Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Rich Shea Sings About "Love & Despiration" & While Jules Shear's New Album Gets "Slower"

Southern California singer, songwriter. guitarist Rick Shea recently released his new album "Love & Desperation" back in October. Shea began recording this new album in the spring of 2019, then once the pandemic hit, the recording took a digital turn with his collaborators. The new twelve-track release begins with the upbeat, energetic country swing of "Blues Stop Knockin' At My Door," before putting the brakes on for the slow, honky-tonk flow of "Blues At Midnight." Rick's descriptive songwriting shines with the slinky blues melody of "(Down At The Bar At) Gypsy Sally's," while the country two-step rhythm of "Big Rain Is Comin' Mama" is a perfect theme for this year's season of storms. Emotions come pouring out of the gentle ballad "A Tender Hearted Love," before the energy picks back up with the Latin-flair/polka vibe of "Juanita (Why Are You So Mean)." Rick Shea wraps up his new album with the acoustic strumming, deep southern sound of "Nashville Blues" and the quick-moving, swift guitar picking of "Texas Lawyer." To find out more about Rick Shea and his latest release "Love & Desperation," please visit rickshea.com.

Fellow singer/songwriter Jules Shear is releasing his first album of new material in over three years. His new album titled "Slower" will be released on November 13th, through Funzalo Records. It features ten tracks that examines how great his songwriting is. Jules has written hit singles for Cyndi Lauper, The Bangles and Alison Moyet, but on this new album his strips everything away and leaves it up to his words to evoke feelings. The new release begins with the gentle sway of "Sugar All Day," which includes a guest appearance from John Sebastian (The Lovin' Spoonful) on harp solo. The mellow tone of the album continues through "Between Hell And Hello" and "It Came Down From Heaven," which almost feel like they were recorded on the first take, keeping the full emotions in the vocals. Just in time for the season, you get the nice harmonies of  "Feels Like Fall" which floats like leaves falling from trees. Jules Shear finishes his new album with the self-conscious examination of "One Pretty Please" and the gentle touch of the album closer "Call It Love." To find out more about Jules Shear and his latest release "Slower," please visit julesshearshow.com.

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