Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Trio Of New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From Evangelist, Deathblow and Stellar Death

First up, is the new Nine Records release "Ad Mortem Festinamus" from the death/doom metal band, Evangelist. It features six epic tracks that were inspired by religion and spirituality of ages from the past. The chugging rhythm of "Perceval" displays a raw, nostalgic metal sound that is lost in today's overly produced musical world. Evangelist take their time with the tale of "Anubis (On The Onyx Throne Of Death)," as each word sung and note payed gives power to ancient beliefs of the past. The grinding guitar chords of "Pale Lady of Mercy" and the slow burning metal sound of "Towards The End" continues to prove that Evangelist is one of the premier doom metal band in the U.S. To find out more about Evanglist and their latest release "Ad Mortem Festinamus," please visit

Next, is the sophomore release titled "Insect Politics" from the death metal band, Deathblow. It has been six years since their last full-length release "Prognosis" and the band tackles the subjects of isolation, digital dementia and paranoia with these eight new tracks. The band wastes no time delivering the onslaught of energy with "Brain Bugs" and the high-speed chaos of "Nefarious Ends," as Deathblow look to stake their claim as to the premier independent death metal band in the U.S. The sonic blast of "Convert Or Die!" is a mixture of punk fury and hardcore metal riffs to create a new thrash metal anthem. Deathblow finish off their new album with the exciting, intense guitar riffs of "Agent Zero," along with the powerful "Behind Closed Doors," which feels like a rollercoaster of emotion. To find out more about Deathblow and their latest release "Insect Politics," please visit

Finally we arrive at the debut album from the two-piece heavy metal band, Stellar Death. Their new album titled "Fragments Of Light" features eight instrumental tracks that flow between thrash, hardcore and progressive metal. The seven-minute opener "The Astronomer," is fueled by excitement and wonder, as you follow each note, not knowing which direction it will take you. Stellar Death take a step back to a lighter mood on the gliding melody of "Endless," before the energy and intensity picks back up with the epic delivery of "Binary Collapse." The duos amazing musicianship is highlighted in the ten-plus minute progressive rock piece "Critical Mass (That Which Cannot Be Created)." Stellar Death close out their new album with the gentle, atmospheric touch of "Afterglow," which just floats on by. To find out more about Stellar Death and their latest release "Fragments Of Light," please visit

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