Thursday, December 31, 2020

Discover These New EP Releases From The Lickerish Quartet and Byron Dowd

Back in May, members of the bands Jellyfish and Imperial Drag teamed-up to create The Lickerish Quartet, and they released a four-song EP titled "Threesome, Vol. 1." Now, fast-forward eight months and on January 8th, The Lickerish Quartet with unveil, volume two of "Threesome." Again, it features only four tracks, beginning with "Do You Feel Better?," a modern, alternative-pop drug that you keep needing. The song's floating melody is very addictive, with a touch of sixties psychedelia to give it a nostalgic vibe. This is followed by the more "in-your-face" rocker "Sovereignty Blues," which moves you right along with its marching drum beat. The album closes with The Lickerish Quartet flexing their alternative rock/punk muscle with the high energy attack of "Snollygoster Goon," which hits you like a good shot in the arm of modern rock music. To find out more about The Lickerish Quartet and their latest release "Threesome, Vol. 2," please visit

We also have the arrival of the new five-song EP "High Road" from singer/songwriter Byron Dowd. After the birth of his son, Dowd stepped away from music following the 2012 release of his debut album. A simple question from his son asking why his Dad has so many guitars that he does not use, inspired Byron Dowd to once again pick up a guitar and write songs. He starts off his new release with the country vibe of "A New Way," which helps explain why he took a break from creating music. Byron's songwriting shines bright on the gentle flow of "High Road," before the energy kicks back in with the swift pace of the Americana sounding "Raindrop." He wraps up his new album with the storied lyrics of "Millertone." To find out more about Byron Dowd and his latest release "High Road," please visit

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New Jazz From The Justin Rothberg Group, The Gasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble & The Larry Newcomb Quartet

Arriving on CD at the start of the new year is the latest release "Hurricane Mouse" from The Justin Rothberg Group. This jazz quartet is anything but a jazz band. They incorporate many different genres of music into their pieces, while keeping the roots of the songs planted in jazz. Their new twelve-song release begins with the energy of "Hurricane Mouse," as you find yourself grooving to the song's funky melody (like something you'd hear at a Dave Matthews Band show). Next up is a smoother sounding jazz piece titled "G Sus," which features solo highlights from everyone in the band. The music of "Piece Of Mind" just floats on by and carries all your worries away, while "Hotel Show Repeat" displays a quicker tempo and some stellar mandolin from Justin Rothberg. The Justin Rothberg Group come together and jam on the nine-minute journey of "Green Room," as it seems each member allows themselves to get lost in the intensity of the music. They wrap up their new album with the funky backdrop of "Old Gift Card," as Rothberg lays down a raw, aggressive-sounding guitar solo, along with the Latin flair of "Hot Dog Ranch." To find out more about The Justin Rothberg Group and their latest release "Hurricane Mouse," please visit

Next up is the debut album "Jagged Spaces" arriving January 15th from The Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble. Guitarist Skip Grasso and bassist Phil Ravita have gathered a stellar line-up of jazz musicians to deliver nine, new original tracks that add another step in the modern evolution of the genre. Their new nine-song release begins with the upbeat, swinging tempo of the title song "Jagged Spaces," as each member of the ensemble gets their moment to introduce themselves. The quintet slow down for the more traditional jazz appeal of "Her Life Incomplete," while the energy of "Songhai" is highlighted by the work of Benny Russell on saxophone. The Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble just seem to glide along the cool, mellow sound of "Circles" and the soft, passionate emotions of "All About Cynthia," along with the flowing melody of "Chasing Shadows." To find out more about The Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble and their latest release "Jagged Spaces," please visit

Veteran jazz guitarist Larry Newcomb is preparing the release of his new jazz quartet album titled "Love, Dad." The album features Larry on guitar, Dave Marsh on drums, Thomas Royal on piano and Larry's son, Jake Newcomb on bass. The new ten-song release is a mixture of originals and reimagined version of some jazz standards, beginning with the steady, swinging flow of "You Stepped Out Of My Dream," as the quartet add their own stamp to this version. The elegant touch of "Essential Messengers" and the beautiful passion of "Love Dad" finds the band working in perfect unison, supporting every note that is played with purpose. The energy picks up once again with a cover of Oscar Pettiford's "Tricotism" and the mysterious, swirling melody of the classic "Secret Agent Man" originally written by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri of The Grass Roots. The Larry Newcomb Quartet close out their new album with the emotional blues/jazz appeal of "Hearts In Suspension" and the bright, airy touch of the classic "A Song Is You." To find out more about The Larry Newcomb Quartet and their latest release "Love, Dad," please visit

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock Team Up, Rat Scabies & Chris Constantinou Work On New Releases

American producer and multi-instrumentalist Don Falcone has assembled a new collective group of artists for his new Spirits Burning album titled "The Hollow Lands." This album is the second installment of from fantasy writer Michael Moorcock's "The Dancer At The Ends Of Time" series and features Falcone working hand-in-hand with Blue Oyster Cult's Al Bouchard on 15 of the album's 18 tracks. The upbeat, classic sounding rock of the title song "The Hollow Lands" and "Playing At Ships" both carry and iconic progressive rock sound that showcases the input from everyone involved with this project. The music takes on a more spacey, psychedelic rock voyage with "Dance Through Time," while "The Hunt" is a short musical piece that ends before it receives its own progressive rock solo moment. Spirits Burning also display a harder, edgier rock sound with the mean sounding tones of "Conflict & Illusions," which also features vocal contributions from Bridget Wishart. Then the album takes an odd turn with "A Conversation With H.G. Wells," as Moorcock's storied lyrics take centerstage. The band return to finish off the album with the floating melody of "My Underwood's Soliloquy," the pop/rock tempo of "To The Time Machine At Last" and the swirling vocal harmonies of "Make A Fire." To find out more about the latest release from Spirits Burning titled "The Hallow Lands," please visit

Another exciting collaboration comes from the joining of Rat Scabies (The Damned) and Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant) to create the new album "One Thousand Motels." The two met during their time together in the punk supergroup, The Mutants. During the downtime from recording another album Rat and Chris decided to work on some demos that Chris had lying around and the next thing they knew, there was a finishes album that both were very proud of. The album begins with the alternative-pop sound of "Beautiful Losers," which is just as addictive as anything on modern rock radio today. An edgier sound emerges from the "grunge" like feel of "Definition," while "Gone," feels like a spaced-out, psychedelic country song. The duo continue to touch upon that addictive pop sound, while also maintaining  a unique approach to the music, as displayed in "Andy's Wonder World." The album wraps up with a bolt of energy in the form of "Kill Me If You Love Me" and nostalgic, new wave feel of "Gerry's Ashes." To find out more about this new collaboration between Rat Scabies and Chris Constantinou, please visit

Monday, December 28, 2020

New Music Has Arrived From Guitarist Marcelo Paganini and Drummer Mark Murdock

Guitarist Marcelo Paganini recently released a brand new studio album titled "Identity Crisis." It features loads of guests, including Billy Sherwood (YES/Asia) and Adam Holzman (Steve Wilson Band) and only includes six tracks, but each track is its own epic journey. The album begins with the eight-minute rock, jazz, funk fusion of "Bacteria," as the music seems to go off the rails at times, but comes right back home to finish the song with an electrifying jam session. Paganini and his band dive back into the progressive rock sound of the seventies with "Circus Is Empty," while the short, pop-rock approach of "Soul Much Further Away" just floats on by. The album finishes with the gentle ballad "Tangerine Way," which features some stellar guitar from Marcelo Paganini, along with with a return to the jazzy jam breaks of "Captain's Face." To find out more about Marcelo Paganini and his latest release "Identity Crisis," please visit

Also recently released is the latest studio effort from drummer extraordinaire Mark Murdock. He invites guitarist Fernando Perdomo and drummer Ronald Howden to lend a hand on some tracks, while Tim Pepper handles all the lead vocals. Murdock's new album titled "The Phoenix Has Risen" features twelve tracks, beginning with the epic, progressive rock sound of the title track. The musicianship and singing on "Heal My Wounded Soul" sounds as if it came from the early, experimental days of Genesis, while "Compromised" has a funky bassline and drumbeat to give Murdock's music another dimension. Then Mark Murdock and his band dive right back into the progressive rock tones of "The Starfish And The Four Phases Of The Moon," before simplifying his sound with the quiet sound of "Silence On Empty Streets." The album closes with the nostalgic rock appeal of "The Unknown Man" and addictive modern contemporary sound of "In The Future Of." To find out more about Mark Murdock and his latest release "The Phoenix Has Risen," please visit

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Phenomena Collect The Best From Singer Glenn Hughes For New "Still The Night" Compilation

Legendary rock vocalist Glenn Hughes is the highlight of the newly released compilation from his latest project, Phenomena. The album "Still The Night" gathers together seventeen songs from the highly successful debut "Phenomena" album, along with tracks from the "Dream Runner" and "Psycho Fantasy" albums. The album is highlighted by two new mixes of the songs "Running With The Pack" and "Assassins In The Night," along with a new extended, 12" remix of the title song "Still The Night."

The set kicks off with the solid, pounding rhythm of "How Do You Feel," which allows Hughes to just open up and let loose with the vocals. The classic power ballad feel of "Dance With The Devil" feels perfect along his work with Deep Purple in the seventies. The band's hard rock sound is perfectly executed on "Believe," as the music and vocals capture the energy and emotion of the song. Other highlights of the this new compilation is the Black Sabbath-like delivery of "Double 6, 55, Double 4," the nostalgic eighties hard rock sounding "Higher" and the mystical metal approach of "Twilight Zone." To find out more about this new compilation from Phenomena, please visit

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Discover The Extended Family Of Uriah Heep With New Releases From Head Machine and Trevor Bolder

Prior to Uriah Heep's worldwide success in the seventies, came the U.K. rock band, Head Machine. Two of the four members (Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake), would go on to become vital parts of Uriah Heep's hard rock assault. The album "Orgasm" has been out-of-print for over fifty-years, and for its anniversary, it is getting remastered and reissued on vinyl and on CD. This new release matches the rock sound of the seventies coming out of England and building the foundation of what would become heavy metal music.

The new seven-song release begins with "Climax/You Tried To Take It All," as the band takes a British blues riff and electrifies it with an outstanding musical jam. Head Machine add more melody into the sixties sounding "Make The Feeling Last," before returning to the raw, hard rock romp of "You Must Come With Me." The nearly nine-minute psychedelic rock of the title-song "Orgasm" showcases the stellar musicianship within the band, as each member was performing at their full potential, feeding off each others energy. To find out more about this 50th anniversary release from Head Machine, please visit

Keeping with the theme of hard rock and Uriah Heep, we have the posthumous album from Uriah Heep bassist Trevor Bolder, who passed away in 2013. Bolder was also a member of David Bowie's backing band, The Spiders From Mars, alongside guitarist virtuoso Mick Ronson. Bolder's solo album "Sail The Rivers" was recorded in segments throughout his career and completed by his former members of Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash.

The new ten track release begins with the intense hard rock assault of "Which Way Will The Wind Blow," as the album's vocals duties are shared between Bolder and Derek Gallagher. The album continues with the stellar power ballad "Wasting My Time" and the powerful, progressive rock piece "Fear From Falling," which easily compares to anything Bolder was working on with Uriah Heep. The sound of the album all comes together on "Shelter From The Rain," as the song highlights the special bond Bolder had as a musician and as a friend to his fellow bandmates. The album finishes with the high-powered attack of "War Child" and the beautiful, pure, acoustic ballad "Dream On." To find out more about the newly released album "Which Way Will The Wind Blow" from Trevor Bolder, please visit

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Giants George Lynch & Jeff Pilson Team-Up For An Album Of "Heavy Hitters"

Former Dokken bandmates George Lynch and Jeff Pilson have teamed up to release a covers-filled album titled "Heavy Hitters." These two masters of their trade have also invited a bunch of special guests to help out including Marq Torien (Bulletboys), Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake). New Zealand native Wil Martin also handles most of the vocal duties on this new release. It is the first album from Lynch & Pilson in almost a decade and the song selection may seem odd at first glance, but it deserves a listen before any judgement is made.

They begin with turning Joan Osbourne's hit "One Of Us" into a dark, raw, grunge-like anthem, which works well, until you get to that famous chorus, that does not seem to work in this heavy metal genre. Maybe, if they used the words, but gave it a totally different chorus, it would help if it wasn't as recognizable as the original. The funky drum breaks and guitar wizardry of Rufus & Chaka Khan's "You Got The Love" is perfectly executed, with the help of Marq Torien's vocals make this one of the highlights of the album. They inject a bolt of heavy metal energy into Carole King's "I Feel The Earth" and Martha & The Vandellas "Nowhere To Run," giving these songs a complete facelift, while the version of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" is a nearly identical cover of the original, with an extra hard rock grind incorporated into the music. George Lynch and Jeff Pilson play it safe with the sacred sounds of Prince's "Kiss," by keeping the same vibe, but with a harder edge to the music. The album closes with a great version of R.E.M's "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," that keeps just enough of the original, while turning it into a modern metal anthem for 2020, and let's not forget the CD only bonus track, a live version of Little Richard's "Lucille," which is pure energy to crank the volume up to 11. To find out more about this latest collaboration between George Lynch and Jeff Pilson, please visit

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Musicians Peter Chilvers and Jon Durant Collaborate On A Pair Of New Albums

Keyboardist Peter Chilvers (Brian Eno) and guitarist Jon Durant have teamed up for the dual album releases of "Always Golden Sands" and "Vistas." These two musical geniuses decided to work together while quarantining in different time zones. Chilvers would create these amazing melodies on the piano and synthesizer for Durant to add his special guitar part too, in order to piece together these wonderful soundscapes. The "Always Golden Sands" was released on December 11th and is an appetizer to the main "Vistas" album which arrives on January 15, 2021.

The "Always Golden Sands" album contains only three tracks that slowly, elegantly move the music along, beginning with the light touch of the repeating melody of "Always Autumn." The music takes on a more "electronic" sound during "Shifting Sands," which keeps you guessing at the direction of the song. The short EP finishes with the more subtle touches of sound during the light, airy feel of "Golden."

The second part of this new dual album set is the five song endeavor titled "Vistas." It begins with the appropriately named "Quarantine," which is highlighted by moments of hope with the glimmer of piano keys, before finishing with the spaced-out guitar sound of wondering what comes next. The pure collaboration of these two musicians is heard on the ten-minute soundscape of "Embers," as the two create a journey through sound. The album closes with the twenty-two minute soundtrack to end each bright day with a beautiful "Sunset," as the music enlightens the experience. To find out more about this latest collaboration between Peter Chilvers and Jon Durant, please visit

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Discover New Music With The Debut Albums From Tenant From Zero and The Burnt Pines

As 2020 draws to a close, let's look ahead to a couple of new releases from independent artists that will be turning heads in 2021. First up, is the full-length debut album from Brooklyn singer/songwriter Paul Darrah, who is going by his recording persona, Tenant From Zero. His new release titled "Flight" feels inspired by the British pop phase of the eighties and nineties. This album has been two years in the making and begins with the quiet, slow, hypnotizing melody of "ZRH." as Tenant From Zero takes his time introducing himself to you. The energy picks up with the light, airy pop beats and addictive chorus of "The End Away" and "This Can't Wait Til Later," which are sure to find their way to college radio playlists. The music is stark and subtle in "After," as you are attracted to his vocals on this emotional sounding ballad. Tenant From Zero closes out his new album with the Roxy Music-like style of "Perfect Words," which continues to build with excitement, along with stark, gentle touch of "Still Empty Rooms." To find out more about Tenant From Zero and his debut release "Flight," please visit

Also arriving in January is the self-titled debut album from folk-pop band, The Burnt Pines. Their music follows the musical veins of The Lumineers, Sufjan Stevens and Mumford & Sons, as they look to make their way onto the music scene with their new twelve-track release. The album begins with the wonderful harmonies of "Diamonds," as The Burnt Pines slowly draw you in with the song's gentle melody. Next comes the up-tempo, pop feel of "Heavy And Young" and "On The Burning Bridge," which will draw you in with its simple chorus and addictive, danceable rhythm. They wear their hearts on their sleeves with the beautiful, quiet flow of "Only In The Soul," while "Oh Me Oh My" has a nostalgic rock vibe that shows another dimension to their music, other that folk and pop melodies. The Burnt Pines paint the perfect lyrical picture with "From Seville To Manhattan," as the words describe the perfect story in your mind, before finishing their new album with the upbeat strumming of "Waiting For You" and the gentle touch of "April Child." To find out more about The Burnt Pines and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Monday, December 21, 2020

Create New Holiday Traditions With New Releases From Hawkestrel and Rick Wakeman

Former Hawkwind bassist, Alan Davey shows no signs of slowing down, not only did he release four different projects this year, but one final album has made it way out before the end of the year. Davey's progressive rock Hawkestrel recently released a new holiday album titled "SpaceXmas" on CD, digitally and on limited edition splattered Christmas color vinyl. Helping Davey on this new album are some rock legends, like Glenn Hughes, Rick Wakeman and Robby Krieger just to name a few. The twelve track album begins with the Vocally-charged ballad "O Holy Night" and the hard-rock instrumental delivery of "We Three Kings." The album also includes a pair of holiday originals, like the simple, acoustic touch of "It's A Wonderful (Funny Old) Life" and a fun, progressive rock version of the "Twelve Days Of Christmas," renamed "Twelve Daze Of Drinxmas." In between, you get Christmas classics like "Little Drummer Boy," "O Come All Ye Faithfull" and "Jingle Bells" reworked and reignited with a special spaced-out rock touch that makes these renditions truly original and exciting to listen to over and over again. To find out more about Hawkestrel and their latest release "SpaceXmas," please visit

Another new holiday release, is the deluxe edition of legendary keyboardist Rick Wakeman's "Christmas Variations" album. This year, Rick is celebrating the album's 20th anniversary by reissuing it with a pair of bonus tracks on digipak CD and as a special edition double-vinyl set. Rick's amazing talents on the keyboards tug at the holiday heart strings with gentle renditions of "Silent Night" and "Away In The Manger." He also delivers some emotional versions of traditional classical hymns, like "Christians Awake Salute The Happy Morn" and "While Shepherds Watched Their Flock By Nights." The two bonus tracks, include the beautifully soaring touch of "Silent Prayer" and an exceptional live piano version of "Amazing Grace," recording at the Lincoln Cathedral in 2018. To find out more about the new deluxe edition of Rick Wakeman's "Christmas Variations" album, please visit

Friday, December 18, 2020

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Harlott, Accusser and Lizzy Borden

Australia's premier thrash metal band, Harlott recently released their fourth full-length album titled "Detritus Of The Final Age." It features ten heart-racing tracks that keep the spirit of thrash metal music alive and well. The album kicks off with "As We Breach," an onslaught of power and energy that bowls you over with shear force and speed. Harlott get more intense with the short, chaotic piece "Idol Minded," while "Bring On The War" showcases more depth to their songwriting, add layers to their heavy metal sound. They keep on delivering that iconic thrash metal sound on the quick-hitting "Prime Evil," before taking a step back to deliver the nearly eight-minute epic metal masterpiece "Nemesis." Harlott close out their new album with the hard-hitting, aggressive delivery of "Slaughter," along with the doom metal feel of "Grief" and the final high-speed, sonic blast of "The Time To Kill Is Now." To find out more about Harlott and their latest release "Detritus Of The Final Age," please visit

Germany's thrash metal pioneers Accusser have releases their twelfth studio album back in November. This new eleven-track, self-titled album wastes no time getting down to business with the high-energy attack of the opening track "Misled Obedience" and the equally intense and aggressive "Phantom Graves." Accusser add more depth to their trash metal sound on "Temple Of All," which is more that just a hard-hitting, speedy run-through. One of the more mainstream metal tracks on this new album is "Be None The Wiser." The chugging guitar riffs and growling vocals come together perfectly to create an addictive metal anthem for new fans to cling onto. The high-speed energy returns with "Rethink," before Accusser deliver an epic progressive/thrash metal masterpiece with "Psychocision." They wrap up their new album with the aggression of "The Eliminator" and the bashing rhythm of "A Cycle's End." To find out more about Accusser and their new self-titled album, please visit

Last, but not least, we have the newly released "Best of Lizzy Borden, Vol. 2." The album continues where volume 1 left off in 1994 and includes songs all the way up to their 2018 release "My Midnight Things," which kicks off their new fourteen track release. The songs on this compilation have been digitally remastered by Tom Baker (David Bowie, Tom Petty, Marilyn Manson) and is only available in digital form. Lizzy Borden's classic sound is heard on the tracks "Tomorrow Never Comes" and "There Will Be Blood Tonight," along with their cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "(This Ain't) The Summer Of Love," which originally appeared on the "Deal With The Devil" album. This new compilation also includes two new cover songs that were newly recorded with the band's currently line-up. Lizzy Borden perform a perfect, spot-on, energetic version of the Ramones' "Pet Sematary" and show their love and appreciation for Blue Oyster Cult once again with their version of the classic "Burnin' For You." To find out more about Lizzy Borden and their new "Best Of Lizzy Borden, Vol. 2" release, please visit

Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Trio Of New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From Evangelist, Deathblow and Stellar Death

First up, is the new Nine Records release "Ad Mortem Festinamus" from the death/doom metal band, Evangelist. It features six epic tracks that were inspired by religion and spirituality of ages from the past. The chugging rhythm of "Perceval" displays a raw, nostalgic metal sound that is lost in today's overly produced musical world. Evangelist take their time with the tale of "Anubis (On The Onyx Throne Of Death)," as each word sung and note payed gives power to ancient beliefs of the past. The grinding guitar chords of "Pale Lady of Mercy" and the slow burning metal sound of "Towards The End" continues to prove that Evangelist is one of the premier doom metal band in the U.S. To find out more about Evanglist and their latest release "Ad Mortem Festinamus," please visit

Next, is the sophomore release titled "Insect Politics" from the death metal band, Deathblow. It has been six years since their last full-length release "Prognosis" and the band tackles the subjects of isolation, digital dementia and paranoia with these eight new tracks. The band wastes no time delivering the onslaught of energy with "Brain Bugs" and the high-speed chaos of "Nefarious Ends," as Deathblow look to stake their claim as to the premier independent death metal band in the U.S. The sonic blast of "Convert Or Die!" is a mixture of punk fury and hardcore metal riffs to create a new thrash metal anthem. Deathblow finish off their new album with the exciting, intense guitar riffs of "Agent Zero," along with the powerful "Behind Closed Doors," which feels like a rollercoaster of emotion. To find out more about Deathblow and their latest release "Insect Politics," please visit

Finally we arrive at the debut album from the two-piece heavy metal band, Stellar Death. Their new album titled "Fragments Of Light" features eight instrumental tracks that flow between thrash, hardcore and progressive metal. The seven-minute opener "The Astronomer," is fueled by excitement and wonder, as you follow each note, not knowing which direction it will take you. Stellar Death take a step back to a lighter mood on the gliding melody of "Endless," before the energy and intensity picks back up with the epic delivery of "Binary Collapse." The duos amazing musicianship is highlighted in the ten-plus minute progressive rock piece "Critical Mass (That Which Cannot Be Created)." Stellar Death close out their new album with the gentle, atmospheric touch of "Afterglow," which just floats on by. To find out more about Stellar Death and their latest release "Fragments Of Light," please visit

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Celebrate The Power Of The Blues With New Music From Dave Keller, John McLean & Charles Barkatz

Two-time Blues Award nominee, Dave Keller recently released his new studio album titled "You Get What You Give, Duets." Keller is an amazing songwriter, singer and guitarist who decided to unite like-minded artists to raise money that goes toward charity groups that fight racial injustice and equality. Dave Keller shares the spotlight on these newly recorded tracks that shine a light on some very talented singers and musicians. The album begins with a duet between Keller and Annika Chambers on the up-tempo soul number "One More Tear," as their voice fit together perfectly. The blues come on full-force with the title song "You Get What You Give," featuring the vocals of Annie Mack, before an all-star cast of voices come together for the stark, but strikingly powerful ballad "The Evil That Men Do." Legendary blues artist Joe Louis Walker joins up with Keller on the burning blues vibe of "Scratching At Your Door," which is highlighted by a pair of electrifying guitar solos. The one solo piece on this album, which only includes Dave Keller on vocals and Ian Friedman on piano is the emotion-fueled ballad "The Spark," that is certainly an inspirational highlight on this release. The only cover song to appear is the timeless gospel hymn "Precious Lord, Take My Hand, which is delivered by the strength of Brother Bob White's vocals and piano. Dave Keller closes out his new album with the help of Katie Henry on the soulful blues of "The Kiss I Want" and the bayou, swampy blues of "I'm Gonna Let It Shine," featuring the inspirational words of Toussaint St. Negritude. To find out more about Dave Keller and his latest release "You Get What You Give, Duets," please visit

Another new arrival comes from fellow bluesman John McLean, who teams up with fellow blues guitarist Charles Barkatz on the album "Shadow Man." It was released on December 4th, and features an all-star cast of jazz/blues musicians from the Austin, TX area to create ten new, exciting pieces of music. The album kicks off with "Leaky Shoes Blues," which will find you instantly approving this collaboration on this up-tempo opener. McLean's experienced vocals are the perfect fit for the soulful feel of "The Brooklyn Blues CafĂ©," before the energy picks back up for the fun, sing-along chorus of "Shadow Man," which features some stellar guitar work from Charles Barkatz. The simmering blues of "She Cry Blues" has that timeless feel that has you following every word John sings. The album wraps up with the graceful, gentle swaying melody of "Silver Lake" and the final blues romp of "New Life." To find out more about this latest collaboration between John McLean and Charles Barkatz, please visit

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

New Jazz From The Simeon Davis Group, The Joseph Herbst Sextet, David Detweiler & More

Let's start off with the Christmas music of The Simeon Davis Group and their new album "Bah Humbug - An Absolutely Unnecessary Christmas Album." It features eleven jazzed up renditions of holiday classics like "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "Christmastime Is Here." The album begins with the pulse-racing energy of "Let It Snow," which starts off the album with an all-out jam to get you in the mood. Things keep swinging with "I'll Be Home For Christmas," before slowing down for the graceful flow of "O Come O Come Immanuel." The Simeon Davis Group totally rearrange "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" into a slinky, fun, interesting piece of iconic holiday jazz music. They wrap up their new Christmas album with the sped-up tempo of "O Christmas Tree" and the simple and traditional favorite "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." To find out more about The Simeon Davis Group and their latest release "Bah Humbug - An Absolutely Unnecessary Christmas Album," please visit

Next, arriving this January is the full-length debut release from saxophonist, composer and activist Joseph Herbst. His new studio album "This Is Our Environment" finds his sextet mixing jazz vibes with R&B flavor, along with poetry to help lead the cause of social and environmental injustice. The new fourteen track release begins with the up-tempo, instrumental swinging tempo of "They Say There Are Beautiful Trees" and the thought-provoking, spoken-word of "Momma Nature," featuring Dasan Ahanu. You can fell the passion in the band's nearly eight-minute performance of "Solastalgia" and the graceful touch of "Is This My Fault?," which showcases the band's delicate touch. The words of "Erring Of The Revolution Pt 1 & 2" are told with a strong purpose by Yexandra "Yez" Diaz, while the nearly ten minute interlude "Makes No Cents" gives you time to think and ponder the problems with today's society. The Joseph Herbst Sextet finish their new album with the gentle flow of "Communion," featuring the poetic rhymes of ReShad Eas, before the uplifting hope of "Visions Of Freedom" closes out the new album on a musical high. To find out more about the Joseph Herbst Sextet and their latest release "This Is Our Environment," please visit

Also arriving in January is the new album titled "The Astoria Suite" from fellow saxophonist and composer David Detweiler. He has traveled this country, living up and down the east coast, but his return home to New York inspired this set of eight new compositions. David takes the reigns right away on the swinging tempo of the opening track "Singularity," while "Blues Of H&A" carries a more mellow, smooth delivery to the music. You can hear the emotion that David pours into his performance of "Jonesy," while "Under The Dome" has a more aggressive touch to he playing. The beautifully elegant "Song For Julie" was inspired by David's wife, who is the biggest supporter of his musical career, as the music reflects that special bond. David Detweiler closes out his new album with the wildly exciting "Route," which features one last blast of energy from the band. To find out more about David Detweiler and his latest release "The Astoria Suite," please visit

The jazz media company, Outside In Music recently released a new nine-song compilation titled "Live At Pinch Recording, Vol. 2." It features nine original compositions that were performed live in the Long Island recording studio, Pinch Recording. It begins with bassist Andre Carvalho leading the band and delivering an elegant, yet passionate musical piece titled "Iktsuarpork," as each instrument gets its moment to shine. Pianist Jason Yeager works his way around the keys on the nostalgic-sounding, swinging tempo of "Erroneous Monk," before saxophonist Lluc Casares delivers a bolt of energy to the up-tempo flow of "One For Oriol." The new compilation closes with fellow saxophonist Paul Jones keeping time on the control chaos of "Trio," along with trombonist Seth Weaver providing an emotional touch to the album with "Anguilia." To find out more about this recent release from Outside In Music, please visit

Monday, December 14, 2020

New Jazz Music From Alexander McCabe, Chris Rottmayer and The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band

The music of jazz musician/composer Alexander McCabe has been heard on a number of soundtracks ("A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" and "Tomorrow Never Dies") and television shows ("Breaking Bad" and "Nurse Jackie"). Now, Alexander McCabe is ready to add his fourth studio album "I'd Prefer" to his resume of music releases. The new eight song release features the amazing vocals of Alexander's sister, Anne McCabe and the stellar sax of George Coleman, who performed with the late, great Miles Davis. The album begins with the nostalgic sounding "I Really Don't Care," which sounds like it could have come from a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, as McCabe and Coleman trade solos. Then, the tempo slows down for the mellow vibe of "A Christmas Song," before the mood lifts with the swinging tempo of the title-song "I'd Prefer." The one and only cover song on the album is a sweet, loving version of Janet Jackson's "Together Again," which McCabe tries to make his own, adding a different tempo to the song. Alexander McCabe finishes up his new album with the most energetic tracks on the album, his tribute to the great "New York City" and the swinging flow of the seven-minute jam, "Out Front Blues." To find out more about Alexander McCabe and his latest release "I'd Prefer," please visit

Next up is the the latest release titled "Sunday At Pilars" from jazz pianist/composer Chris Rottmayer. It features a dozen tracks that mirrors the vibe of the band, as they used to perform on Sundays at Pilars Martini in Winter Garden, Florida between 2015 and 2018. They album kicks off with the high energy of "Meteor" and the slow blues of "Weaver Of Dreams," as Chris' fingers find their way up and down the piano keys. The band get a second shot of energy with the nearly eight minute jam of "Mamacita," while also showcasing their emotional side with the passion of "Emily." Chris Rottmayer and his band swing together as one on the exciting vibe of "Nostalgia In Times Square," before closing out the album with the quiet "Waltz For Julia" and the solo-filled finale of "Cherokee." To find out more about Chris Rottmayer and his latest release "Sunday At Pilars," please visit

Finally we have arrived as the sophomore release from The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band titled "The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful." Their new ten track release features a mix of originals and covers, beginning with the swinging tempo of "Moonscape." The band add some more funk to the Miles Davis classic "Nardis," while quickening up the pace of the timeless musical tale of "The Fotomat Song (Someday My Prince Will Come)." The band lock into a west coast sounding jazz groove on the nine-plus minute groove of "Armadillo Research," before jamming to nearly ten minutes with Irving Berlin's "Cheek To Cheek" as the basis. The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band wrap their new album with another funky rhythm and flow to "Tom And Jerry," along with the jazz/rock fusion of the album closer "Hikky Burr," by the iconic Quincy Jones. To find out more about The Jeff Benedict Big Big Band and their latest release "The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful," please visit

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Discover New Music From Peter Hesslein, Ben Lang and the Home Cookin' Band

Lucifer's Friend guitarist Peter Hesslein recently released his new studio album titled "Night Drive," featuring fifteen new guitar instrumentals. It is Hesslein's first album since the band reformed back in 2015 and is dedicated to "all artists who work at night and then have to drive home." The melody to songs like "Slow Down A Bit" and "Looking For The Moon," just coast along and perfectly matches a night drive along the coast. Peter Hesslein adds a slight jazz vibe to the sound of "Blinded By The Lights," while "Winding Road" has a funky backbone that Peter's guitar work keeps in check. The energy and rhythm of "Close To Midnight" and "Time For Coffee" will certainly keep you going. Once you arrive at your destination, Peter works in one last sonic burst of energy with "Home Again," before rocking you to bed with "Falling Asleep." To find out more about Peter Hesslein and his latest release "Night Drive," please visit

Singer/songwriter Ben Lang is also offering up his debut release titled "Modern Man EP." It features six tracks filled with great words, melody and highlighted by a "do-it-yourself" flavor to the music. The up-tempo strumming of "Houston-New Orleans" kicks things off with a nostalgic sounding, Village Vanguard-style delivery. His words find their way to your heart during the singing of "Nailin' It,"before Ben Lang closes out his new album with the quick folk-style strumming of "Tee Off With Your Head" and the short blues of "Mr Moon." To find out more about Ben Lang and his latest release "Modern Man EP," please visit

Finally, we have the debut single from the Chicago group, Home Cookin' Band. The blues, bar-band sound and stellar singing are the highlights of "Working For A Good Tip," as the band finish off the song with some excellent musicianship. To find out more about the Home Cookin' Band and their latest release "Working For A Good Tip," please visit

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Discover The "Hallucinogenic Treasures" That Banging Colours Offer In Their New Compilation

During the swinging sixties of London's underground music scene, there was a band that fully encapsulated the psychedelic era and that band was named, Banging Colours. During the band's short existence (1967-1969), they performed along such greats as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, while also creating a soundtrack to that era, which was not heard by many outside of the U.K. On December 4th, the world finally heard the music Banging Colours with a new compilation titled "Hallucinogenic Treasures From A Convolution Of An Imaginative Brain." It features twenty tracks that are made up of studio recordings and rare radio appearances.

The first three tracks ("The Love And Fun Brigade," "Evaporation Of Linearity" and "If God's A Fly") are a full 25-minutes of psychedelic rock that will give you instant flashbacks to the late-sixties music scene. Banging Colours through all the talents into a pot in order to create a unique musical blend that has never been repeated in the last five decades. The band's British blues sound makes it presence known in tracks like "Tapestry Puzzle" and "Toward The Great Oneness," while "Waves" sounds like a lost gems from the early days of Pink Floyd. The second half of this release consists of a five part musical suite titled "Gustav Metzger Improv" and a trio of radio session improvisations that displays the raw, exciting music that Banging Colours was able to create at any given moment. To find out more about their new compilation "Hallucinogenic Treasures From A Convolution Of An Imaginative Brain," please visit

Friday, December 11, 2020

No One Sings Like Chris Cornell On His Final Studio Album Of Cover Songs

The Chris Cornell Estate, in conjunction with UMe, released Chris Cornell's final studio album "No One Sings Like You Anymore." It is available digitally starting December 11th and will be released in physical format on March 19th. The album features ten cover songs that Cornell recorded back in 2016 for what would have been his next studio album, after he was done riding the wave of the Soundgarden reunion. Everything came to a halt when Cornell passed away in May 2017. Vicky Cornell decided that now was the perfect time to get Chris' final recordings out to the public to give fans hope during these tough, troubling times.

The album begins with "Get It While You Can," which sounds significantly different from Janis Joplin's bluesy version of the song. Chris modernizes the song with keyboards and an uplifting chorus that instantly reminds us why Cornell was considered one of the best rock vocalists of all time. His version of "Jump In The Fire" is more in tune with what we come to expect from Chris Cornell's alternative/grunge rock sound. One thing to point out is that Cornell performed all of the instruments himself (with help from producer Brendan O' Brien). The album's lead single "Patience" is a version of the song that definitely rivals the original, as Chris' vocals are so pure and honest, telling us to have patience with what is going on in the world today. You can hear the love and respect that Chris had for Prince and John Lennon during his acoustic renditions of the ballads "Nothing Compares 2 U" and "Watching The Wheels." The album finishes with stomping/marching rhythm of ELO's song "Showdown" and the electrifying blues of "Stay With Me Baby," which was originally featured in HBO's show "Vinyl." To find out more about the new release "No One Sings Like You Anymmore" from Chris Cornell, please visit

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Get Your Lesson On Frank Zappa Now With The Newly Released "ZAPPA" Documentary And Soundtrack

Let's get one thing straight, Frank Zappa is a musical genius and Alex Winter's new documentary simply titled "ZAPPA" is proof to that fact. Magnolia Pictures recently released the new film to all digital platforms, along with an accompanying soundtrack that follows Frank Zappa's entire career. Winter had full access to the Zappa vault to create this new film that follows Frank from his days with his early band, The Mothers Of Invention, all the way to his final orchestral piece "The Yellow Shark." Since Frank Zappa's death in 1993, there has been a big hole in the music industry for an artist that created music in almost every genre that was available to him.

The soundtrack was released digitally on November 27th to go along with the film. A physical version of this release will be available on CD on February 19, 2021, as a 3-disc set and available on vinyl not until May 7, 2021, as a 5-LP set. In the meantime, you will have to stream or download all 68-tracks that make up the soundtrack.

Let's begin at the beginning with The Mothers Of Invention, which make up ten of the first fifteen tracks of this release. Early highlights feature The Mothers Of Invention live at the Whisky A Go-Go in 1968 performing "Memories Of El Monte," "Oh! In The Sky" and "The Duke." The quality of these recordings are excellent, considering that they have never been officially released. You also get direct input from Frank on how The Mothers were able to stay together and what it was like to perform live in the early days with short interview snippets. As you dive deeper in to the soundtrack, you will hear some of Frank's orchestral favorites, like Stravinsky's "The Firebird Suite - Finale" and Edgard Varese's "Ionisation." You will also get a sense of Frank's collaborations with the Alice Cooper Band on their debut album, as well as Frank's live performance with John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the Fillmore East in 1971. Instead of recycling tons of Frank's studio work, this soundtrack includes live versions of some of Zappa's most well-known gems, like "Muffin Man" from The Palladium in 1977 and "Dancin' Fool" from his legendary 1978 performance on Saturday Night Live. 

Film composer John Frizzell also includes twenty-six of his original classical musical snippets to the soundtrack, which are also featured in the documentary and adds that extra element of emotion to what's shown on-screen. The final tracks of the soundtrack highlight Frank's orchestral music, which meant a lot to him toward the end of his career. You can hear the grace, elegance and just enough of that Zappa touch in his "Overture" performed by the Ensemble Modern, live in Frankfurt, Germany in 1992. The album closes with one final touch of Zappa magic with an amazing live performance of "Watermelon In Easter Hay." To find out more about the new "ZAPPA" documentary and soundtrack, please visit

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Simone Kopmajer Delivers Christmas Favorites & Michaela Steinhauer Readies "Changes & Choices"

Jazz vocalist Simone Kopmajer delivers holiday wishes from across the world with her latest release "Christmas." Her new sixteen-track release provides your holiday listening with many well-known classics like "Santa Baby," "Jingle Bells" and "The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)." Simone also brings you songs from her homeland of Austria with "Leise Riesely Der Schnee" and "Es Wird Scho Glei Dumpa." She is also joined by singer Viktor Germot on the swinging melody of "Baby It's Cold Outside"," before warming your heart with the beautiful harmonies of "The Most Wonderful Time," featuring Anna Catharina. The tempo slows down for the gentle, elegant ballad "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and the bossa-nova beat of "Feliz Navidad," before delivering a couple more Austrian holiday classics, "Is Finsta Drausst" and "Silent Night/Stille Nacht." To find out more about Simone Kopmajer and her new "Christmas" album, please visit

Fellow jazz vocalist/lyricist Michaela Steinhauer is preparing to release her new album "Changes And Choices" on January 15th. It features nine tracks make up the concept album that is part free-form improvisation and part planned to create a narrated story set to some stellar jazz music. The album begins with the seven-minute jam session sounds of "Me, Myself And I," as Michaela skat-sings her way around the song's instrumentation. Her voice soars on the building emotions of "Why Is She Still Here," while "Choices" allows you time to dive deep into the beautiful piano work of Roman Stolyar. Saxophonist Alexey Kruglov delivers an energetic solo to "Moving," which give the lyrics that boost of passion as Michaela continues her story. She finishes her new album with the energetic, chaotic touch of "Nothing New Under The Sun" and the positive vibes of "She Smiles." To find out more about Michaela Steinhauer and her latest release "Changes And Choices," please visit

Monday, December 7, 2020

New Music From Independent Music Artists Wax Mekanix and Old Gloria

Indie-rock artist Wax Mekanix recently released his latest full-length album titled "Mobocracy." It features six exciting, energetic tracks that will get your blood pumping. The new release kicks off with the hard-hitting pounding rhythm of "Blood In My Eyes," as Wax's vocals are edgy and commanding. He continues with the addictive, chanting chorus of "Victorious," which has mainstream success written all over it. The punk energy of "All Freaks" sounds like a battle cry for the outsiders, while "Mad World" finds Wax Mekanix summoning heavy metal power from the forces of evil. He wraps up his new album with smoldering, grunge-like rock of "Ghostland" and the acoustic, folk rock appeal of "Black." To find out more about Wax Mekanix and his latest release "Mobocracy," please visit

Next up from windy city comes the debut release from the newly formed band, Old Gloria with their simply titled EP "4 Songs." The band is led by Chicago veteran Steven Delisi (The Thin Cherries) and their music carries a nostalgic, psychedelic rock sound that does not look to overpower your ears, as displayed in the opener, "Old Gloria." The band keep things simple with the steady flow of "Tennis Ball," while "Twonty" has a bit of a new wave, punk touch to the energy of the song. They finish up their new album with the indie-pop flow of "Star Lounge," which you wish would go on longer than only three minutes. To find out more about Old Gloria and their latest release "4 Songs," please visit

Sunday, December 6, 2020

New Releases From Heavy Metal Giants Killer Be Killed, BrokenRail and Between The Buried And Me

Heavy metal supergroup, Killer Be Killed have returned after six years with a brand new studio album titled "Reluctant Hero." Since the band is made up of members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Soulfly, Mastadon and Converge, it took time for them all to come together in the studio to create this new benchmark in heavy metal. The new eleven track release begins with the explosive and equally aggressive delivery of "Deconstructing Self-Destruction," which displays the special chemistry that this band has between its veteran members. Killer Be Killed continue their attack with the melodic modern metal sound of "Dream Gone Bad" and the pounding tribal rhythm of "Inner Calm From Outer Storms." Then be prepared to be blown away by the shear force of the hardcore sound of "Filthy Vagabond," before settling in for the progressive metal epic "From A Crowded Wound." The band wrap up their new album with the perfect blend of emotion and rage during "Comfort From Nothing," along with the metal/grunge build-up of "Reluctant Hero." To find out more about Killer Be Killed and their new album "Reluctant Hero," please visit

Also recently released was the brand new studio album "Beautiful Chaos" from one of the top American independent heavy metal bands, BrokenRail. It features ten exciting, mind-blowing tracks, beginning with the chugging guitar riffs and melodic chorus of "Beautiful Chaos," which proudly displays the band's growth since their last release. While the album's lead-single "Creatures," may be one of the heaviest, most aggressive tracks on the album, "California" has mainstream success written all over it, with it's up-tempo rhythm and stellar vocals. BrokenRail keeps the energy flowing with the heavy metal intensity of "Patterns," before finishing their new album with the dark, acoustic strumming ballad "Never Be The Same" and the explosive build-up of "Reignite." To find out more about BrokenRail and their latest release "Beautiful Chaos," please visit

Craft Recordings continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Between The Buried And Me debut with a new remastered and remixed version of the band's fifth studio album "Colors." It will arrive on December 11th as a double-LP and was remastered by the album's original producer Jamie King. The release has been named one of the top "prog-metal" albums of all-time and features some of Between The Buried And Me's most epic and aggressive pieces like "Sun Of Nothing" and "Ants Of The Sky." Even the album's shorter pieces like the opener "Foam Born (A) The Backtrack" and the instrumental "Viridian" display the band's more graceful, elegant tracks. Listening to this new, clean remastered/remixed version of the album will have you appreciating this timeless progressive metal album once again. To find out more about the new vinyl release of Between The Buried And Me's "Colors" album, please visit

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Legendary Byrd & Burrito Brother, Chris Hillman Tells Us Stories About The "Time Between"

Legendary music artist, Chris Hillman recently released his autobiography titled "Time Between: My Life As A Byrd, Burrito Brother, And Beyond." Many of his peers, have called Hillman "a well-kept secret" and "a bona fide pioneering godfather to the divine crossroads of rock 'n' roll, country, bluegrass, folk, honky tonk and gospel music intersect." Chris Hillman was a founding member of The Byrds, one of the biggest folk/rock bands of the sixties and then helped create the standard of country rock with his time with The Flying Burrito Brothers. Hillman's new book is like walking into his mind and experiencing all that was going on through his rise to stardom.

Beginning with his early childhood memories of traveling to Los Angeles, California and how much his grandparents meant to him growing up. He received input from every music genre to help shape his identity as an artist. The beautiful harmonies of the Kingston Trio, the honesty of Pete Seeger and the passion of Little Richard gave a young Chris Hillman the start of his musical journey. It's fascinating reading about Hillman being in the studio, recording alongside David Crosby and realizing he was a rock star when The Byrds hit "Turn, Turn, Turn" topped the charts. The stories about hanging out with Gram Parsons, along with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, could probably be worth hearing in detail as a another book's worth of material all on its own.

When one door would close, another would open. When The Byrds were finished, The Flying Burrito Brothers began and Americana music was born. While The Flying Burrito Brothers didn't reach the same success as The Byrds, it was the perfect ledge to climb to in Hillman's success as a solo artist, along with his partnership with Roger McGuinn. The book wraps up with Chris Hillman's life now, as a family man and a musical legend, as he was a critical part of a creating a musical genre that many follow today. To find out more about "Time Between: My Life As A Byrd, Burrito Brother, And Beyond," please visit

Friday, December 4, 2020

The Offspring Celebrate 20 Years Of "Conspiracy Of One" With New Vinyl Release

Punk-rock superstars, The Offspring bursts onto the music in the early to mid-nineties with their platinum-selling album "Smash." It brought punk music to the mainstream and turned The Offspring into the #1 party band with youthful anthems like "Self Esteem" and "Come Out And Play." The band has been on hiatus for a few years now, but Round Hill Records in association with UMe is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album "Conspiracy Of One," with a special deluxe version of the album released on splatter red and yellow vinyl.

This album was their last in a string of platinum-selling albums by The Offspring and featured the hit singles "Original Prankster" and "Want You Bad." The new, special vinyl version of the album will be released on December 11th and comes with a custom made turntable slipmat featuring the band's flaming skull logo. This new release also includes the track "Huck It," which only appeared as a bonus on the Australian and European only releases of the album. So, now is the perfect time to dive back twenty years, to a simpler time, when masks were only though of for Halloween. Also check out The Offspring's YouTube channel ( for new HD videos of their singles, including a video for the newly released "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," which may be a sign that The Offspring are ready to deliver new music to their fans once again. To find out more about this new 20th anniversary vinyl release of their "Conspiracy Of One" album, please visit

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Clutch Collects Vault Series Releases For New "Weathermaker" Release

What started last summer as special digital only single release from the rock band, Clutch has now become the band's 13th studio album titled "The Weathermaker Vault Series, Vol. 1." The record label, Weathermaker Music, is owned by Clutch and their manager, Jack Flanagan and beginning in mid-2019, Clutch would release a newly recorded single every six weeks for fans to enjoy and keep the band motivated to record. Clutch has collect nine of those digital only released recordings and created this new album, which also includes the unreleased track "Algo Ha Cambiado," which is an old punk track from Argentinian legend, Norberto Napolitano. The album is a mixture of re-recorded version of their earlier songs and covers that the band fully enjoyed performing.

The album kicks off with the aggressive, punk-like energy of "Passive Restraints," which originally appeared on Clutch's 1992 EP of the same name. Clutch also add a bit blues to their hard rock sound with their updated version of "Electric Worry," which has the boogie-woogie guitar feel of John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom" and borrows partial lyrical formation from blues legend Muddy Waters. Clutch then adds an extra punch of energy to Howlin' Wolf's "Evil (Is Going On)" and delivers a proud political message with their version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son." They dive way back into their catalog to jam out on the seven-plus minute pounding hard rock assault of "Spacegrass," before they finish their new album with the high-powered delivery of "Smoke Banshee" and raw, country-rock assault of "Willie Nelson." To find out more about Clutch and their latest release "The Weathermaker Vault Series, Vol. 1," please visit

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

New Music From Independent Artists J. Holiday, Roderick Harper and Sam Alty

R&B star, J. Holiday returns with a brand-new studio album titled "Baecation." It has been six years since his last studio album and during that time away, J. Holiday has been creating one the his most sensual albums of his career. His new twelve-song release begins with the acapella/doo-wop tones of "Don't Wanna Lose" and the sexual ballad "On Your Body," in order to get you in the mood for the next 45-minutes of pleasure. He keeps things mellow with the slow groove of the title-song "Baecation" and "Why You Came," before delivering a modernized reggae version of "Dem Belly Full." He mixes in a hip-hop vibe with his R&B sound on "Magic" and "Problem," before J. Holiday finishes off his new album with smooth dance beats of "Whatcha Say" and stellar singing of "Hydro." The CD release also includes a pair of bonus tracks, the addictive R&B/pop sound of "Bed" and the mellow flow of "Suffocate." To find out more about J. Holiday's new album "Baecation," please visit

Next, we have the new album from New Orleans-based soul singer Roderick Harper titled "Evolving." It features a dozen tracks that include appearances from some special guests, like the late piano legend Ellis Marsalis, jazz sax icon Donald Harrison and vocalist/drummer Jamison Ross. The album begins with the smooth, swinging tempo of "Infinite Heart," which introduces you to Harper's warm, silky vocals. The soft, subtle touch of "Never Let Me Go" is highlighted by the beautiful piano work of Ellis Marsalis, while the dreams of racial justice is heard loud and clear on the emotional ballad "Someday We'll All Be Free." Roderick Harper picks up the tempo with the nostalgic sounds of "The Great City" and let his voice be his instrument with the wonderful skat-singing of "Valsa Minera." You will simply melt, listening to Harper's velvet voice on "In Summer," before he closes his new album with the loose, upbeat, New Orleans jazz flavor of "Salty Dog" and the final nod to his home with the graceful approach of "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans." To find out more about Roderick Harper and his latest release "Evolving," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from New Zealand singer/songwriter Sam Alty. His new album titled "The Call Of The Black Cat" features eleven tracks, beginning with the slowly evolving sea chant "Where The Sea Meets The Land." The starkness of his music in songs like "Flowers" and "Madaea" allows you to focus fully on his vocals, while the beautiful acoustics of "If I Had A Body" gives full support and emotion to the words. Sam has fun with the island vibe of "Naked Song," which is more in need during this deep, serious set of songs. He wraps up his new album with the stunning blues vibe of "Null" and the politicall charged, acoustic folk style of "Tin Soldier." To find out more about Sam Alty and his latest release "The Call Of The Black Cat," please visit