding of "Baine" and highly addictive, progressive metal piece "Vers." To find out more about Deluge and their latest release "Ego Templo," please visit

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