Sunday, November 29, 2020

New Releases From Progressive Rock Legends Kevin Godley, Jon Anderson and Bill Bruford

Back in 2017, singer/songwriter/drummer Kevin Godley (10CC) started up a PledgeMusic campaign for fans to send him music that he would in turn create songs, by adding words and melodies. Godley received almost 300 pieces of music in just over two years. Before the project could be completed, PledgeMusic declared bankruptcy, so Kevin Godley took 11 of those songs to create a new album titled "Muscle Memory," which will be released on December 17th. The songs appear on the album in chronological order of when they were released, beginning with the addictive, new wave, pop/rock tone of "Expecting A Message," and the gentler touch of the sweeping ballad "The Ghosts Of The Living." Godley feels most at ease during the rhythm-filled melody of "The Bang Bang Theory," as the lyrics aim toward this current presidential run. Another emotional ballad is highlighted by the piano melody of "5 Minutes Alone," before returning to the rock approach of "Cut To The Cat," which sounds like an outtake from a modern David Bowie album. Kevin Godley closes out his new album with his most recent tracks, the six-minute progressive rock piece "Periscope" and the stark, quiet touch of "Bulletholes In The Sky." To find out more about Kevin Godley and his latest release "Muscle Memory," please visit

Jon Anderson, founding member of the legendary rock band YES, recently released a new remastered and expanded version of his 1980 solo album "Song Of Seven." The album was recorded and released during his first break from YES and included musical guests like Jack Bruce (Cream) and Simon Phillips (Toto). It reached the top 40 on the U.K. album charts and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, it was newly remastered from the original Atlantic Records master tapes and includes the two U.S. single edits of the songs "Some Are Born" and "Heart Of The Matter." Anderson's iconic voice is what makes this album shine, as he looked to develop a more pop approach to his music, compared to what YES was producing in the studio. Just listen to the addictive melody of songs like "Some Are Born" and "Everybody Loves You," but he still included a prog-rock masterpiece with the eleven-minute rising melody of "Song Of Seven." To find out more about this new 40th anniversary edition of Jon Anderson's "Song Of Seven" album, please visit

Former YES and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford is unleashing a new deluxe CD/DVD edition of his 1979 BBC recording "Rock Goes To College." This live album was recorded only days after the band existed and was held in the archives until its official release on CD in 2006. This new deluxe reissue of the album was overseen by Bruford himself and includes a DVD of the only concert footage that exists of the line-up of this band, which included Allan Holdsworth, Dave Stewart, Jeff Berlin and Annette Peacock. Rediscover the wonderous musical pieces like part one and two of the adventurous "The Sahara Of Snow" and the energetic prog-rock numbers "Back To The Beginning" and "5G." To find out more about this newly releases deluxe edition of Bill Bruford's "Rock Goes To College" album, please visit

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