Sunday, December 13, 2020

Discover New Music From Peter Hesslein, Ben Lang and the Home Cookin' Band

Lucifer's Friend guitarist Peter Hesslein recently released his new studio album titled "Night Drive," featuring fifteen new guitar instrumentals. It is Hesslein's first album since the band reformed back in 2015 and is dedicated to "all artists who work at night and then have to drive home." The melody to songs like "Slow Down A Bit" and "Looking For The Moon," just coast along and perfectly matches a night drive along the coast. Peter Hesslein adds a slight jazz vibe to the sound of "Blinded By The Lights," while "Winding Road" has a funky backbone that Peter's guitar work keeps in check. The energy and rhythm of "Close To Midnight" and "Time For Coffee" will certainly keep you going. Once you arrive at your destination, Peter works in one last sonic burst of energy with "Home Again," before rocking you to bed with "Falling Asleep." To find out more about Peter Hesslein and his latest release "Night Drive," please visit

Singer/songwriter Ben Lang is also offering up his debut release titled "Modern Man EP." It features six tracks filled with great words, melody and highlighted by a "do-it-yourself" flavor to the music. The up-tempo strumming of "Houston-New Orleans" kicks things off with a nostalgic sounding, Village Vanguard-style delivery. His words find their way to your heart during the singing of "Nailin' It,"before Ben Lang closes out his new album with the quick folk-style strumming of "Tee Off With Your Head" and the short blues of "Mr Moon." To find out more about Ben Lang and his latest release "Modern Man EP," please visit

Finally, we have the debut single from the Chicago group, Home Cookin' Band. The blues, bar-band sound and stellar singing are the highlights of "Working For A Good Tip," as the band finish off the song with some excellent musicianship. To find out more about the Home Cookin' Band and their latest release "Working For A Good Tip," please visit

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